masking the mask facts

the CDC and health officials love to use ginned up lab studies on mannequins etc to show that “masks stop droplet spread” as though that means anything. it doesn’t.

  1. spread is mostly aerosol, not droplet

  2. masks will nebulize droplets into aerosols anyhow

  3. masks do not seal and do not stop aerosols, they just redirect them

watch as emily of team reality demolishes these bogus “forward projection” methodologies in a simple demonstration.

if you are just measuring droplets 6 feet straight ahead, you’ve missed the whole ballgame. masks do not stop the airflow or the viruses. at best, they just redirect them.

your mask does not protect me (or you) and contrived mechanistic studies could not prove that it did anyhow.

demand real clinical outcomes studies with valid control groups in an actual societal setting.

anything else cannot possibly give you the info you need.

there is a great deal in this thread worth reading. recommend y’all do.