Apparently your kindergarten curriculum is badly out of date. The method of 21st century science is thus:

1. determine the premise to be proven

2. collect data

3. any data points that do not support the premise are declared outliers and removed

4. restate premise as absolute fact

5. collect payment

6. shout down anyone who questions the absolute fact as a denier and anti-science, misinformation and disinformation and take appropriate action to silence them

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Obviously Sweden was flying bodies to DeSantis so he could feed them to the Everglades gators. It's the only possible explanation.

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Facts don’t work on Covidians. They’ll simply say, “We couldn’t wait three years for the data to come in. People were dying; we had to do SOMETHING!”

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I remember when my covidian friends were blabbering about Sweden being a "catastrophe" based on one fake news outlet or another.

After, of course, the obligatory "well, I follow the science, and..." which needed to precede every ridiculous assertion made in a sanctimonious straight face, particularly when a "denier" was present.

I remember sitting at dinner one night and having a family member tell me "natural immunity does not exist". I was so flabbergasted I was incapable of any response other than shaking my head, taking another bite of ribeye and washing it down with a large swill of Malbec in a vain attempt to escape the insanity.

These people will literally believe anything. If CNN or the Peacock told them gravity didn't exist, it would be solemnly regurgitated as substantiation that people can levitate.

Of course, large herds of ignoramuses have been a feature of humanity probably since the emergence of Cro-Magnon man. The Romans called them the capite censi ("head count").

Allowing this lot to vote on the fate of the Republic was arguably a major factor in its demise, and it appears that history is indeed repeating itself.

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

~ Sir Winston Churchill

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Los Angeles paid people to rip out grass and install fake grass for lawns through a rebate program. A company that captured a big part of the market doing it gave $$ to the mayor's campaign.

Fast forward a few years, and now they realize it's toxic. I am no gardening expert, but common sense told me it was stupid. It's plastic and disintegrates. Plus, all the bugs that dig in the dirt couldn't do so which hurts other wildlife that depends on them for food. It is the same story: a problem is identified, 'academic experts' are retained, solutions against common sense are proposed, profiteering occurs and then the experts quietly reveal they were wrong.

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Don’t worry. This same phenomenon does not apply to climate science. All good there…

(and, no matter what, do NOT click on link “Writes” next to Little Green Guy. You could become an Eco-Heretic and upset the Organs…)

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I have actually found a politician who was either not thinking before engaging her mouth, or had a rare moment of honesty.

Last week, in Washington state (of all places!), Island County Commissioner Jill Johnson (RINO) made the below statement at the Commission meeting. Following the presentation of the 2021 Island County Healthy Youth Survey which included data showing 44% of 8th graders in Island County reported feeling sad/hopeless for two weeks or more, 28% considered suicide in the previous year, 27% made a suicide plan, and 15% actually attempted suicide, she said:

“Those COVID years were not good for those younger kids, I mean, that is something that has to get owned in that COVID story and reflection, is we did a great job with the virus and we sacrificed a lot of kids.”


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Will Suroweiki dare respond to his utter humiliation? I doubt he has that sort of integrity.

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And when you're left, you can never be right...about anything. I wonder what the overall population numbers look like after 3 years of medical terrorism. I mean did we gain or lose cats and dogs?

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You know, Gato, I've been waiting.

When Sweden did not have a big bump up in all cause mortality I thought, hmmm, how is it possible because I know that after developing natural immunity those silly Swedes still lined up for the genetic experiments, so the implication was that all the deaths in the brain dead nations were related to lockdowns and the terrible treatment protocols alone??

Well, no. Thanks Gato. We were right all along.

Now the only question that remains is--- did the developers and Nazi enforcers know just how deadly their plan really was?

If you peruse the Pfizer documents it appears that they did.

If so, did they really think we wouldn't notice?

We appear to have just lived through the greatest Ashe Conformity/Las Vegas Magic Show/Street Pickpocket Artist attack EVER.

Killed millions, killed businesses by the millions, disabled a million+, and still we have people repeating "Safe & Effective," "Safe and Effective," Safe and Effective!"

"Safe" for the murderers, they gave themselves blanket liability and "effective" at taking down the Formerly Free World.

Ahh. Now I understand!

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With respect to human death statistics, it’s a callus indifference to the individual lives that are lost. But if we want to bring an end to Covid insanity we can only do so by look deeply into the full context of the factors, deaths, the disease and the lockdowns. That means Covid labeled death compared to total death in the entire population. That also means full and accurate assessment of what was a Covid death, the accuracy of test and even confirmation by autopsy, some authorities deemed to dangerous from the first declaration based on misstated death computer projections.

The flaws in the reports and statistics are deeply buried and obfuscated and public trust so eroded there’s few people who would trust anything coming from those claiming expertise.

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Everything I need to know I learn at kittengarten. Though I'm told it should be Kätzschengarten.

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In this world, there are two types of people: those who agree with me, and those who are wrong. Purrrrrr............................

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Public shaming to.the ones who didn't know but went along with so much hubris and bruhaha. Rotten eggs and old food should be thrown at them in a public square at the very least. Put Schwarzenegger there too. " screw your freedoms" ???

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You should post that on Surowieki's twatter account, but I suppose you have been blocked, haven't you?

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