if "unvaccinated" were a drug to stop covid spread, you could probably get it FDA approved

a look at the latest UK data from update 45

all data in this piece come the the UK week 45 vaccine surveillance report or from prior versions of that report.

you can download them HERE.

it has become an exceedingly well established fact that the covid vaccines are non-sterilizing. they do not prevent infection, transmission, or spread. the balance of evidence now looks very strong that they actually accelerate it, are making spread worse, and are likely making the virus itself worse as well.

obviously, this is not RCT data, but these relative risk ratios are absolutely stunning. there’s basically no way this is all cohort bias, especially given the prior knowledge of immune suppression from vaccines.

all data here is counting ALL people with one or more shots of vaccination because not counting the partially vaxxed, especially those who had bad reactions and could not go on to dose 2, is a form of bayesian data rigging and amounts to outright lying about efficacy.

first we see overall relative risk ratios segregated by age group.

i would urge a bit of caution with the under 18 data. it’s kind of a mess as the testing rates are astronomical relative to any other group and there is severe vaxx/unvaxx segregation by age that correlates intensely to risk levels. pretty much no under 12’s are vaxxed.

but leaving them out, we still see outlandishly bad risk ratios. the only group where vaccine shows any efficacy at all is 18-29 and that risk reduction is 3%, not statistically distinguishable from zero in data like this.

from 40-70, we see a risk ratio above 2, which means you’ve more than doubled risk. i suspect (but cannot quite prove) that the sharp drop in the 80+ is mostly a function of testing rates.

but all in all, this is a disaster.

this is not just “non sterilizing” this is “virus enhancing.”

the mechanism of this is far from settled and debate is ongoing. i suspect it may be TLR suppression, at least in the short run, and likely a form of immuno-mistraining called “original antigenic sin” (OAS) in the longer run that locks you into a highly specific antibody response and prevents further adaptation to more effective modalities especially around (in this case) recognition of and resistance to the nucleocapsid in the pathogen itself. (generally the source of sterilizing immunity raising interesting questions about whether vaccination before infection will prevent or reduce the sterilizing aspects of acquired immunity)

such issues are common in flu and well studied. i walk through this OAS pathway HERE.

whatever this is, it’s getting worse.

in every age category except for 80+ the risk ratio is worse than a month ago. (wk 41 report compared to week 45)

you can see % changes here.

average rise in risk ratio was ~9% in this period, 13.5% if you exclude 80+ where i suspect the data is a little wonky due to low testing and extremely high prior exposure to live SARS2COV.

that’s VERY rapid rise.

whatever is going wrong is going VERY wrong and it’s getting worse quickly.

this is so flat out bad that if “unvaxxed” were a drug to stop covid spread, it would be the most effective one we have seen yet if you actually measure it fairly instead of shifting all the bad outcomes from vaccines both before 14 days after dose 2 and once they start falling apart after day 90.

it beggars belief to see anyone claim there is any basis for a mandate here when the vaccines are literally not just not protective of others, but look to enhance spread.

even the case that “vaccines reduce rates of hospitalization or death” seems pretty ethically fraught in light of this accentuation of case risk and spread.

that’s not selfless, it’s selfish.

you’re putting others at greater risk to protect yourself.

that seems like a pretty lame moral hill to die on…