Great write up. This is exactly what im going to show anyone with an open mind on the vaccines. Perfect. Thanks cat.

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You open with the following statement: "over generations, the standard of safety applied to widespread vaccine use has been extremely stringent."

That's a jaw dropping statement that is patently false- nothing could be further from the truth and this is all well documented.

I have to question if you have you looked into the history of vaccines at all if you believe what you just wrote which you must if you wrote it.

Anyone who has studied the topic in depth knows that every aspect of the "vaccine story", starting back in the 1800's up to present, is complete fraud. There has never been a product of any kind so filled with historical misinformation, purposeful deception and outright fraud.

To put it simply injecting toxic crap into your body will always damage your body. To put faith in any of these so-called products and to believe anything the Pharma Industry (whose history is fraught with deception, corruption and outright mass murder) asserts is a form of madness.

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I know someone who managed the clinical trials for the C0VID vaxx for Pfi$er. Talking to her about it in the past was a bizarre experience to say the least, especially since she's supposed to be "educated." We no longer talk about it because our attitudes are too different.

Her overall sentiment before Paxlovid: "It is a pandemic. There is NO other treatment for C0VID. If you get C0VID and are not vaxxed you will die. End of story. If there are people that have adverse effects, they are minimal, and negligible. Billions of people have taken these vaxxes with no problems, and they have been saved from dying of C0VID. By questioning the vaxxes, people are doing a great disservice to humanity, since questioning them might stop people from volunteering in clinical trials."

As for problems in clinical trials.... we discussed this as well. "Clinical trials are extremely complicated, and are beyond the scope of those not in the industry. They simply don't understand how things are run. Also.. if someone is questioning a clinical trial, you need to look at their background. They obviously have an agenda and are questioning the trials for personal gain."

Unfortunately, I'm sure many in her field feel the same way.

In her defense, she really does believe the C0VID is fatal, and that if you don't get vaxxed you will die. Even though she knows that I had it, treated it with supplements and obviously didn't die.

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“Q anon” “Patriots in control”

“We’re gonna make sure it’s never going to happen again!”


Realize a few things.

“Mistakes” were not “made”

This is intentional.

This is deliberate.

This is coordinated.

…This is being done TO you.

The media and the government go after people who “make mistakes”.

They cover it up when they’re in on it.

It’s been 3 years, if you haven’t figure out the genocide yet, then I’ve got nothing for you.

If any of you actually subscribe to the idea that government and media and big pharma, are going to just magically “be held accountable” after a 3 year coordinated murder campaign, you’re delusional.

Good luck.

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Turtles all the way down! Cats all the way up!

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Sturgeon's General Warning: may contain dangerous amounts of sarcaustic statements.

But the shots are safe and effective. You just have to recalibrate your metrics to objectivist and corporate capitalist ones:

Safe, because the makers and pushers aren't liable for any negative effects.

Effective, in lining their pockets with your money without your consent.

Just imagine if the EU and US were communist states like China! Then your civil liberties and rights would have been conditional to your obedience and compliance. Phew! Sure dodged a bullet there, didn't we!

Sure is an objectively good thing the objectively good capitalists of objectively good private business ventures totally never do business with communist states or islamic dictatorships. And just feel that warm sense of goodness from our liberal democratic system of governement, that would never compromise its ideals for power.

Sure is good we're protected from all that evil nationalism, ethno-centrism and populism like people wanting to vote on every damn thing.

Yup, dr Pangloss sure nailed it.

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And yet the folks who previously despised the government and pharma the most still see absolute nothing. People can’t accept a shred of negative data once the jab has been injected.

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It's hard to read past that first sentence, but I know there are worthwhile truths once I get past it.

The other vaccines only seem relatively safe and effective in comparison because of the way they have been presented to the public over the past decades, and because of the way the covid shots are so blatantly obviously ineffective and unsafe.

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And here’s another issue...where are the whistleblowers? Why and how did this happen and no one in the CDC stood up and said, “Stop in the name of all that is Holy!!!” The CDC had one job! One job! And they deliberately and completely screwed it up. Time to fire everyone, burn down the building and salt the earth it stood on.

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Hi Bad Kitty! Sasha Latypova did a legal analysis with her lawyer friend showing DOD involvement with the mRNA “countermeasures”. The safety and production of the experimental jab doesn’t follow any standards for commercial medical products. It’s worth a read:


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The other day, Igor posted quite a bit of data that boils down to a risk of death of approximately 1 in 874 for the COVID shots.

Even if that's an order of magnitude or two off -- which it does not appear to be, but even if it is -- that's STILL incomprehensibly awful.

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I'm sure a lot of people will post that the vaxx was an intentional cull if humanity. Others will post that the culling view is preposterous.

My view is that if you are down range from someone shooting a gun in a forest, it doesn't matter if they are aiming at you or not, it sure feels like they are trying to kill you.

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my cousin's wife spent a year in a wheelchair from the 1976 swine flu vaccine. that did it for me. and yet in listening to the TWIV episode with Laurie Garrett where she talks about the 1976 debacle, she very clearly says that the military over reacted as it always does and that vaccine was bad BUT the covid vaccines are "miracles" and everyone should get two (or three or four or...).

i was stunned! first of all, i couldn't believe that they were having a conversation on air about a massive historical error with the CDC at fault. i would have thought that would qualify as engendering vaccine hesitancy.

but the conclusion was "that was then and this is now and that history has no bearing on current events."

how anyone could read or hear about that, or be as i was an eye witness to it, and not completely be suspicious of ALL of medicine going forward is beyond me. to me, ALL medical devices, procedures, drugs, vaccines, research, protocols, practitioners, insurers, etc are guilty until proven innocent and i can't understand how any rational person could think any differently

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One idea I'm exploring is the Covid response as a function of a declining civilization. To what extent people in the past had principles and cajones, I am not sure. But even in the last 20 years we've seen both these things decline precipitously. There's a reason we're seeing most other institutions also decline into some bizarre groupthinked reality alongside public health. We're facing systemic failure that's going to get worse before it gets better.

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Government going to government; money going to money. Corrupt people are going to do corrupt things. The FDA, the pharma companies, they tried this before, so that they tried it again is no surprise.

What I find interesting is the media's abdication of responsibility and people's blindness to it. I also find it ironic that in the 2020s, when people pretend to be so worldly and so jaded, they are so much more livestock-y than the people of the 1970s. Why is that?

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I'm not even sure we can convince the hyper-vocal minority in the "pro-vax" crowd of the safety issues. I think only their own death would convince them -- and then it would be too late.

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