What a waste. The wonders of the State and its monopoly on violence. And this State thinks millions of well armed Americans will be easy to control, after they hurled their best at this broken society for 20 years with death, destruction and failure as the result? They are delusional. At best.

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Aug 15, 2021Liked by el gato malo

"Imagine being on the wrong side of history while it repeats itself.

"Like failing an open-book test." - Kevin Sorbo.

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Spoiler alert: the war on Covid isn't but a worldwide Afghanistan.

"Wag The Dog" produced on a global scale.

So just step out of the theater or step into the nightmare.

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easy to conquer impossible to hold.....

the power of an ak 47 behind every mud wall......

for usa, 2001 was a media hyped 'victory' after the media melodrama of the smashed trade towers, followed by 18 years of sunk cost fallacy scarcely related by the media.

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