I suspect they're pushing the 3rd jab for the elderly and vulnerable (and later everyone else) because they're afraid of ADE as vaxx immunity wanes. And, yes, it's possible they're creating legions of the the dreaded asymptomatic grandma killers that were the excuse for lockdowns and useless NPIs.

They knew the jabs didn't stop infection.

They knew the jabs didn't stop transmission.

They claimed the jabs mitigated symptoms but that doesn't appear to be true.

They knew this could happen.

They knew the virus was not as dangerous as originally feared.

They knew there was no way they could ever inject the global population before variants would spin off.

They did it anyway.

IMO, they are more afraid of ADE than the risk of a Marek's affect...and they really don't care if they create an even more dangerous virus.

Seriously, won't quarterly "boosters" be great for Moderna and Pfizer quarterly earnings?

If we want to deny Gates his dream of killing 95% of us off (through ADE and/or a Marek's effect), then we must convince our friends, family, and co-workers who've submitted to the jabs to refuse the boosters. I started doing this months ago. I hope and pray they will listen to me.

How many booster jabs are they willing to take...

to go to a bar or a restaurant?

to see a movie or show?

to catch a ballgame?

to go to a store?

to get on an airplane, train, or bus?

to receive medical care?

How many boosters are too many boosters?

How often is too often?

WRT the rise of the Delta variant, I recommend you watch WhatsHerFace. I don't know that her theory is correct, but she's very entertaining in her presentation. If the Delta variant arose in India because thousands of people were vaxxed in the trials, we're in trouble.


We will never convince the "public health authorities" to stop injecting people.

We can only hope we are successful in convincing people to refuse the injections.

Protect the vulnerable.

Quarantine the sick.

Let the wave pass over us.

It's the only way out of this mess.

Thank you for raising this alarm.

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How much of this, if it pans out, is accidental panicked rush and how much of it is premeditated and deliberate.

The obsessive fixation of vaxxing as many as possible as fast as possible points to the latter in my mind. Conspiracy theories have had a knack of proving anything but conspiracy theories lately.

Terrifying either way.

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You nailed it Gato. This is the thread of data and analysis I've been following since last November (like a kitten with a ball of yarn!) You tied it all together in a most masterful way. Thank you

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I think the thing that bugs me the most out of all of this is the vaxxpass/medical apartheid mentality. It's 100% unjustified bullshit and it's driving people against one another.

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So those who are Covid-recovered but unvaxxed should just hold tight and remain calm, yes?

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Boom! Great article gato!

This is something Vanden Bossche has been warning for months. He has even sent letters to health officials, sadly to no avail.

If we keep the current course, I'm afraid we'll definitely enter into some really uncharted waters. The possible threats (IMHO) I see from our current course of action are:

- Jab adverse effects; we have no data for mid or long term issues.

- ADE or ADE-like phenomena.

- The topic of this article (variant acceleration...which could lead to escape)

And let's not dive into economics, mental health stuff, civil liberties, etc.

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This was never about a virus, and these shots were intentionally designed to do what they are doing.

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Gato, I'm awed by the time and sheer mental energy you had to invest to produce this essay. It's more than excellent. For me, it's your absolute best.

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Aug 17, 2021Liked by el gato malo

Another piece on Marek


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Such an important piece, thank you for your work. As a non scientist/professional — just a schoolteacher, grappling at the moment with my school’s new policy of incentivizing the V by means of a promise of relief from masks — I may want to share this. Pardon me if you’ve covered this in your bio or elsewhere but can I tell my interlocutors (the ones who may fire me soon) that this bad cat from the internet has some “conventional authority” beyond your impeccable reasoning and enlightening presentations and engaging prose style? There are those who won’t take me seriously if I refer to your work without at least “he’s an epidemiologist etc etc”. (Too late perhaps; they may already think I’m crazy for suggesting that masking kids does not keep them safe.) Not asking for identifying information. Thanks again. Keep up your work please.

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Have you analyzed the data of vax deaths vs unvax deaths? I am curious. I have read similar hypotheses, however I was just reading through one that indicates that the vaxxed will be mostly a danger to themselves due to “antibody priming”. Because of the excessive immunity defense toward the initial strain, the future strain gets past the primed antibodies, the body is already inflamed and vulnerable and they become very sick and will die from future diseases that the antibodies are not primed against. Therefore, there is another hypothesis out there that the vaccinated will be the ones dropping dead within the next few winters. Many are preparing for billions to die, the economy to become severely interrupted and some biblical dark times ahead for the unvaccinated as the only survivors. Is there any data you have looked at that this could be a possibility as well? I may perhaps be looking for a silver lining though. My thought is that if the vaccinated are the only survivors, then the future generations would have no chance and the human population would eventually die off from old age and high infant death rates, low birth rates, etc. it’s so bleak.

