Yeah, I’d say it’s a match.

Signs of Emotional Abuse

If your partner:

• Has threatened to hurt or kill you.

• Threatens to harm or take your children away.

• Points out your flaws and mistakes on a regular basis.

• Accuses you of things you know aren’t true.

• Blames you for their problems.

• Blames the way that they treat you with their life difficulties or problems.

• Makes subtle threats or negative remarks with the intent to frighten or control you.

• Disregards your needs.

• Uses sarcasm or “teasing” to put you down.

• Accuses you of being “too sensitive” so that they can deflect their abusive behavior.

• Tries to control you.

• Belittles you.

• Makes excuses for their behavior.

• Shows no compassion or empathy ever.

• Corrects or chastises you for your behavior.

• Forces you to obtain permission to make decisions or go out somewhere (or makes you feel like you should).

• Controls your finances.

• Belittles and trivializes you.

• Gains satisfaction from making you feel as though you are always wrong.

• Gives you disapproving or contemptuous looks that cause you to feel shame or embarrassment.

• Is emotionally distant or emotionally unavailable most of the time.

• Has an inability to laugh at themselves.

• Intolerant of any seeming “lack of respect.”

• Repeatedly crosses your boundaries and ignores your requests.

• Calls you names, unpleasant labels, or makes cutting remarks under their breath.

• Doesn’t show you empathy or compassion.

• Plays the victim and would rather avoid taking personal responsibility by blaming you.

• Neglects punishment or abandons you to assert their will.

• Doesn’t care about your feelings.

• Views you as their property.

• Shares personal and private information about you with other people.

• Denies being emotionally abusive when confronted.


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The American people are in an abusive relationship with DC, and some states.

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Brought to you buy the Bates Motel loyalty program.

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(Spoiler Alert)

Vaxx fanatics are like Jodie Foster at the end of “Silence Of the Lambs”.

Only an abject moron would’ve gone down into that basement alone.

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Grim to think that the '50s were probably the best we shall have ever had it in this country. The essential contributions of women and of blacks to the survival of a nation at war couldn't be pretended away; even under continuing racial discrimination laws, the need for black workers in factories led to the rise of a strong black middle class; many families of every ethnic heritage were finally able to attain a comfortable life with one wage earner so stay-at-home moms were possible; in cities, co-op apts. built for returning vets and their families meant home ownership for even modest incomes. College educations were becoming normal even for people without specific professional career aspirations.

And thus came the pampering of a rising moron class of "intellectuals" and "progressives" and lo, here we are, with a populace so made up of the fretful, bored and useless that spines are to be found nowhere amongst the coastal elite and "conservative values" are just a lot of posturing--the heritage of Buckley and his ilk. There's a great Ibn Khaldun quote about what happens to societies when things get comfy. Worth looking up...

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vote against every incumbent!

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Some of us kicked the a-hole out the door as soon as we caught him in his first lie. And some of us are continually stuck in an abusive relationship.

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while i like what you said, gatito, i think it may be a little different this year. "they" are getting bolder and more in our faces with "their" evil crap, so i 'm thinking the resistance is going to have to ramp up a notch. by the way, i love the way you think! ;>)

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I kicked that dirt bag to the curb three variants ago. ;)

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We're idiots because we KNOW he hasn't changed and that not only will the abuse continue, newly emboldened it will be ratcheted up. Until we break or they do.

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Is it just me, or is Obomba's SCOTUS diversity hire dumb as a bag of rocks?

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"But he loves me", she says from her hospital bed.

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Get this, just found out that if you attend a convention at McCormick Place in vax mandated Chicago you don’t have to be vaxxed to sit in a room with hundreds or thousands of people but you DO have to be vaxxed to buy food from one of the food vendors. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

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Am inclined to look inward and save my nickles. You don't have to take him back in if you have enough saved for rent. You know what I am saying here. And plus he pees all over stuff. Do not let him back in. (analogy driven/s)

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Time to file the No-contact/restraining order.

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I have a question for all the wonderful people on this substack and I am hoping you can answer it for me. I live in Canada and in December of 2021 it was announced on the news that in Vancouver, British Columbia they are planning to install 1000 defibrillators around the city. They will be outside at subway stations, jogging locations, outside some shopping plazas etc. Apparently their new found concern is because "anyone, anytime can have a cardiac arrest. I also read that they will be putting these in Barcelona, Spain along popular jogging paths. Have you heard about any plans in your countries for doing the same thing? I would be very interested in this information regarding this subject. Why the sudden concern. Three guesses.

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Only of fool would have gone out with Joe Biden the first time!

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This is the narcissistically wounded generation.

Be careful, abused people abuse others, unless they stop the abuse that they take.

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they never change…’third’ time, seriously?! that’s called a slow learner.

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🤣🤣 you hear dat puddy cat?🤣🤣

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The most shocking thing that stuck in my head yesterday , during SCOTUS hearing when Sotomayor, compared humans with a “machine” . It’s so dehumanizing. Is that how they all see us? Robots? Slaves? Sick

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Funny, but more like he wants you to take him back, but says he has no intention of changing.

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This is a movie plot because this happens regularly to Hollywood script writers. And script writers are likely liberals or else they wouldn’t be working in Hollywood or having their scripts be made into movies. Which tells you a lot regarding the liberal scrip writers thinking processes.

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Where are the Antifa protesters?

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Posted this on a different stack and wonder what members here may think.

I've been viewing Malone videos on Mass formation and I think that he is correct about the vaccinated new social club and why they ignore truth.

Thinking about this I've found, what I think is, another overlapping mass formation set against the provax group. First some ideas:

* 70 percent of Republicans think something was wrong about the lost election.

* I think about 30 percent are SURE the election was stolen.

So, this Mass Formation social structure was implemented by Trump and precedes the vax formation. This formation is the Republicans who think Trump is the only way forward.

Trump is the masiah of this social structure. The most interesting thing is that members of one group can critically think about the falsehoods of the other group but are blind towards there own falsehoods.

Finally, I think that both groups help support each other in fooling everyone one way or another... Yes Trump wants you to be vaxxed.

I think the 30/40/30 breakdown works for this group too. Here's how the groups overlap, for myself I'd be in the 30 percent that would never be vaxxed and the 30 percent that would never vote for Trump.

I think the New World Order plan on these two groups is for them to be further divided and turn on themselves and each other while they steal our freedom. I hope we can fix this.

Okay, I hope all here go easy on me. I can't help that I see both sides and critically think about both.

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Gavin Newsom is the bad guy character where you can’t believe the other characters in the movie don’t know he’s the bad guy.

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The astute will have observed a now 3rd calendar year worth of *died withs (fun accumulation guys) to scare you with big number.

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Hahaha! Stealing this!

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😂😂 so simple and so true!

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When, like J-LO, will we finally have "Enough?"

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