kitten corner: CRT

pardon me dechanique eggplant human-

but i have been reading up on my CRT (cat relations theory) and while it’s full of big words and hard concepts, it has really opened my little kitten eyes!

according to kitty-lee crens-paw, humans using the term “catcalls” is both cultural appropriation and hate speech, especially when you brand us as “other” and shame us by casting our social signifiers in a negative light.

cats use catcalls for many reasons and they are a proud practice intrinsic to our culture as expressions of feline power and identity.

you probably did not mean to be hurtful and oppressive, but i thought maybe you should know that you were.

WE can say “catcalls.” we have earned that right. YOU have not.

please maybe try to be more respectful in the future!

thank you.

we gotta: