of crybullies and cognitive dissonance

vaccinated people do not spread covid: why good news gets taken as bad.

it’s wild watching the pernicious pontification of the pandemic posers as they desperately cling to their pseudoscientific MOAR FEAR narratives. you can just about hear the neurons popping in their cognitive dissonance raddled brains as they try to find ways to keep pushing panic in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are wrong. it smells oddly like burning polyester. (though that might just be keith’s suit)

look at the rage and the crazy, orwellian moral inversions.

your freedom is fascism.

science is propaganda.

wet pants cowardice is heroism.

or, possibly, it’s just that “desperation is olberman”

this is a mind breaking itself and exploding in misplaced rage because it is desperate to avoid admitting one simple fact: he’s completely wrong. we DO know that the asymptomatic do not spread the disease and never have. we can see that HERE.

the secondary attack rate of asymptomatic covid even if you live with the carrier is 0.7% (vs 18% for the symptomatic). this is negligible and it’s still FAR higher than the risk from a supermarket or a sidewalk. those are so close to zero i doubt it can be measured as meaningfully extant. it certainly cannot drive an epidemic.

transmission and the severity of the case transmitted has always been highly related to viral load. the idea that you’re walking around with no symptoms but a high VL and spewing it on everyone never made any sense. there’s no evidence this was ever so and there is strong evidence that vaccinated people are not spreaders. even the CDC says so.

we can see this in the STUDY here:

so, what’s with the furious, deranged accusations? why are so many so loathe to accept what is clearly great news?

it’s because keith and folks like keith are too committed to their internal stories where their craven panic mongering was really “heroically saving the day” and all those who oppose them are villains. it’s a soup to nuts internal landscape of self reinforcing lies to tell yourself and blot out reality.

perversely, it means that good news is very, very bad for them because it demands they ask a question they devoutly wish not to:

while he’s clearly a prime and virulent example of this performative crybully genre proudly bellowing his ignorance and fear to prevent his increasingly put-upon mind from realizing how desperately mistaken he is and coming to the realization that seeking to impose needless strictures on others because of his own failing is, in fact, fascism and the freedom he so abhors is its antithesis; he’s far from alone.

each one of us is, internally, our own prime propaganda ministry. we twist and frame and shape everything we see to suit and if our convictions are sufficiently intense, there is no set of facts we cannot ignore. that’s just being a human.

thus, many are taking this tack because they are so committed to the atavistic terror tales they have spun for so long that they have broken their minds and warped them around their fear and attention seeking to the point of full blown hallucination.

olbermann is literally out screaming that until we can prove a negative anyone that refuses to kowtow to his made up epidemiology is a fascist, because, as we all know, those demanding a logical impossibility (proving a negative) in order to get back the freedom they demand be taken from you are clearly anti-fascist and on the side of reason. right?


this is why we do science. this is why we have scientific method. this is why we developed structured logic to validate chains of deduction and inference and to form the basis for epistemology.

this is why we need to resist these societal and moral panics. they are not grounded in reason nor sense. they are the overload that sweeps those things aside and as keith so clearly shows us trying to speak of reason to he who has taken leave of it leads to some fabulous blow ups.

this endgame is going to snap the minds of the most devout and render them ever madder and madder.

try to stay clear of their explosions. it’s not going to be pretty.