mistaking cure for disease

while it has long been clear that listening to topol in his endless pursuit of personal gain dressed up as pandemic advice was harmful to one’s health, not even i thought he’d gone so far off the deep end that he could no longer tell cure from disease.

an armed populace is the last bulwark against tyranny. his “original pandemic strain” would be far better described as “the medicine that cured america of the disease of monarchy.”

i can just see him now haranguing the filthy rebels and their muskets and tea tossing ways. “have ye not the sense to submit and be ruled by your betters? (now pay me, sire)”

sorry amigo, but no sale.

an armed populace is a successful vaccination campaign, not a pandemic.

i thought we had plumbed the depths of your quackery, but i see that i was wrong. thank goodness that my high capacity vaccines and i are immune to nasty pathogens like you.