"let's go brandon" is the king meme of our age

it began as the perfect meme. it's becoming the perfect storm.

“let’s go brandon” started as a joke.

but it was a good joke.

a poignant joke.

it is now a full blown movement and it’s only going to grow. it’s the theme for our times, the exemplar of an age beset by a pendulum that is past due to swing back.

it’s our protest song.

it’s the samizdat that heralds the dying of an empire.

nothing can survive this level of gleeful, sincere ridicule wrapped up in a sense of fun.


it started in the opposition to an unpopular president widely viewed as the unqualified and doddering puppet of a corrupt gerontocracy dominated by special interests and interested in domination all of our lives and livelihoods for fun and profit.

people are tired of unprecedented outrages to liberty and personal choice. they are reeling from job loss, business closure, and newfound intrusion into every aspect of their lives. and they are OVER IT.

they were chanting “f-ck joe biden” in public venues all over the nation.

this likely had little future.

but LGB! is something altogether more.

LGB! added a whole new dimension. it was a clueless or dishonest (depending on who you ask) media portrayal of the facts on the ground. (press play if you have not seen it)

this added a whole new fundamental aspect to the meme.

now it was not only PG rated and family friendly, it also carried not just protest of joey b, but of the media and their relentless spin and misreporting.

it became the criticism of not just a man, but the edifice that propped him up and kept him in place.


this is a MUCH more powerful meme. but LGB was just getting started…

it was a good inside joke, but the best of inside jokes gain in the telling. they accumulate more and more nuanced meaning and gather memes and relevance into themselves. and boy oh boy is “let’s go brandon” gathering meaning and relevance.

any school kid who grew up back before endless supervision and moderation of all interactions can tell you one simple thing: the more you hate a nickname and try to fight it, the more it sticks.

if you just let it go and fail to react, your accident on the field trip will only get you called “poopy pants peter” until the next time something embarrassing happens to someone else.

but fight it, and it’s going to be your senior yearbook blurb. and OH, how they are fighting it. the streisand effect is raging.

this is what has taken “let’s go brandon” quintuple platinum. it adds the best and the most powerful aspect of the meme.

it’s not about the meltdowns, hilarious though they may be: it’s about the stunning, staggering, tone deaf hypocrisy.

the very same people who posed with severed trump heads

and proudly dropped F bombs at the tony’s

are now losing their minds over LGB!, clutching their pearls and getting the vapors over disrespecting a sitting president, and everyone is noticing.

because you cannot not notice.

this is everywhere.

and it gets funnier every time they do it.

this raises to the fore a simple fact:

people are incredibly tired of this game of “punch no punchbacks” played by a tactically touchy, explicitly dishonest, explosively aggrieved gang of wokester crybullies who demand the right to push you around, dictate life and stricture to you, and disappear in a cloud of accusation based squid ink whenever challenged.

i wrote a whole (admittedly somewhat abstruse) definition of the woke phenomenon a few months back.

the core takeaway is this: woke turned the parlor game of deconstructing into pixels too small to hold meaning any and all ideas and memes and weaponized it by adding to it things you are not allowed to question. so, everything is fair game except whatever you inject as sacrosanct and that dogma is the wheel on which to break all else. it’s the only objective truth in the world. because we said so. that’s a jihadi religion, not a logical construct.

and people are sick to death of being hectored with such obvious bovine excrement. it’s a stupid, vapid philosophy pushed by stupid, angry people who seek, by flying off the handle and viciously attacking anyone who disagrees with them, to cow the world into silence that winds up functioning like acquiescence.

the last several years have been the apogee of this trend. buck it, and get tossed off social media, disinvited from conferences, banned from speaking on campus, or maybe kicked out of school. “woke” has been in everyone’s face and has browbeaten the middle, who always knew it was ridiculous, into fearful self censorship.

but that’s ending now. the latest revolution of the LGB! snowball picked up “woke” and incorporated it into the meme. the mockery of their hypocrisy and their thin-skinned frailty when faced with even mild versions of the fusillades they have so fervently fired has hit a pure, true note and their reaction to it engendered a pleasing harmony that seems to lift the music ever higher.

the harried and harrassed center has found its protest song.

and the song keeps getting better and more on point because the humorless and infinitely touchy left has been so long in its rarified echo chamber of self-congratulation and reality exclusion that they have no idea what’s happening.

watch this video. it’s comedic genius. i dare you to try to stop singing it.

more hilariously, they have no idea how to fight it and are making it more powerful every time they open their whining mouths.

they get mocked with funny poignant memes.

and they respond with bizarre, tone deaf fabulism on MSNBC.

seriously, watch this video. they actually expect to be believed when they say things like this.

it’s the unfunny, hectoring, dishonest diatribe of the out of touch would be cultural elite.

they sit with faces that look like a bulldog licking vinegar off a thistle and preach about the awfulness of everyone but them. they have no idea that everyone hates them, much less why.

they remind me of the religious right and the so called “moral majority” in the late 80’s. these people were so far up their own posteriors that they had the topology of klein bottles. and they had no idea. they had no idea everyone hated them, that they were near universally mocked, unfunny, non-inhabitants of reality. their bottomless hypocrisy was galling and the left was vibrant. they had the good memes, the fun, the derision, and the vision.

this has flipped. we’re WAY too far left and the people there have been in control of the institutions of power and education for so long they that, frankly, they have become deranged, drunk on faux morality and and abused power. they cannot imagine another state of the world.

but they better get started imagining because the whole thing is going brandon.

“let’s go brandon” has rolled them all into one ball and made it OK to mock them. it has called together in chorus the voices of the silenced and frustrated. it has replaced their fear with laughter. it’s going to heal them and it’s going to heal america.

it’s not going away.

this is the king meme of the era, the zeitgeist shifting message of taking the world back from the sourpuss agents of aggrievement demanding the plaudits and laurels of virtues they do not possess.

we’re done with that and we’re done with them.

we want an and to the endless yammering, hectoring, nonsensical invective, and the constant, crazy assaults of the deluded loons so drunk on their own echo chambers that they expect to be thanked for it rather than reviled.

they’re so tangled up they’re not even wrong anymore.  it’s like some sort of totalitarian glossolalia. it was cute when it only afflicted wesleyan professors at cocktail parties. as a societal pandemic, nothing about this is funny anymore.

and no one can stand it any longer.  this jumped the shark years ago.  in 2021, it’s jumping over the grand canyon filled with laser-beam velociraptors and evil clowns. 

let’s make sure it falls.

“let’s go brandon.”