new and bigger mommies

many (including this internet feline) have been shocked by how many people have taken to lockdown like dogs demanding collars and leashes for fear of being allowed to run free in the yard. the sincere desperation with which they desired to have authority and structure imposed upon them has been jarring.

“alex” below is far from unique. she’s actually a quite common avatar of her generation and when one looks dispassionately at the issue, perhaps her (and their) needs and desires are not so surprising after all.

we have failed the millennials and failed them badly. far too many are a broken, bereft generation that went from helicopter parents and play dates to tiger moms to going away to school and crying for deans to nerf their college world.

their whole lives were structure. they had no free play. they did not make their own friends nor did they resolve their own disputes or even learn how. where previous generations got tossed out of the house and told not to come home until dinner, they were scheduled and supervised. where children were once told “work it out between yourselves” they just yelled "mom!" and mom or some other authority figure was always there to make the ruling on the field. in my childhood, running to parents was viewed as lower than being a prison snitch. for them, it was simply de rigueur.

seeking to render their childhoods safe stunted their evolution and their growth and so they grew up to still desperately need mommy surrogates.

so they ran to deans in college and now they run to government, all because they have no idea how to manage their own lives or set their own priorities. they have zero idea how to live independently or how to take responsibility for their own desires and the pursuit of them.

they were raised on likes and social approval and freak out if they are alone or try to stand alone. they were raised on having to post your whole life online to be “cool” and “popular” and to be in the mix but were never taught how to draw boundaries in their own lives or to carve out personal agency from the group and resolve conflicts interpersonally.

is it any wonder they are experiencing totalitarian authoritarianism as a warm blankie? what else, really, have they ever known?

speaking for gen-X, it’s honestly quite sad to see animals that should be wild begging for cages.