malign creativity: greta edition

how much CO2 does self-immolation release into the atmosphere? asking for a friend...

Jan 19, 2023

as many of you have probably seen, everyone’s favorite climate spokesmoppet got herself arrested in germany protesting to “save the world” from the evils of climate change and coal mining.

as the video above makes clear however, this was a full blown PR stunt/put up job. she was not mistreated or mishandled.

the whole thing was planned and choreographed. these are not cops, they’re backup dancers.

what you were supposed to see was this:

but the video of the backstage prep seems to have far overshadowed it.


and so another brick in the wall of modern media crumbles.

to be sure, greta has a talent for popping up places

but she also has a real knack for making sure they are places where she is the one in charge and not the one at risk.

it’s always the same song and dance, right down to the director’s credit.


probably always will be.

or maybe she was just jealous of some other folks and their newfound police publicity?

having this blow up in you face must be a tough bug, uh, pill to swallow

nasty sneaky internetses, it catches the precious, we HATES it!

and this is a first ballot comment for the ironic foreshadowing hall of fame,

but fear not, i’m sure our stalwart “weather potato” will be fine in the end!

Climate activist Greta Thunberg gestures as she sits in a bus on the day of a protest against the expansion of the Garzweiler open-cast lignite mine of Germany's utility RWE to Luetzerath, in Germany, January 17, 2023 that has highlighted tensions over Germany's climate policy during an energy crisis. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay