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mass arrests are starting.


police getting ready for gas attack.


this is about to get ugly.

remember who made it that way.

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My heart is so heavy right now. This isn't Canada. How can a minority government run by an imbecile get away with doing this?!? Conservative MPs should be on the streets with protesters this morning and throughout the weekend!

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They won't stop this by arresting the truckers. People have awakened. Look what's happening all over Canada, Europe--everywhere. Holding all the truckers and protesters in Ottawa who are being illegally detained, in my thoughts and heart.

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Vaccinating children on the false premise of protecting chronically ill octogenarians or obese diabetics is OK. Children in a bouncy castle in front of Parliament is terrorism.

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The right to peaceful assembly is tolerated up to a point. We have discovered that this point is not when they become violent or criminal, its the point at which they become effective.

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i really didnt expect to see the rise of communism/fascist corporatism in the west so easily

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The most unlikely conspiracy theory out there is the the one denying that there is a conspiracy to bring about a one world government.

I am an American who contributed via GiveSendGo. Are they able to freeze my assets? What would you advise, el gato?

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This is historic shit, gato! I used to read a lot of history books, and EVERY SINGLE TIME the bad shit started after the 'leader' said he was the ultimate authority and dissolved congress (or whatever they had at the time). Never thought I would see somebody try it on a major stage.

What a time to be alive!

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They're currently threatening dogs. This will all be over when they threaten cats.

If you attend a demonstration and are arrested.... we will kill your dog in 8 days.


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How do we solve a problem like a Tyrant?

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Yesterday there was an actual terrorist attack by 20 armed militants on a gas pipeline project in BC. Crickets from Trudeau.

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I've noticed Dementia Joe has been eerily silent about the abuses committed by the fascist government in Canada.

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What is forgotten here is that because Canuckistan has a multi-party, first-past-the-post system, Trudeau's Liberals only received 33% of the vote. The problem is that his minority government is propped up by one of the other parties, the lapdog NDP (New Democrats).

Bringing in the police today and shutting down Parliament is just more manipulative jerking around we have endured over the last two years by this arrogant dictatorship.

Where are the MPs from the Conservatives and the Bloc to vehemently protest this? Ah, they are dancing in their money bins counting their pensions for life. Even the good guys ... Where are you folks? You have all the power to legitimately effect change. Not us, the peons jerked at the end of strings. We just pay your salaries, bennies and pensions.

Man Up! In case you are offended, Woman Up! Or Person Up! Just do something.

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"you may agree with the truckers or disagree. that is your right and your prerogative. but do you want to live in a world where the state gets to decide who gets to speak and who gets to protest?

do you want a government sanctioned overton window imposed by force?

because that seems a precarious basis for a civil society."

Why yes, these things are precisely what the Left and its useful idiots "want" (quotes because the useful idiots have no idea what becomes of them when their team wins). They definitely do *not* want a civil society.

And note: if you're "requesting your rights" and "asking for freedom", you never had either.

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Trudeau has smeared the truckers as Neo-Nazis, accused a Jewish MP of "standing with swastikas". Yet it is Trudeau & Freeland are the ones that not only "stand" with Neo-Nazis, but train and fund them



Trudeau's Gestapo Crimes Against Humanity will not be televised


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They have 7 days to sit and "ratify" the declaration and then it falls out of effect. By that time all the protests will have been cleared. The NDP will vote it down on principle but it won't matter because it will all be over.

That's what's actually happening.

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We had to destroy the village to save it, Canadian style. If this is happening in Canada, it can happen anywhere.

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A) I'm appalled by the way the truckers have figured out how to weaponize delicious, syrup-and-butter-covered pancakes.

B) Pancakes: a tool of oppression wielded by the racist, fascist patriarchy ("Aunt Jemima").

I think I'm getting the hang of this woke stuff!

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"How alike all the tyrants and unique all the saints."

I've seen more raw, genuine beauty and humanity on display in Ottowa via the live streams of Viva Frei in the past three weeks than I've seen in my 44 years.

Meanwhile, the tyrants show up in literal masks.

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Draghi has been hard at work 10+ years ago in the EU to facilitate robbing the people, so his amount of now displayed scumbaggery comes not too surprising to anyone paying attention back then.

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Whilst we were going to work, raising our families, having block parties, and sleeping in our comfy beds, every day and every night the Communists have been planning for This. Very. Moment.

They are taking your freedom, your property, and intend on making you slaves.

Are you awake yet?

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And notice the police - who were once also just working class men and women - are siding not with the people but with the tyrants.

These aren’t lawful orders and they are arresting and using force against their own countrymen at the will of a tyrant.


