Gato’s first law is spot on. Madison Cawthorn was smeared out of Congress after exposing blackmail rings. Just a coincidence that the world went mad after Epstein didn’t kill himself...

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"uppity puppetry"

Assonance FTW!

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I couldn’t agree more. I can’t get over the arrogance ? Stupidity? naïvety? Of the folks who think that they can control the situation. It’s like living in an old gangster film.

“ give me something to hold over you, and i’ll back you. i suspect many are happy to comply”

It is beyond my comprehension to understand how people believe that they can control what is going to happen when they sell their soul.

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None of that would matter if we had a general population who was not swayed by whatever the media told them to be outraged or terrified about this week. The requirement to actually get the masses to vote for you still means something (although the same forces that you describe are certainly working on dealing with that). And the media are the control dial for that. Get people to ignore the media, become educated, and think for themselves, and the forces that caused this mess will be neutered.

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This is what Whitney Webb’s book is about. One Nation Under Blackmail. My eyes glazed over halfway through but it doesn’t matter; she’d made the case. And when you’re 20, and the Devil meets you at the crossroads, that golden fiddle looks awfully beguiling.

I think there’s more to it, more to the psychology, though. There is a glamour, this is well-documented under the Medicis, everyone knows it about the old Mob, you see it in Eastern Europe with the mafia: it’s an obviously dirty, dangerous game, and you get to be seen playing it. Best seats in the house. Best trophy wife. Best parking spot. It’s related to why young women run off idiotically into obviously awful situations involving drugs and alcohol and untrustworthy men.

Everyone wants to be the movie star. Everyone thinks they have plot armor. Everyone thinks they’re going to be Hunter S. Thompson or Johnny Depp, never mind that Thompson shot himself, his attorney disappeared offshore under mysterious circumstances, Depp has made a mess of every aspect of his personal life.

I heard a story about Warren Buffett. When asked, in the 80s, what to do if the country collapses, he said, “what was the best selling candy bar in 1962? Snickers. What’s the best selling candy bar now? Snickers. Bet on what doesn’t change.” (Morgan Housel told this story on the Tim Ferriss show and now it’s making the rounds on the interwebs).

People don’t change. That’s why we need Solzhenitsyn, Marcus Aurelius. Because we have that line running down the center of us all, and the point of Heaven is to try to get through this life with your soul intact.

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I especially like the "cui bono" cat at the very end.

It wasn't his stunning taste in dinner wear that got J Edgar Hoover the "director for life" gig at the fbi. It was his collection of films and photos of politicians in bed with "a live boy or a dead girl" and his willingness to supply either or both, including the grim deaths of the girls.

It's been clear for some time that the fbi and cia hate humanity and want to enslave mankind. So they must be destroyed as Cato urged.


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For the same reason, "Epstein client list" was never published

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Exactly why Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and maybe Tulsi Gabbard are so despised by the ruling class.

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Seems that your undoubtedly accurate assessment explains Trump's popularity. He seems to be immune to the forces that power the standard political animal. I sense it is that independence from the pack is what makes him attractive to Americans exhausted by the SOP of the past century. He says what we're all thinking!

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The system selects the corrupt to enable the system.

The corrupt willingly enter the system because they have power/god complexes.

Win/Win - Except for citizens

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My dear Gato,

Please remove your tinfoil hat. I, and others, believe this premise to be standard operating procedure. Your example of Mr. Adams was spot on, there are hundreds of others. Do you think Dopey Joe was selected for his leadership skills, administrative excellence, his ability to articulate complex ideas concisely and clearly,or his energy and drive? That’s a joke, of course. He was selected precisely because he and his family are so compromised. To those in control, it’s like having hostages to ensure docile cooperation.

The actual explicit mechanics and who ultimately holds the reins, that is certainly fertile ground for speculation, but as for the idea that these political muppets are selected for their willingness to be compromised is axiomatic.

With an annual budget of $6.5 trillion and few remaining enforcements on the limits of the administrative state, controlling the executive branch of the US government is the biggest power play in the history of civilization. Over 4 years you and yours have the opportunity to direct and skim $26 trillion, an amount equal to the entire US economy.

