making vax passports eternal

remember back when we said “vaccine passports are never going away and they will make you update them every year” and people called us “conspiracy theorists”?

“it’s just a one-time thing!” “it will soon be over!”

no, it won’t.

i have said it ONCE and will keep saying it as loudly as i can:

vaccine passports are the inch we CANNOT yield. they are the rubicon of inescapable authoritarian domination, the event horizon across which nothing can return.

there is an old saying: “there is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program.”

this, mis amigos, is that.

this will go on forever and ever because it is the perfect confluence of fascist and totalitarian needs.

  • it’s an evergreen annuity for vaccine firms and big pharma

  • it’s a massive project and annuity stream for big tech to provide the passports and validation

  • it’s the gateway to a massive surveillance state where “your face is your passport”

  • it means you need positive permission from “the authorities” every day to live your life

  • it’s the dream of the WEF and their climate, social justice, and health secular theocracy

if you give this to them, you will NEVER get it back without actual war.

do not believe a word of the “it’s just for a while” crowd. how did that work out on “2 weeks to flatten the curve and save the hospitals” or on the “we’ll be free once we vax” claims?

do not believe a word of the “the government will not do this” claim. yes, they will. how many times have they lied to you in the last year?

even if they do not do it themselves, they will do it by proxy which is, actually, far worse.

they’ll do it through airlines and subway systems and stadiums and restaurant licensing. they’ll push it through all manner of private vectors and those vectors are NOT bound by the constitution. they do not have to defer to your rights. that’s the literal definition of fascism:

big business and big government riding around in the same car. it will inevitably and always drive right over “we the people.”

really stop and think about this, because the EU is going to push it and it’s coming there and in the UK who is already pushing facial recco as a “feature to save you time at the pub.” the US will follow suit and “harmonize” in a few years once they have the hook set in your mouth like a prize bass.

think about it: once you accept this, they can just keep asking for more and you will be powerless to stop it. if you resist, you get canceled. no more air travel, no more eating out, maybe no ability to work. so when they add your bank accounts, how can you say no? when they add your social media, how will you resist? when you need it for school and church and walking on the sidewalk, how will you refuse? it will be too late; they’ll have you.

this is not “opt in” nor is there any “opt out.” this is comply or get cancelled. this is “you need us to affirmatively approve your right to live your life every year or you lose it.” what could they not ask of you in the face of such extortion? even if you believe that “these leaders are nice and mean well” will you bet your freedom that the next ones will? or the ones after that?

if you invite the vampire into your home, you lose all power against it. that’s exactly what will happen here and these people WANT your blood. they will dress it up and call it “right sizing your rights” instead of “abject, systematic subjugation” but is that really going to provide you much comfort as you are pile-driven into serfdom?

sure, this sound like wild conspiracy, it’s supposed to. that’s how gaslighted we have been. but ask yourself this: how have so many of us been so accurate in predicting what would come next? that nothing would be enough? that goalposts would be moved? that vaccination would not be sufficient? that they were not planning on giving your life back?

it’s because this is all blindingly obvious and trivially easy to see coming once you realize what they are doing.

the pattern is unmistakable and it is not an accident nor a coincidence. this is being done to you and it’s being done on purpose by people who do NOT have your best interests at heart.

if, 14 months ago, i had described life today in much of the US: curfews, distancing, masks, business closures, kids out of school, and wild ever-changing epidemiological claims and senseless performative demands, would you have believed me?

if i told you that 3/4 of restaurants in the US would demand you wear a mask to walk in yet let you take it off the second you sit because “we must stop the spread” would you have believed me?

of course not, because it’s crazy. i would not have believed me either, but here we are.

and what’s coming next is where it gets REALLY, REALLY bad. vax passports are the next step. then making them an annual renewal. then increasing the range of things they are needed for until you are webbed in the western version of the chinese sesame system and are utterly subjugated to a government that can cancel you and render you unable to work, travel, communicate, or socialize at whim by canceling your health passport. and half the crybully fraidy-karen eichmans will cheer when they do it.

everyone is exhausted from this year. that’s why they are springing this now when we’re weak and ready to give in to “get free".” but this is not freedom, it’s a trap. this is the one you never, ever get out of.

rise now, or kneel later.

it’s time to draw and hold the line. the society you save may be your own.