The nose only masks look great - but they should be bright red.

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For a living I install commercial HVAC. I have built countless surgical theaters, clean rooms for various industries, and quite a few Nuclear, Biological, and Chemically protected buildings and bunkers for the US government agencies. I have informed countless people that masks do not work. CRICKETTS or I am lying, or the government knows better. Stupid is as stupid does. There comes a time when you shut the fuck up and let the fools kill themselves and their children and not involve yourself in their suicide.

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Isn’t it incredible that two years on there is still debate on this point? My experts vs. your experts, my study vs. your study, cloth mask vs medical mask etc. it’s like everyone’s collective IQ dropped precipitously. Wearing a literal mask all day, especially for children was the most evil, dehumanizing idea anyone has ever had and the fact that so many people blindly fell for it is most astounding to me.

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Dec 27, 2021·edited Dec 27, 2021

What amazed me about the “pandemic” (but shouldn’t have) is how quickly the left threw its supposed core principles in front of the train.

Masks floating by the billions in the ocean, killing wildlife in unknown numbers? Screw that, I want my “lucky rabbit’s foot” to keep me from getting the sniffles (a.k.a. “Covid”).

People of color in poor regions who haven’t yet had their first “vaccine”? Screw them, gimme my booster and keep ‘em coming. Quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, I don’t care, pour them into me if you have to.

I guess caring for the planet and standing up for the downtrodden are chickenfeed when faced with the possibility of — gasp — getting a COUGH!

Revolting hypocrites.

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So much backpedaling over the past week. They are running for the exits. These attempts to pawn off their failures by claiming we didn't do it hard enough or well enough will backfire faster and more forcefully than a 50 year old landrover with a leaky carb. Keep the pressure on. We know these folks wouldn't know a carburetor if it bit them in the ass, much less how to fix it.

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Thank you so much for writing on this ridiculous subject. I hope the following helps rather than harms.

I was told more than a year ago by two American industrial hygienists that there is no mask capable of protection against the virus. The only proper protection is by donning a respirator – as per viral lab. workers.

Apparently, industrial hygienists are regarded as experts by the court system and are qualified to give evidence as such when required.

Their job incorporates matching masks to tasks and teaching doctors how to wear masks and how to breathe with them in situ.

They also warned against the deprivation of oxygen when wearing masks and the increase in CO2 plus various microbial growths in masks (hence chest, mouth and dental infections) that are not changed frequently enough or are used inappropriately.

I seem to remember that long term and inappropriate use of masks can lead to irreversible brain damage.

Btw, I was told that the long-standing OHSA advice was ‘amended’ shortly after the CV pandemic was announced – undermining years of evidence and recommending masks as per ‘The Agenda.’

I seem to recall that the only time it would be prudent to wear a mask would be on a Covid ward where perhaps sputum-laden viruses could theoretically be expelled with some force.

The motives for mandating masks seems to be: compliance with disempowering, sick-making, alienating rituals that constantly remind victims of an ongoing pandemic plus damage to child development, encouragement for social isolation, money-making opportunities for the whole mask-wearing industry and supervision of such plus – one I haven’t checked out yet - the wearing of masks is required for training A.I. for retinal recognition (facial recognition technology being old news).

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for many years before all this insanity there have been some people who have worn the paper masks in public due to health issues. i personally know two of them - a man who has lymphoma and another young man who lost his spleen in an awful car accident when he was a child, and thus has virtually no immune system. both of them have always said that their doctors told them to wear a mask in public for ONE REASON ONLY - as a signal to people around them, to say "sick guy here, please don't crowd me or make me wait..."

their doctors told them that:

1) masks do not prevent them from catching a virus.

2) wearing a mask for any length of time is dangerous as it causes hypoxia and also creates a near perfect breeding ground for bacterial infections, including bacterial pneumonia.

both are very friendly and sociable people. they only ever wore the masks if going to a crowded public place during flu season or when they weren't feeling well. most of the time they're sociable, friendly and always quick with a handshake or a hug.

the people who wear masks as a form of virtue signalling are deeply mistaken. my two friends have lost the only benefit those masks ever gave them because now most everyone is wearing them and they no longer get any of the polite courtesies that made going into crowded public buildings during flu season reasonably safe for them.

nick, the one who was in the car accident, has long been "anti vaxx." he, his wife and his children are all unvaxxed. so they get attacked by the covidians for that too. of course a vaccine wouldn't be a good idea for nick anyway, even if they did work, as he basically has no immune system to begin with.

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One thing I haven't seen yet is anyone posting about how they "wore their diaper" and still got sick. And I can almost be certain that there are millions of those out there. I have mentioned before... I lived a lifetime in an occupation that required masks: The right kind of mask for the right reason at the right time. Training required every year. Fitting etc. People can give me heck all they want for not wearing the diaper. I know the truth and I refuse to be part of the insane "masking ritual" and I also refuse to support any business, neighbor, family member that requires that I "don the diaper" as a signal that I'm part of the club. F em. Just say no to masks!

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Masks have always been the most sinister part of this psyop. I have refused to wear one even once and had very few dust ups. I refuse to tell a lie on my face and wear the instrument of fear that has propagated this mess and mentally damaged untold numbers of children and perma-Karens. Finally I feel it is ending.

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Masks are more pernicious than most people realize. Masks ARE the point -- one of the major tools to drive the social attractor into a low empathy state, which then makes labor exploitation far more possible, and probable. Masks will be the last thing the low empathy crowd lets go of. https://empathy.guru/2021/07/19/the-structural-memetics-of-masks/

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I’m on the beach in Florida. Saw a few old folks wear n95s, one even swimming with them. I feel sorry for them.

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The wearing of a mask is a lot like socialism. It doesn't work but not because the system is not sustainable (doesn't actually do what is claimed) but because you are not wearing it correctly, it is not the right shape, is not worn often enough or in the right places and finally because the right person has not told you to wear one yet.

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First off my friend you have a way with words.

Masking people is a PsyOp, designed to keep everyone fearful and alert for a hazard which is non-existent. The mask is the symbol that maintains the illusion we are still in the midst of a "pandemic."

Hint: we never were.

The primary reason that the powers that be (all of them are criminals) need to keep this illusion going is to keep the EUA in place. Without the EUA in place liability issues surrounding the experimental injections become a real problem for Pharma- they know this and have prepared for it.

Once the EUA disappears the drive to "sell" the jab dissipates, the smoke will be cleared and more people will see the damage done. Adverse events from these monstrosities being injected into people are going to be impossible to deny and will be ongoing for years. The false flag "emergency" serves to cover this up for the time being.

Where I live the masking is worse than ever. As I'm in stores it is common that I will be the only without a face diaper. Most of these people are hyper-educated and clinically insane.

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I saw a video done by epidemiologist fog his glasses wearing 7 masks. The response was well he’s a veterinarian virologist. My response was don’t they test these viruses using bats? Unfortunately, while my Dad’s generation was the greatest generation, mine and our progeny seem to be the lamest generation. I’ve never seen so many uninformed cowards in my life. They are as afraid of virus as much as they are of the truth.

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Communism 1.0 didn't work because we should have been using communism 1.1. These arguments never change.

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But if the government really believes that N95 masks do work, why not distribute them and encourage obese diabetics to wear one to protect themselves. Ie protect themselves. Protect themselves. Get it? Protect yourself. Leave me out of it.

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