media response as governmental immune system

when exposed to challenging new pathogens like funeral home directors speaking out about seeing a huge spike in deaths from heart and cardiovascular issues after a widespread, mandate based campaign of vaccination with drugs known to cause such issues, watch as the wonders of nature cause the political immune system to spring to life, filling our media-stream with explanatory antibodies that cling to the truth and neutralize it, preventing it from binding to the perception receptors of the society as a whole.

if you are not yet convinced, an honest question: just what WOULD it take to convince you that this is a deliberate and coordinated campaign of gaslighting intended to hide the bad outcomes of governmental policy aided and abetted by relentless media cheerleading?

keep in mind, you’d ONLY push a campaign like this if you knew there was a problem and in light of the high probability cause, you’d only gin up ideas like this if you intended to lie.

how about we get a look at the vaxx status of all these deaths? is there a rise in the unjabbed too? seems like an easy thing to study. i wonder why no one is doing so?