I would welcome someone helping me understand some things:

1. there are parents who're supporting , paying for their kids to attend a racist college like this?

2. I'd like to understand the logic, for how this works in the real world. Do the graduates expect to then have employers that have "race-x only" ... floors? Offices? buildings? divisions?

3. I think that most of us agree Obama was 'black' (PS, I voted for him 2x but not cuz of his race). He was "half" back. What if, of his grandparents, only one was black? Are we back to one drop rules?

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mao more the poet than biden

biden told the uscg grads that 'women hold up half the world' a misquote from his mentor mao dsedung who said 'sky' not world. or was he plagiarizing in his own less than correct manner?

why not have racial quotas? don't you want your kitten claws trimmed by the manicurist selected for equity sake?

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Are the white students who attended the black commencement guilty of cultural appropriation?

This will not end well. Parents need to grow and spine.

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