ottawa police resigning en masse? (or perhaps simply refusing to enforce unjust laws)

so, i want to be clear, i have not yet substantiated or disproven this. but there is A LOT of speculation that it’s going on.

(AP fact check claims it’s not true but, let’s face it, this has become an astonishingly accurate negative indicator. AP is the baghdad bob of the 2020’s.)

it would be the moral thing to do. it would be the honorable thing to do. and if it does occur, when this is all over, the officers that did so should be hired back and given promotions because it would be proof that they took their oaths to protect and serve seriously and would not stand in service of tyranny.

and that is the highest expression of public service.

according to this, the midnight raids were just a photo op. they were just a pantomime with a few officers and the rank and file wanted little or none of it. the camp they raided remains.

can anyone provide more information? does anyone have direct knowledge? (please share in comments) i really hope this is true, but also do not want to be led astray by confirmation bias and so gathering some facts on the ground seems in order.

my suspicion is that “half the force turned in their badge” is probably a bit of a stretch. it seems implausible they outright quit. i would not, however, doubt that large numbers of police have made it plain that they are not going to enforce this or turn upon their own people, their neighbors, and their friends just because they are standing, as people of ethics and principle should, for freedom.

if this is correct, it’s an earthquake.

hard to have a police state without police.

and it stands to reason. the police refused to accept a vaccine mandate. they got exemptions.

perhaps they understand that others might want them too. i hope so. it would really restore some tattered faith in morality over legalism.

an unjust law is no law at all. moral duty lies in opposing it. those who helped escaped slaves run were lawbreakers. those who turned them in were following the rules.

there comes a time when you have to chose which side you want to be on.

and there are some encouraging signs here from the police.

they met the protesters. they have seen them, their peacefulness and their sincerity. people say you cannot win without violence, but you can. you win by showing a path to a better way. you gain more allies with a bounce castle than a broken window.

and it looks promising. the police brass seem to have had their press-event raid and now the cops on the ground have gone back to respecting the people. it’s worth remembering that police are not a monolithic thing. they are people like everyone else, some good, some bad. judging them all by the actions of that one goon squad is like judging a protest by the 3 idiots off to the side with nazi signs.

and the reality on the ground seems a bit different than the media would have you believe.

and it looks like the “brown bag” rule is in effect. “hey, that might be a soda and not a beer. none of my business.”

i have heard people fret over whether you can resupply a convoy of this size in this manner. let me tell you as someone with 10 burning mans under his belt: when you get a couple hundred people doing anything, you can move SHOCKING amounts of stuff and build massive structures in nothing flat.

we had the army corps of engineers come out one year to learn how we did it. they walked around gawping and saying things like “how in hell did you do this in a week? we could not have built this in 3 months.”

the answer was simple: we all helped.

1000’s of people all pitching in can turn a desert into space ships and flying dragons faster than you can say “wait, you built a what!?!”

2018-2019 Burning Man Calendar | Arin Fishkin Graphic Design

do not under-estimate what determined and fun loving people can do.

and as in ottowa, we reached an accord with law enforcement. be peaceful, and we’ll be cool. they would walk around. a lot of them thought it was a hoot. they’d chat with you, ask questions, laugh. many were great people.

law enforcement and counter culture need not be at odds. in the best societies, they have a sort of side-eyed grin at one another.

i have no doubt that some of the police have done some crappy things. take any group of 2000 people and you’ll get some bad apples.

but people on the ground can recognize one another. they can build bridges and see viewpoints. they can live in peace and find fellowship.

laws are not required for society, but society IS required for laws.

if we are really all in this together, then let’s do it together.

i hope the police do join the truckers and leave the “leaders” in the lurch.

i hope the truckers remain peaceful, implacable, and determined.

this is the good fight. the fight that crosses and transcends the other lines.

the divisive legalism of dictators has no place in a civil society of free people.

it is from the inclusive moral community of peaceful people that such things are built.

if everyone can just remember that, we are halfway home.