kitten corner: #zeroding

excuse me mr eric-

i am just a kitten and not a tv nutritionist like you, so please excuse me if this is a question that everyone knows the answer to and i do not, but:

if vaccines work to stop covid infection and make death and hospitalization rates very close to zero, then why aren’t vaccinated people safe until all other people are vaccinated?

isn’t that a bit like saying that no people with umbrellas will stay dry until everyone gets an umbrella?


i’m only on chapter 2 of “statistics for yarn majors” but i think that maybe you cannot claim that “lineages are surging” based on their percentage of cases alone.

they might be flat or down and it’s just that the others are dropping or dropping faster like what happened with the b.1.1.7 you were so worried about in california.

this one had me a little confused at first too!

you can borrow my book if you’d like study up on it!

thank you.

-good kitten