mass media is not your friend

one can argue about where the line between reporting and outright propaganda lies and i suspect that reasonable people could disagree on a fair few issues in this regard.

but i defy anyone to defend the position that what 60 minutes did to ron desantis here was anything other than a grossly dishonest political hit. they did not edit for brevity or to enhance comprehension, they chopped the film to blatantly lie, to subtract all the information from desantis’s thorough and well reasoned answer, and to attempt to make him look like a petulant know-nothing acting defensive instead of an informed, effective leader.

but hey, don’t take my word for it. watch their cut of the answer, then watch the full answer. both are in the video below. then make up your own mind.

then perhaps ask some pointed questions about “how many times have they done this before and NOT gotten caught?”