Please someone explain to me how people that are supposedly educated in statistics, science, epidemiology and public health can't figure out how to give us accurate and true reporting on Covid data? Why are we, the "common" people, figuring this all out and finding their errors? Why are the ones who are supposed to know what they are doing, not doing this correctly? Are "they" that stupid and ignorant or is this purposeful? Egad, this is too much...

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Bravissimo, gato, for dynamiting a 'study' badly in need of dynamiting. The trend everywhere seems to be to desperately make a case for vaxing. Goes way beyond 'spin'. Goes to the point of twisting the truth to a degree no one would have thought possible in the fields of science and medicine.

Incidentally, if you haven't been notified yet, Switzerland is now publishing vaxed vs unvaxed data in English:


And for the time being they are giving raw numbers for hospitalization and death by age band.

However, the numbers are already pointing toward vaxed and unvaxed elderly dying at similar rates. Coincidentally, the govt is now shifting toward a policy of boosters for everyone starting in December. (Two weeks ago, boosters were only recommended for at-risk groups.)

So this may a temporary window of raw number transparency. May be closed abruptly if the data doesn't please the folks in charge.

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FUBAR just got updated: File Under Brandon Approved Research

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The equivalent story in the Sports page would be "400 Varsity players take on 10 scrappy 8-year-old girls in football" then you have to read the fine print to see the girls won the game. Science!

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How you have the patience to weed through the mess of stats/study is beyond me. I frankly couldn't care less what these Covidians have to say about vaxx since the premise of injections is flawed from the get-go. Who exactly are they trying to convince with there number salads? People are only getting injected to avoid being run out of society, most have no idea what they're doing and are risking today to see tomorrow. Crazy times keep meowing.

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“we’re just playing computer games and torturing data until it confesses.” This is one of the best synopses of the fraud that has passed as data “analysis” to date.

Reminds me of the agricorps-industry–funded studies Marion Nestle explores in “Food Politics” and ”Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat.” These “studies” are intentionally engineered to generate buzzworthy press releases for the particular food.

She has an “Industry-Funded Study of the Week” series (e.g., https://www.foodpolitics.com/2021/10/industry-funded-study-of-the-week-would-you-believe-jackfruit/) that highlights conflicts of interests, discloses funding, and assesses the study’s conclusions.

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The UKHSA data shows a similar outcome. While the jabs don't prevent infection in the fully vaxxed age 30 and older, they do provide protection against hospitalization and death when normalized for the population (fully vaxxed versus unvaxxed by age cohort). But 79.7% of the actual people who actually died were fully vaxxed and only 17.1% were unvaxxed.

No one wants to become ill or be hospitalized, but the end goal of the jabs was to "not die".



I expect the data and narrative manipulation will worsen in the coming weeks.

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Figures lie and liars figure.

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Excellent, puss.

This is the kind of corrosive analysis or cross-examination that we need to educate people, and slap the pimps and parrots - aka "them".

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At least they tried :) . Here in Poland it's hard to come by anything but "safe and effective" mantra. You won't find any data because no one seems to collect it. It's much easier to lie when there is no data that can expose it.

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..."but i also suspect that efficacy is rapidly waning."

I didn't go look at the study, but at least from the information you presented here, there is absolutely no taking into account how long ago people got vaccinated. As you point out, efficacy wanes.

If some of their cohort is from the early days when Alpha was predominant, that makes the whole thing even more worthless.

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Anectodotal but my friend the nurse says that the unvaxxed end up in ICU and the vaxxed are in the hospital for oxygen etc and go home in a few days. Most morbidly obese in both cohorts.

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Amazing work, bad cat. Your post is a great reminder that unwinding bad math is neither easy nor concise. Hence, the hard times ahead.

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Whenever a paper has odd inclusion criteria, or a study has an odd study design...

I bet the bastards cherry picked the inclusion criteria until they got the results they wanted.

And HID all other data.

Is it possible to file a FOIA to get their entire dataset?

What does it take to file a FOIA?

Does it take a team of lawyers and lots of money?!!

Every BS smelling study, we use FOIA and get ALL the raw data and analyze it ourselves!!

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When speaking with anyone who is pro vaccine mandates the most common objection I hear (to a contrary view) is "What about all the healthy young people with no pre-existing medical conditions who die from C19?". These specific cases have been pushed so hard by the MSM in every country that it's actually become one of their most successful propaganda pieces. It seems to be the final 'sticking point' once you peel pack all the layers of an individual's argument. I hear it again, and again, and again and again. It doesn't matter if you break down the death statistics by age & co-morbodities, people still look at you like you are IGNORING this undisputed 'fact' which proves how deadly the virus is. Do we have international data on the % of young, healthy individuals (no co-morbities) have died from C19?

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