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Gato and gato-pals:

You write here about vaccine mandates, propaganda, and bureaucratic stupidity. So here's my own story about it in my country:

I live in Lithuania, a small EU country on the Baltic Sea. I know you're familiar with our country's history and struggle for independence from the authoritarianism of the USSR.

In the last 2 months, my country has imposed a new and different authoritarian regime of severe restrictions against people who are not vaccinated.

Here's a sample of how life is now. The vaccine pass in our country is called "The Opportunity Pass". If you don't have an Opportunity Pass:

- You cannot visit any cafes or restaurants, indoors or outdoors.

- You may only shop in small stores (<1500 m2) which have direct entrance to the street and whose main activity is to sell food, veterinary goods, pharmaceuticals, glasses and contact lenses, or farming supplies. You may not enter stores that mainly sell other products. You may not enter larger stores.

- You cannot receive any beauty services (hair, nails, salons, etc).

- You cannot use any repair services which last longer than 15 minutes.

- You cannot enter any indoor spaces, seminars, conferences, or cultural events.

- You cannot attend any outdoor events which have more than 500 people.

- You cannot sit and read in libraries. You may only use the library to pick up and return books.

- You cannot travel by train.

- You cannot enter financial service providers (banks, insurance) unless the purpose is to receive pensions or social benefits for compulsory or essential financial services where the service lasts no more than 15 minutes.

- Students cannot enter university without the Pass.

- You cannot visit patients in medical facilities or senior care/residential homes, except terminally-ill patients and children under 14 years of age at the permission of the treating physician.

- You cannot have scheduled inpatient medical care.

Crazy, no?

Lithuania is definitely one of the more restrictive countries in Europe right now. And some of the rules we have are uniquely crazy.

But we're not the only one with a Covid Pass. By my count, 14 of the 27 European Union countries have begun imposing domestic Covid Pass restrictions.

Given the significance of the changes, I think there hasn't been much analysis or reporting published in English-language media and forums about what has happened. So earlier this week I made a post on Reddit (r/LockdownSkepticism) about the transformation. In the post, I described the new restrictions and how they have upended the life of my family.

The post was banned after 11 hours.

Reason: self-censorship. Reddit wrote to me: "we are being extra careful about misinformation at the moment", and "We cannot verify the claims in your post".

Huh? The law of my country is the law of my country. It's no secret. You can see the rules yourself on the official government website. They are facts, not claims. They're definitely not "misinformation". You might like the rules of the law, you might dislike them, but their existence is as incontrovertible as it gets.

But there's a silver lining thanks to the Streisand effect. By censoring my post, Reddit ended up making it even more interesting and click-baity: "10 facts about what's happening in Europe that they don't want you to know!". :-)

Very nicely, my post got passed around samizdat-style. Amazingly, it ended up boomeranging back and actually attracted attention here in my country.

So I cleaned up the formatting, added further information and some pictures, and then put the post up online - not on Reddit, obviously - so that people can see it and pass it around.

I'd like to share the link here. Please take a look.

And here's my request, to Mr. Gato and to all the Gato pals reading this:

If you think the article I wrote about the Opportunity Pass is interesting, I'd like to ask your help to please forward this message on. I'm not social media savvy, I have no platform, and my first and only long post on Reddit got banned. So any help you can give to get attention would be really, really great.

Let people know what's happening.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


The link to the article I wrote is:


(My email is at the bottom of the article if Gato or anyone would like to contact me. Thanks!)

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Except I don't think it's stupidity. I came to believe that we really are dealing with the unbelievable, i.e. an attempt to destroy the "old normal" together with the economy, so that it's easier to usher in the whole fourth industrial revolution and so on.

This is an old story (from last year) but it is rather in-depth and not sensationalist at all. (At least I tried)


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ruining the usa is a feature, not a bug, of the current cdc gestapo reign.

that hospital is the headline. i know one nyc metro hospital where the nurses worked all through the surges w/o vax and who know the risk reward for them is negative from the lacking in safety and immunity jabs.

the ny edict goes in effect soon and the headliners will be somewhat aghast!

feature not bug.

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I had a home birth 2 months ago. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

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Just one question: How exactly do you "pause baby deliveries"? They just sort of come when they want to, no? (The thing is, I'm not surprised. I've noticed an attitude in medicine that your issues, even if trending toward the fatal, take a vacation when they become inconvenient to "medicine" and a doctor's schedule, so maybe they think they can "pause" deliveries.)

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Without a doubt current U.S. Democratic policies, and propaganda together with lockdowns over the world are the closest thing to pre WWII fascism since the fall of the iron curtain. Remember Fascism arose from progressive eugenicist utopian visions.

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There must be something to the vax not being such a good thing if so many medical people don’t want it and have to be forced.

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I am proud of the staff that is willing to give up their job to stop the mandates… not sure women are ready to start having their babies at home again.

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These are the same people that the media called heroes last year.

These are the same people who braved the virus everyday, who cared for the sick and dying, who got C19 and recovered, or who didn't after caring for sick people for 18 months.

These people are being vilified...like the people who kept the world running so all the CoronaKarens could stay home and stay safe.

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“Doing what we know works!”

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I started thinking about my own potential “firing” and realized I won’t have medical insurance if it happens. I guess maybe it doesn’t matter, since “they” are already saying the dirty, germy, unvaccinated shouldn’t even be able to visit a doctor in the first place.

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What people say: "Don't make masks political."

What people mean: "Don't point out my fascism."

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"'maybe, with a little luck, some of those who have resigned will reconsider,' Cayer told reporters." Yes, because counting on luck is always the best way to organize and plan hospital care. Correct me if I am wrong, but throwing salt over one's shoulder and tossing pennies in fountains is a requirement for all hospital administrators before they get approval by the Joint Commission, right?

And it gets better: "'We are not alone. There are thousands of positions that are open north of the Thruway . . ." Well, they'd better bring the salt and pennies via semis then. They're going to need a lot of luck.

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Im SAD that it's come to this, but we HAVE to stand up for medical sovereignty. The BIDEN admin has lost their minds, thinking they can mandate.... NO justification for their bad policy. DRS and NURSES and STAFF at hospitals,clinics etc. Time to fight for freedom to choose. This is still the USA...

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Think they were humming Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of" on the way out?

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