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First they came for the truckers and I am not a trucker so I did nothing . . .

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Can I safely assume that Canadian truckers will now park their rigs and refuse to drive? They hold all the cards. When Canada grinds to a halt, Trudeau will be gone.

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Soy Boy and the Bratty Boobs in the Canadian Parliament hiked up their skirts and ran away from the big bad truckers, just as predicted. The demons in the police will do the job the demons in the government could not do. The truckers should go home and never deliver a thing, ever again. All truckers in Canada and the US should sit home and call in sick forever. Stop all deliveries. Let Soy Boy learn to drive a semi so he can deliver his diapers to himself. Satan and demons rule the world.

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Authoritarians are like mold spores, always floating around waiting for conditions in which they can fester. Apparently those conditions now exist in Canada.

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bad actors, this is why when the Prime Minister tells you he looks up to China's dictatorship you throw his butt out immediately

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“…they are branding dissent as terrorism…”

This is exactly what they doing. Non-conformists are being cancelled out of society.

Critical thinking people who are unable to give their voluntary informed consent to a medical intervention, ie Covid jabs, that don’t prevent infection nor transmission, and with unknown long-term consequences, are punished and excluded from civil society. Such non-compliant people are a threat to authoritarianism which demands submission and obedience.

In Australia millions of people have been jabbed under mandates - No Jab, No Job. These people have been coerced and manipulated into submitting to the jabs to maintain their livelihoods.

But there’s also been the pressure to conform purportedly for the sake of others, with the propaganda that by taking the jabs you’re protecting others, ie by reducing the spread and minimising the burden on the ‘health system’.

But in Australia it seems Covid-19 has spread since the jabs were introduced, with the jabbed being diagnosed Covid positive! As for the ‘health system’ this is even more of a shambles than usual because it’s been completely disrupted by the Covid response, with who knows what future consequences for general health.

It’s mind-boggling to consider what has taken place over the past two years, with ‘our governments’ set against us, terrifying people into submission against this manufactured crisis. Billions and billions, probably trillions, of dollars have been literally stolen from the people to pay for dodgy tests and defective jabs, and also to pay for the digital surveillance systems being put in place to enslave us.

Untold damage has been caused to our society and economies.

We’ve been disenfranchised and exploited by those we elected and trusted to work in our best interests. The people have been muzzled with masks and humiliated.

Has the world ever seen such treachery?

And so many people are still asleep to what is going on…

WAKE UP AND TAKE IT BACK! See what’s happening in Canada with globalist controlled criminal governments turning on the people, stealing their freedom and their money.

These rotten traitors must be brought to account, and that includes the police forces who facilitate their abuse of power.

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The Canadian police are now the Gestapo of the boy Justin Trudeau as they arrest peaceful demonstrators, vandalize excavators, break into semis. and bank accounts.

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Please explain why parliament isn't voting out the Emergency Act by zoom?

Please Canadians, rise up. Do not passively accept this.

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As a certain someone said in a an otherwise best forgotten movie:

"It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling. I love democracy. I love the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers you have given me!"

Weird. It doubled the post, and then erased both?

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Better start pushing back while you still can. I've seen pictures of dozens, maybe more, of Jews being marched into NAZI gas chambers by two or three guards with guns. If the Jews had fought off the vastly outnumbered guards, some would have been wounded or killed but they would have had their guns to use on the next group of NAZIs and so on. Maybe in the end all those Jews would be dead anyway but at least by fighting and eliminating some of the NAZIs maybe you would have helped others to survive.

Anyway, all who enter the chamber are dead and there is no option to save yourself or your family. We can point out the atrocities all day long but until and unless the masses do something to stop the madness, it won't.

We comply because we want it to end. It won't end because we comply.

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Funny: people saying they didn't see this coming from Canada. I live in BC and I *totally* saw this coming in March 2020.

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Poor Italy, hopefully the more jabs given the ones who are allowed inside start to get sick and retire... Lol

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In ALL of the police photos from today, the cops are hiding their badge numbers. Isn't it a requirement in Canada for policemen to display this number at all times? To prevent excessive violence and other police crimes...

It makes me wonder if all (or any) of these guys wearing black uniforms, masks etc are even police at all. Or even Canadians for that matter.

Might explain why they are going in so heavy on 100% peaceful protestors.

Because unlike regular street beat cops and fellow Canadian citizens, maybe they just don't care if peaceful Canadian citizens are beaten around the head, kicked in the kidneys or disappeared into black jail sites, never to be seen again.

I would recommend Canadians to pay great attention to how this is handled and where those protestors are being held and in what conditions.

