Is all-cause mortality up or down compared with this time last year?

How about compared with usual summer into autumn phase so far?

I ask because I don’t trust PCR mass testing further than I can inspect it (& no one is inspecting the sites of the most important diagnostic test ever run in U.K.).

Yet the entire data series rests on PCR correctly finding cases AND on it being operated the same way as earlier periods. I suspect the perpetrators are more than capable of manipulating the test to drive whatever narrative they desire.

So let’s also look at ACM/weekly so as to be quite sure when we’re being fooled.

Last autumn, there was a claim that there was a second way including in London.

Hundreds of covid19 deaths etc

Yet the London ACM stayed flat all through that period. This is proof they were simply misattributing covid19 deaths. There aren’t many reasons why that would happen.

Having got “form”, expect them to do not t again.

Additional & very important question. 21 months into this “pandemic” of s “highly contagious respiratory virus”, does ANYONE really believe that more that a tiny fraction of the population hasn’t been exposed to this virus?

I don’t.

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If this hypothesis is true, the vaccinated are a risk to the unvaccinated, because they are vectors for selecting more dangerous strains of SARS-COV-2. As someone who is unvaccinated, I am growing increasingly concerned. Hopefully natural immunity remains robust to these new variants.

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But seriously...


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Can we stop referring to these “vaccines” as vaccines and call them what they really are, therapeutics?

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El gato…I think Justin Hart has eluded to the vaccinated data not being as trust worthy. They are not nearly testing and testing the vaccinated like the unvaccinated and prior to vaccines thus leading to bad data which could explain some of these data confounds

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I am still puzzled by the hypothesis of the rising CFR.

If the virus getting more virulent, shouldn't we be seeing the increase

in CFR in all countries and not just one or two?

Most of the Europe is heavily vaccinated (much more than the UK which is by

now in the middle of the pack). The biggest difference between the UK and rest of

the Europe is that the UK was vaccinating mainly with Astra Zeneca and was 3-4 months

ahead of rest of the Europe.

Scandinavians stopped being concerned and they downgraded COVID severity to

public health to the level of flu. What do they know?

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Could this rising CFR also partly be due to people having a 'lazier' immune system because of lockdowns and stuff?

I recently read stories (anecdotal therefore) of young people with no obvious health problems that died from covid that had been "super careful" since the start of the pandemic. Also some from permanent lockdown camp Australia.

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This is an incredible article and I am so glad that I subscribed to your substack. This can partially explain the "UK Vaccine Hell" that I wrote about, with infection rates among the vaccinated over TWICE the rates in unvaccinated (!!!!).

This can also partly explain rapid drop in "protection from death" based on excellent UK PHE data.

See my article and refer to group 40-49 year olds:


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new variants may not be an issue for natural immune who have been exposed to the entire virus, not merely a mock up of the spike protein..... that is why natural immunes are protected cross corona viruses.

begs that "they" not make any new c19 vaxxes, and get ivermectin and hcq abundant in the pharmacies.

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"none of us want to be living in the world where we leaky-vaxxed ourselves into a second pandemic"

You might want to reconsider thinking in absolutes when talking of homo sapiens...


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Interesting info about how variants emerge. It just takes a single individual who has a compromised immune systems and long term infection!


His synopsis: The link above is to a 14 minute presentation I gave on Oct 7th to the British Medical Journals’ excellent '#CovidUnknowns' webinar series. This edition of the series was about the origins of Covid-19. The talk is focussed on an aspect of our Mojiang Miners Passage theory that many people have found the most difficult to accept. This is the idea that one or more bat coronaviruses evolved inside the body of one hospitalised miner into SARS-CoV-2 (or a very similar virus). Our theory requires that perhaps many hundreds of mutations (and by implication several decades of virus evolution) could have occurred in 6 months inside one body. To many, this seems far-fetched. Yet, in this talk, I point out how a number of recent studies have found that viruses within single individuals who have compromised immune systems and long term infections (and therefore are very much like the miners) can undergo startling evolutionary leaps. The classic example is the B.1.1.7 variant that arose in the UK in Sept 2020. B.1.1.7., which went on to dominate the pandemic there and elsewhere, is now thought to have entirely arisen inside just one person. B.1.1.7 carries 23 unique mutations not present in the general population. Thus, at a stroke, a virus in a single person is believed to have evolved far further than had any of the viruses comprising the entire rest of the UK pandemic, which featured millions of infections. At first glance, this seems highly unlikely. But, as I explain in the talk, the hyperevolution that led to B.1.1.7 can be readily accounted for by the unique internal dynamics of virus evolution in long term covid infections. Thus the mechanism behind the rise of the novel variants, which are now driving the pandemic itself, validates a key and controversial aspect of the Mojiang Miner Passage theory.

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When you say that the unvaccinated are in trouble for the variants, what about the ones who have had covid? I realize that you have no way of distinguishing how many of these there are, but presumably prior infection should confer some protection and then skew the numbers? An unvaxed person with no prior infection must be hugely at risk then? I had better go out and try to get sick now to beat the rush?

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A more lethal sub variant could indeed be very dangerous to the unvaccinated and to those whose vaccine-induced antibodies have waned to no effect. Many are reluctant to take boosters due to side effects the first go round.

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Well as an average Joe, barely able to comprehend much of this, it seems like they have screwed the pooch, and we are faced with vaccination or death. I guess I could rush out with my family of 4 and get us all infected, to get a fighting chance (so far uninfected)... I kid of course. But seriously this seems very bleak for those of us not wanting the vaccine for a plethora of reasons. It looks like it's a requirement for living, like food and water; or at least it will be.

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Not sure where he got the 8% figure. This is latest report that includes data on a new player...AY.4.2.


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Why aren't flu vaccines leaky and having the same potential issues as we're seeing with covid?

Also, I'd not caution when looking at UK data - the number of tests reported include LFT taken at home as well as PCR.

It's only this year that we've been asked by govt to test (and report) twice a week when we don't have symptoms with a LFT, so comparing year-on-year, unless you're only looking at data form PCR tests only won't be comparable.

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