Hilary spent $1 billion in a failed attempt to grab those reins. Trump beat her spending 1/2 that. The deep state Progs said, “never again” and threw double that amount behind Biden (Zuckerberg provided $413 million by himself).

As for the “how” harken back to Chuck Schumer’s comment regarding Trump and his fight with the “three letter” agencies, “they have 6 ways to Sunday of getting you back”, he said. As for the “who”, that’s easy. It’s always and everywhere the entrenched interests and those that benefit from serving them. I refer back to Zuckerberg’s $413 million “investment” to “ fortify the election”( in the delicate phrasing of Time magazine).

There is one, and only one, way short of armed conflict to beat this machine, and you hit upon it exactly when you said, “there is only one fix: make the government small”.

The rewards for the power mad and corrupted are too great. At this point, we have, in effect, incentivized the worst behavior by making an all too powerful federal apparatus the prize that goes to the best cheater.

The good news: You’re not crazy!


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Is called social evolution, comrade Gato.

What is most deft in profiting from situation, will dominate.

Want different to dominate, change what is profit to do.

Is very simple, no? Same mechanics called market forces. That which is profitable dominates. Then it uses profit to stop competition. Then it uses profit to stop changes.

Then external situation changes, and what dominates is replaced by new.

Then it repeats. Every time, more efficient in not losing hold on power.

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Gato, you're brilliant!

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JFK and RFK stepped out of line. Oops.

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Small local governments can be just as problematic as bigger ones, it's just that they don't have the scale. I have been attending the council meetings in my community for some time now as an observer and it is amazing the amount of infighting and feuding that can go on in these things. Then you have the cute little phenomenon of "closed door meetings" whereby the public is NOT allowed to be present. It doesn't matter if the issue being discussed affects you, your livelihood, or your home. You are not allowed to be present.

Now I am not in favor of regulation for regulation's sake, but keep in mind that the vast majority of regulations came into existence because there was a problem that was not voluntarily being corrected. I'm sure no one wants to go back to the days where anything went as far as our food supply is concerned. I'm sure no one wants to go back to the days where companies could treat their workforce any way they wanted to and dump their waste anywhere they pleased including our drinking water. Despite all the legitimate criticism of the FDA, I am sure that no one wants to go back to the days where medicine truly was a buyer beware situation with no attempts whatsoever to guarantee purity, effectiveness or even safety. I could go on and on. Laws come about for the most part as an attempt to correct abuses. If we do not want regulations, then how do you propose reining in unscrupulous people? Right now I am part of a group that is fighting to protect the rights of mobile home park residents--and there is a whole LOT I could say about what private equity is doing to the housing market. If you own your own home, especially if it is paid off, get down on your knees right now and thank whatever deity you may believe in that you have a secure housing situation, because there are a whole lot of folks who do not. If you live in an apartment complex or a mobile home park, you are literally just ONE unknown sale away from possible homelessness--things may be going good now, but then you get the letter saying your rent has been hiked up to the point where you cannot afford to live there, yet when you look around, there is no where else to go. Private equity knows this, openly admits this, and tells would-be investors that this is why mobile home parks and apartment complexes are a good deal--look for communities where you have a trapped clientele. Now, tell me how, without adding yet another regulation, how you are going to fix this? Unless it isn't a priority to you--and for most people sitting comfortably in their secure houses, it isn't. And I hate to say it, right now the ONLY people who are trying to change this situation are funded by leftist organizations and individuals, like the Tides Center/Foundation. I do not trust them, but there is simply no one else to work with.

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There is no power over anyone by anyone until that person allows someone to be in power over them. Although, the ultimate choice to refuse someone to overpower you may result in your death. But you always have a choice.

Governments will never work as the last 10,000 years have proven because despite the idea of freedom and liberty, it will always be the few dictating to the many because the many allow themselves to be dictated to.

No politician can guarantee you anything because they must also make promises to the others who might vote for them.

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