Not just the undersea damage, but the Russian oil price caps were planned for the purpose of causing Russia to stop natural gas exports to Europe. The price caps were implemented with the right timing for Russia to stop gas exports in time for Europe to run out of gas for heating in mid December. This was all planned. They wanted all this to happen.

The elites understand that the Haber process is enormously energy intensive and that raising electricity prices would end production of nitrogen fertilizer, the key fertilizer, the plant's source of fixed nitrogen, it is for plants what protein is for us. Carnivorous plants live in low nitrogen soil and kill insects just for the fixed nitrogen. Plant and animal life cannot live without fixed nitrogen, which comes from bacteria, or the Haber process invented in the 20th century.

They planned the electricity shortage knowing it would mean a food shortage. All planned.

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I’m calling for the impeachment of Biden for committing environmental terrorism. Akin to Saddam Hussein lighting the oil wells. He dumped trillions of tons of natural gas into the marine environment.

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It was just a clot that ruptured the pipe. Oh wait, isn't that the other issue?

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Occam's razor:

It was the US...

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Absolutely nothing of this scale happens in that water without the express approval of the US. Period.

Now- you’re Putin & it’s your move. No, really, you’re it. The hand’s been dealt- call or fold.

I got 8-5 on call and the fallout from this won’t be the happy dance the US Puppet has scheduled in the day book JCOS (the same idiots that planned the Afghan withdrawal) designed to save face.

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Oof. El Gato missed the litter box pretty bad here doing a ctrl c + v from politico...

"russia is suddenly on the back foot in ukraine and losing territory and face at a rapid rate. lines broke, casualties are high, and this new call up of barely trained conscripts is going to be catastrophic. they are neither prepared nor equipped for this. they are getting walked into a wood chipper and further losses are just going to weaken the russian position."

A more accurate take on events in UA and Russia the past month and what happens now can be found here...


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Even Nuland, the Ukrainian told the press what the US would do back in January.


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Sep 27, 2022·edited Sep 27, 2022

What’s weird to me, is that we supposedly sit on the cusp of WW3, which supposedly means an end to humanity for the most part. You’d think our “Representatives” would be most concerned about this, yet they’re babbling on about Italy, and Mexicans, and “misinformation”…

Kind of reminds me of the beginning of COVID, when they were all in on the scam, and had gay sex orgies in airports, while the rest of us were supposed to cower under our beds with 47 masks on.

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Very plausible. ​

​Is the motive somehow to keep the dollar the reserve ​currency? Weaken Russia? Keep Europe in line?

All of the above?

​A dangerous game--Europeans will not be happy freezing this winter.​ Unintended consequences, and all....

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I think your analysis is nearly perfect. There is one major issue for the US. That is that Russia will now win the war decisively with massive damage to the Ukraine. The confines of the “Special Military Operation” were very limiting for the Russian military. The SMO is basically a large expeditionary force with specific limitations in operational doctrine. Putin is, if nothing else, a lawyer very interested in doing things by the book if you examine his history as “commander in chief. . Russia has escalated the war, immediately after the pipeline destruction, to an anti terrorist operation. This may be enough to destroy Ukrainian chances of a win. If not, after the referendums, Russia will annex the “breakaway republics” and any attack on them will be an attack on the Russian Federation. After that the Ukraine will die a horrible death. The US orchestrated the economic attack on Russia. It failed miserably. This military attack guarantees western military failure unless someone uses nukes. Look for a false flag nuclear attack blamed on Russia if Ukraine faces defeat. The US has proven itself to be criminally ruthless.

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I concur: the WEF-puppeteered US is elementary, my dear gato.

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This will ultimately hurt Europe's economy badly.

If the United States did do this, it's about as shocking and even evil as you can get. They're willing to plunge Europe into darkness putting millions of people at risk during winter for this war?

If they're willing to do this to allies, maybe European countries will reconsider their alliances with the U.S.

Very dumb move.

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"but if you are losing militarily, you must find other leverage. i suspect this is why they cut off the gas. they want to dangle its return as a carrot for europe (and especially germany as ring leader) to “give peace a chance” and end this conflict before the russian military is embarrassed further to the point where it starts to threaten putin. "

Gato ebria... The milk you had last must have been fermented if you think that Russia is losing the war....

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"russia is suddenly on the back foot in ukraine and losing territory and face at a rapid rate"

Hard to tell from the hump back & forth between yours & linked commentary, but whoever believes this has not been following the action.

Russia strategically retreated from ~1% of the territory it holds while inflicting enormous casualties on Ukr. It did so in order to prepare for the referendums.

The 300,000 partial mobilization is of seasoned warriors with specific areas of expertise who will get a month of refresher training to fill them in Ukr & then will mostly backfill active troops. Make that regular army.

In the meantime, a quick look at a map of Kharkov shows a classic cauldron, or firebag, which Russia can re-activate if & when it chooses. Russia has zero reason to attack its own line. It would prefer to sell gas to Germany.

This is clearly an attack on Germany, cutting off their ability to negotiate with Russia.

Biden is on record -- & on video -- saying Nordstream 2 will never be allowed to go online. The US moved a warship into the area a couple months ago. This was obviously a US terrorist attack on its ally, Germany. Remember, the US has had no problem attacking its own citizens.

Remember, people. 2 can play this game. On the off chance Russia retaliates by taking out a few satellites, I've just completed a few online purchases of needed items not available locally.

The shit is getting real.

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it was the german government in collusion with the usa.

the greens are terrified that the german population demands reopening of the pipelines.

now with the pipelines gone there is no way back.

the greens can continue with their complete destruction of the german economy.

the usa want the war to continue and now with the pipelines gone, the green german government can continue "aiding" ukraine.

there will be an investigation that will find only one possible culprit: russia....

and behind all of this there is gates and schwab...

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Even if Putin is toppled, what options would his successor have? Seems escalation is likelier than capitulation no matter who's running the show now. I'm not convinced western elites have a good grasp on the Russian mindset. Going for Total Victory against a nuclear armed power seems less than ideal, but Nuclear Winter would solve global warming.

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