Even with the State of Emergency Act invoked by PM Trudeau, I believe the Charter of Canadian Human Rights is still in force. And that includes the law of habeas corpus - ie the govt must produce the body of a prisoner immediately if asked. <-- Maybe this would be a good legal move right now. Before PM Trudeau turns into Full Dictator Trudeau and the Black Shirts.

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It will be different here in the US. They will have taken our 2A rights into consideration. They know they’ll have to use a different game plan.

But they’re going to use it. There’s no doubt.


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With a totally corrupted and compromised political class, even those with a shred of decency are impotent to stand up to what is going on. Those that have been the source of the corruption are now trying to complete their goal of the destruction of western civilization. They have made it easy for the drugs to flow freely into the city's of America. They have completed dumbed down the education system for decades now with crt being the latest assault. They are bringing undocumented illegal immigrants to the country under the cover of night. They have made some city streets battle grounds They made it so that cops are armored up like they are heading into Fallujah for battle. I think we're whistling past the graveyard if we think what is happening in Canada, Australia, Austria etc... won't happen here.

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Now would be a good time to Defund The Police.

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In one of the live feeds I was watching, someone pointed out that the police didn't have their name badges or ID numbers on them. Plus they have their faces covered. It will be nearly impossible to prove which police misbehaved.

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When war is the health of the state, operating under Emergency powers (declared but unconfirmed through Parliament, as required) which has gone into hiding similar to the Prime Minister's version of engagement, then arresting peaceful unarmed citizen-protesters with hundreds of robo-cops, all to the pompom waving of the state media and propaganda arm - is what? physical therapy of the state. Who knew that peaceful opposition to ineffective state-coerced theatrics disguised as public health was greater "terrorism" than looters, thugs, pipeline saboteurs, monument vandals, BLM, ANTIFA, railroad and logging blockades who were cheered on by the political class, and worthy of political consideration. To the sociopathic mind of the tyrant, the ends always justify the means.

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Please give to the CCLA and support their fight against the government overreach and breach of human rights


Leave a message indicating your support of the convoy protesters rights

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So both myself and a friend who thinks like me (don’t have many of those) sent emails to federal senators in Ontario yesterday to register our feelings against the Emergencies Act and in each case all our emails were returned “address unknown” or incorrect address. Anyone else experience this?

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Funny, I've been feeling optimistic that we were winning lately. This stuff in Canada and Italy has me worried though.

Though at the same time most of Canada's provinces (and the biggest) have already announced they are removing restrictions.

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Trudeau isn't "doing" anything. Canadians are.


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As always, in criminal and political matters, the relevant question is, Cui bono?

“We’ve got four blocks in Seattle that you just saw pictures of that is more like a block party atmosphere,” she said. “It’s not an armed take over. It’s not a military hunta. We will make sure that we can restore this but we have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time. It’s known for that.”

Arguing that there’s “no threat right now to the public,” Durkan called Trump’s threat to take back the city “illegal and unconstitutional.”

“The counter will be, block parties don’t take over a municipal building let alone a police station and destroy it, basically thumbing their nose at any sense of civic control,” Cuomo said, pushing back. “Do you believe that you have control of your city and that you would be able to clear those streets? Because you haven’t.”

“We do,” the Seattle mayor replied. “And the chief of police was in that precinct today with her command staff looking and assessing operational plans. But we saw that it was a point of conflict night after night between the police department and protesters and we wanted to deescalate that and what we decided the best way was to reopen the streets and that itself ended up with some ramifications for the precinct to remove anything that was valuable out of that building.”

- TV Interview of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan by CNN host Chris Cuomo, June 11, 2020

- https://dailycaller.com/2020/06/11/seattle-mayor-jenny-durkan-chaz-block-party/

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Hey, I just had a great idea, I know exactly what we should do. Let's sit around and complain about what's being done to us. Meanwhile, we can hold a huge block party for the kids and pat ourselves on the back about "holding the line", as we wait for the tyrants to seize our bank accounts, fine our trucking business into oblivion, then come arrest us and herd us into concentration, er, quarantine camps. That will certainly show those evil tyrants who's boss! By doing this plan, we can all be assured that we are righteous and far more moral than our enemy. After all, that's the only thing that really counts, right ???

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It is a dark day in Canada. One way that people can peacefully show support for the Ottawa Civil Rights protesters is at the one week anniversary Friday, February 25th from 6PM to Midnight -- lights out in homes and businesses that support the protesters. It is a form of speaking up and not remaining silent.

Will you help spread this? Will everyone reading this help spread this? Can we make it go viral?

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It would have been a great idea if some of the truckers wore their military uniform.

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Is there a tennis court where the Parliament can meet? https://alphahistory.com/frenchrevolution/tennis-court-oath/

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