It takes a village to raise 9 new pharma billionaires.

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Which societies have been successful over time in raising living standards and alleviating poverty? Those with free economies or those with central planning?

The freest economies in the world (without a pandemic) are:

Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland and Ireland.

The least free are:

Zimbabwe, Sudan, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea.


Which group is doing better?

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I don't see any evidence that those in power promoting socialism really mean it.

Nancy "we feed them" Pelosi would never give up her riches. She wants to promise reallocation of wealth as a concept. And put that into practice as long as it doesn't actually take away riches from the 1% in the cathedral.

So stop trying to understand about 'more socialism.' It's just Coke v Pepsi, and Team Red and Team Blue are just trying to take share.

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I have to offer this. I am sorry. I am just an artist, which is almost like being just a little kitten, but you know.... (and thank you for your consistent, very therapeutic brilliance!)


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Socialism- State sets salaries, sets prices, pays workers and controls production. It is a closed system

Free Market- Private actors hire workers and set salaries, consumers demand production and prices are set according to demand. State facilitates commerce. It is an open system.

All governments have some socialist aspects and some free market. Closed systems decline; open systems allow for growth, though care should be taken to avoid unfettered growth. there is no 100% efficient system, so a closed system will necessarily consume themselves.

Move toward socialism = decline; move toward free market = growth.

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I like your Narnia line.

Also, to invite any like-minded folks to join the Bukovsky Center group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219843491748776 [I'm a moderator there]

And if you don't want to be sullied by facebook, I highly recommend Bukovsky's book To Build a Castle: https://www.vladimirbukovsky.com/to-build-a-castle-chapter-1

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they say sweden has mastered socialism (though they turned semi-capitalist during the pandemic)... so there... Sweden is the only true socialism, all the others are bad socialism or not real socialism [sarcasm]

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Both Socialism and Capitalism are concepts. It's not as simple as turning one off and the other on.

At the roots: socialistic is 2 things cooperating to make things a bit better for both (like a shark letting the Dentist fish clean it's teeth). Capitalisic is everybody for themseves (like a cat).

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As long as they feed you, fill your water bowl, and clean your litter box...it's best not to worry about the foibles of mankind. We don't make no damn sense. :)

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The map is the territory and the cartographer was Dr. Frankenstein, in his second try playing God.

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My head hurts too. Some people still think Stalin was benevolent. Go figure.

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just winging it.... the 'progressives' that is.

any socialism or otherism is better than mean tweets per the "progressives". it is about power and not what the tune or who calls it.....

some few are pulling the 'progressives' 'strings', may be linked to china/prc brand of fasco-state directed economy... where to us 'progressives' slave labor is allowable as long as no mean tweets from djt.....

iow there are very few 'socialists" in exitance.

with us education debacle and the misinformation blitz......

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