If there was a shred of evidence of professional athletes dying of Covid in 2020 we’d have never heard the end of it.

The dog that didn’t bark.

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Fyi el gato, AEs are not the only interesting result of fully vaccinated athletes. I did a short post on this topic, but the important point is... Athletes are getting the virus at an insane rate. In the NHL, almost 10% of the league has gotten the virus in the last two months alone. Except for one player, the entire league, coaching staff, and basically everyone they interact with is fully vaccinated. Note, these players are tested constantly, unlike the general population, which lends credence to the vaccinated superspreader hypothesis

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I'm pretty sure that vaccines are mandatory for almost every major and minor soccer league in Europe, so if it's COVID causing the heart problems, then that means the vaccines are worthless because all these vaccinated athletes are being cut down by COVID related heart problems. But let's not kid each other, it's NOT COVID, it's the vaccines that are doing all this heart damage.

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The Big 10 conference did a study on myocarditis post infection in football players from March to December 2020. Sports Illustrated did a write up on the study on May 27, 2021. The money quote from the article: “‘The other piece of info that is really reassuring is, with all these data sets of over 5,000 athletes, we haven’t seen adverse events in athletes. We haven’t seen sudden cardiac deaths. That really applies worldwide,’ says Dermot Phelan, director of sports cardiology at Atrium Health in Charlotte, N.C., and a consultant with the NFL, NBA, and NCAA.”

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This is gross/criminal negligence by our governments and government agencies on an unprecedented scale. Governments serve solely as an arm of corporate power. Children are merely sacrificial lambs of capital and biotech experimentation.

Anyone defending COVID-19 “vaccines” has built their entire argument on trusting psychopaths.

You do not “need” any product created by companies that are known to be liars and have paid billions in criminal fines. You do not need any product made by companies that profit off of perpetual disease. Human beings are not biologically dependent on pharmaceutical products.

Anyone who still thinks any of this is motivated by a concern for our health or has anything much to do with science is beyond hope.

Many are under the spell of deception from medical tyranny and corporate monopolies who covertly work together to create physical and mental illnesses through toxic foods, poisoned water, rigged media and Pharma poisons.

The entire fabrication is tied together with one main objective- control of everything.

Nothing is to be allowed to get in the way of this objective. Therefore it must be the pinnacle of the agenda, the full horror of which is becoming more visible each day.

Anyone willingly participating in wearing a face mask, anti-social distancing, locking themselves down, and taking a toxic genetic injection is willingly participating in the demise of humanity—their legacy will be that of a cowardly, ignorant fool.

The awake among us have already realized that the “vaccine” and "boosters" will become a yearly

occurrence. Give in now and prepare to roll up your sleeve every six months to maintain your social credit as your body crumbles and falls apart from endless needles getting shoved into your arm all in the name of “health.”

Once you give up your body to government and Big Pharma you have already given up your mind. This normalizes state/private corporation intervention into your body. Forever. And now they want your children. How blind can you be to not see this?

Meanwhile Digital Vaccine passports are feverishly being developed by a group of big tech companies, the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation aimed at making vaccination status a prerequisite for travel and access to basic services.

Are you this lazy, this brainwashed, this disconnected from your own body that you think you can snarf down a Big Mac, chug a Coke and then drive through somewhere to get a toxic mRNA injection, lipid nanoparticles included, to keep you healthy?

Where did this delusion come from? How to break the spell it has on people?

In the midst of a so-called “health crisis” of biblical proportions that the centerpiece of discussions from our so-called “experts” aren’t revolving around nutrition, exercise, human expression and social relations tells you conclusively that you are being lied to on a daily basis.

Once you understand the fundamental truth that by and large central governments are enemies of all people who are not part of the corporate government’s profit machine everything makes perfect sense. It’s rather simple: they want you damaged, dead or a controlled cog in their lies.

It really is that simple. It’s just too much for some people to fathom. Had they been able to, we would have ended this by now. By their gullibility and compliance, they are the enablers that are making this living hell and what’s to come possible.

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"if it’s covid causing this issue, it should have been present last year as well." EXACTLY.

But vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.

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If it's COVID itself, it would be happening in a whole lot of unvaccinated athletes, too. That should be fairly easy to isolate.

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There's also scientific reason too. athletes have higher testosterone levels. Testosterone drives up levels of a protein called TMPRSS2. (They know this from prostate cancer patients) and they also know TMPRSS2 cleaves the spike protein to initiate membrane fusion. So the more TMPRSS2, the more S1 spike sub-units will be floating around in the blood. And you guessed it, here's a study showing S1 spike subunits causing heart problems.


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Very few people like the insurance industry, but they aint gonna sit on this for long.

Players like Aguero being forced into retirement is a big deal. In soccer, players insurance values can run to $100m. It will be interesting to know if the clubs have got insurance cover on the shots. One way or another someone somewhere is picking it up a very big bill.

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It's too obvious to even research. Just ask any parent of a vax damaged child (whether it be immediate or further down the road.) If the cause of a disease is "genetic" that's code for vax damage. Hopefully this vaxocaust will end the poisoning for good.

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I realized some time ago when covid first appeared that covid was different. A case is a positive test because of covid not symptomatic disease. A death from is now from or with. Fifteen days to slow the spread really means months. Taking the jab really doesn't mean returning to normal, etc.

Now I find the normal disease progression is different in very fit athletes. For most of us, infection, replication, fever, loss of smell, chills etc precedes hospitalization because you can't breathe to death. In the young and very fit, the progression becomes vaccination, and die while exerting all without a single symptom.

Of course, "scientists" support this very unusual progression in only the young and very fit. It is the simplest explanation obviously...not.

It's much like "scientists" being mystified by Africa's near immunity to covid. No clue about that either. I suggest they search for the countries with the most malaria. Nine of the top ten happen to be in Africa, and all nine also are afflicted by river blindness. Ivermectin is widely used to prevent river blindness in these countries and HCQ is used for malaria. Coincidence?

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Their theory that infection rather than "vaccination" caused these injuries and deaths is a provable hypothesis...right? They should be able to tie a positive test or a documented history of infection to each case. So why aren't they?

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I'm going to trust the science and hold off on any research until the data is fully released in 2076. ;-)

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A German chemistry PhD made a video a few days ago on 23.11, where he discusses tbe findings of Prof Campra from Uni Almeria, who did a micro Raman analysis of several vaccine vials of several manufacturers and found Graphene Oxide.

This German, Dr. Andreas Noack, a specialist in the field of carbon, thinks that the frequency suggests Graphene Hydroxide, not GO.

He goes on to explain what that means by making an analogy, namely having millions of indestructible, small, thin, very agile razor blades swimming in your blood, which can then randomly and unpredictably injure you blood vessels, especially under pressure.

He states that these athletes collapses are exactly what you'd expect if GH was in the 'vaccines'.

There is a thread at Dr Jane Ruby's T channel about this, with links and good translations by some commentators.

Oh, and Dr. Noack just died, allegedly by a kind of assault, according to his partner....

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My gut says it is the vaccine for a very obvious reason that you state; there were not cases last year previous to the vaccine's roll out. My nephew's wife died of myocarditis a week after getting the vaccine late last year. The family denies it was the cause, just a coincidence. 52 years old, no health issues. We also have a friend that died after getting the vaccine. He became sick right after. It was called a covid death, not a vaccine death. Denial is strong because faith in the medical community has been strong.

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