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So happy to find you since your banning from twitter. Really enjoy your work. Thank you!

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1) "leaky vaccines" (i.e., allowing you to catch the infection and spread it, although you will have few or no symptoms) should have never been approved without thorough data excluding the possibility that they select more dangerous strains 2) these vaccines target only one (spike) protein , whereas a far better vaccine must target many different proteins (reducing the risk that the virus gets resistant to the vaccine) 3) The only reason why Pfi*z*e*r has received FDA approval is b/c breath-takingly corrupt as our societies are, immediately available, safe life-saving off patent drug cocktails have been buried by a web of lies

4) Very few professors in medicine have treated patients, including Prof Peter McCullough in the US and Prof Didier Raoult and Christian Perronne in France: most are "owned" by big pharma, which in turn is owned by financial institutions that also own many own medical journals.

5) Hardly anyone lives up to the eternal words by stoic Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius: follow reason

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You are wrong when you say that the current Delta variant predates vaccines. The Delta (Indian) variant that is now circulating and grabbing all the headlines, is a variant of the B.1.617 lineage that was first identified in September/October 2020 in India. (There are three sublineages of lineage B.1.617 categorised so far).

The Delta variant B.1.167.2 also known as the “double mutant” variant was designated a variant of concern ( VOC ) in May 2021, and so has evolved while mass vaccines were being rolled out.

In August 2020, the Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII), received approvals for phase 2 and phase 3 trials of its version of a vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford's Vaccitech. Other vaccine trials were also ongoing in the second half of 2020.

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While I agree that the vaccines should be banned and boosters could be harmful (for the vaccinated), the rest of this doesn't hold up.

First of all, for the purpose of infection/spread efficacy these aren't "leaky vaccines" (they're barely vaccines at all) - they are totally nonfunctional vaccines. Common sense dictates that from an evolutionary perspective, they are not applying selection pressure in any direction after infection efficacy drops to near-0, circa 4-6 months. (Boosters may, of course change this - but the selection pressure will only be toward vaccine antibody escape; unvaccinated individuals need not worry).

Second of all: Hello, Delta came from an unvaccinated country.

Why the difference between Covid vaccines and a dangerous "leaky" vaccine? Why is all the talk of coronavirus "evolving toward less lethality" erroneous?

Marek's disease virus is a herpesvirus and these broadly tend to calibrate life cycle (via built-in dormancy pathways) to work in tune with host immune response - avoid burning their own house down, as you put it. This is plausibly because they frequently work in low-frequency spread pathways, like touch, and thus frequently find themselves in a totally naive immune environment.

So, a version calibrated for vaccinated population doesn't know when to go dormant in an unvaccinated chicken, just like a version calibrated for a normal population doesn't know when to go dormant in an immune-incompetent individual.

Coronaviruses may also engage in rare dormant behavior but they are not doing so to "save" the host.

The likely default for a receptor-mediated respiratory virus is to go at full speed - healthy hosts will be just fine since receptor-mediated respiratory infections are a high-frequency spread pathway. So few hosts will ever be immune-naive *to a coronavirus,* in other words, that is essentially impossible to burn the house down (to an extent that punishes default maximal replication speed and minimal dormancy triggering), despite the fact that any given receptor pathway in respiratory epithelium would likely provide any opportunistic virus a direct route to host mortality in some form (i.e., blood clots for SARS-CoV-2) in an immune-naive host.

So, all this talk about variants having a different pathologies or different levels of contagiousness is likely just nonsense. We are only measuring our own natural population-wide immune drift (which is much slower than the evaporation of the illusory infection/spread efficacy cause by the mis-programmed (bloodstream-centric) immune response induced by the Covid vaccines) - be its mysterious, capricious self.

-"look at the high vax states in the north: they are over 200% amplified vs last year AND are having an out of season surge."

No they aren't. The lack of a Northern summer wave last year was "out of season" and was plausibly caused by the awkward timing of the prior wave - being in spring instead of winter. Now the North is on a standard seasonal schedule.

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When do we get a catcast?

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