I swing between "this is so crazy that of course we can fight it" to "the crazy people have so infiltrated the power structure that we're doomed." I think you're right on the why and *hope* you're right on the how.

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The outrage online when I remark that parents allowed their children to be destroyed, and that two parents or the equivalent are sufficient to socialize a toddler into normal speech, and if their normal toddler now needs speech therapy they're entirely to blame.

This is the immensity of the problem right now. Complete utter morons who've abdicated every basic function to The State.

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Like so many, I just want to be left alone. I realized that was no longer possible when they came for our children.

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Please keep up the effort, you are making a difference for more than you know. Thanks!

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What I find most valuable is how el gato mato explains not only what is happening, but also "how and why."

The why has always been important to me, and the bad cat being able to explain the why so concisely is so valuable.

Lots of people have takes on current events. I believe few do as well as explaining the how and why, as does the bad cat. Am I alone in this, or do other think the same?

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You have written a number of masterful pieces over the past two years, on the nature of natural rights, on the education system and on liberty in general, quite apart from the outstanding statistically literate (numerate?) COVID pantomime deconstruction pieces. This pair of essays belongs up there with your best and it resonates deeply with me. Thank you for your service!

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The honest truth is that a good portion of humanity is EASILY [and I mean EASILY 'all caps'] brainwashed/conditioned/manipulated. The best PAVLOV technique isn't a bell, it's FEAR. Fear is the sucker punch right into our primordial survival mode.

When you're born with a brain that isn't like the aforementioned, if you were the kid who always questioned everything and stubbornly had their own way of 'thinking' and original ideas, looking at our current skull-f_ck is pure insanity. We look around and wonder why everyone isn't seeing what we are seeing?! It's as if the majority have been scooped up and switched on auto-pilot.

When your vote is in question, when your doctors and hospitals are money whores, when your institutions of learning become idiotic pedophile grooming centers, when your media is 99.9% propaganda, when your politicians are digital 'deep fake' puppets for unimaginable evil...Houston...we have a problemmo.

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Two things:

(1) I don't think that what you're seeing is a "red" shift. Communism is a vast improvement over what they really want, which is global feudalism. They want a serf class and they want the serfs to chain themselves, in the name of saving the planet, social justice, what have you. White people are the obvious target because they invented the system that pulled the world out of feudalism and monarchy and have this idea well engrained that all people are actually equal. So obviously you're going to target them and spin everything about them, including and most especially their ideas about natural rights and equality, as "dangerous" and "damaging" and an "existential threat" to society's well being.

(2) We need to stop thinking 'left" and "right." Nancy Pelosi and AOC are as antithetical to true liberalism as they are to conservatism or libertarianism. They want to be in good with the overlords when the machine finally manifests itself. They are not really ideological. They are above all self-serving and soulless.

And I know I'll get push back here, and that's fine, but the only way out of this situation is to stop fighting over "left" and "right" and who gets what label and understand that across the spectrum, we all are seeing the same thing. The spectrum is a hologram the overlords are letting us play with with while they put their structure in place to enslave us all.

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Over the past two plus years, I've often thought of that scene in the abbey in the Sound of Music when Rolf betrays the girl he loves and her family to be a part of the collective. Don't be a Rolf.

I've always struggled to discern if they really believe what they are saying. Does Brandon really believe MAGA republicans are a threat to the country or just that they are threat to his power? When he walked back his comments the next day, did he forget or is he gaslighting the American people?

I remember having an argument with my youngest brother (who I'm pretty sure isn't speaking to me) about Fauci. He insisted that Fauci had never advised against masks. I sent the video of the interview, which I doubt he watched.

IMO, they are trying to drive the opposition (election and pandemic) to act out. We are in very dangerous waters right now. I find the sudden accusations flying all around about "controlled opposition" to be very suspicious as well.

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Regarding part 1, at an individual level, I think Budziszewski got it right in the article "The Revenge of Conscience" (https://www.firstthings.com/article/1998/06/the-revenge-of-conscience) when he said that everyone has THE natural laws written on their heart and the behavior we are seeing today is natural laws conflicting with their own conscience; ie guilt. This conflict has a weird way of working it self out in individual and then group behavior, and that weird way is what we are seeing today. (You will note that the article was published in 1998 and was actually written a while before that.) One of the ways this coalesces into group behavior is... wait for it... Mass Formation Psychosis. Dr. Desmet provides the dynamics of the group process flow in his new book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism. He writes on substack. I don't think Dr. Desmet is necessarily discovering something new. It's as old as the Bible- probably as old as language- and most religions understand the mechanism as the way evil works... read C. S. Lewis's comments on my substack: https://aletheiatheyounger.substack.com/p/this-era-was-foretold. Your articles are helpful to those who are of your generation, which is a couple of generations after mine. Dr. Desmet implores the 5% that haven't drunk the kool-aid to lead the way. For him you are the only hope. (In the US it is more like 40% (-the Maga Trump terrorists).) The 5% are those like you, Dr. Naomi Wolf, Dr. Robert Malone, and Alex Berenson, among many others that have moved from left of center to the right, more or less, to lead the charge, since you have the credability of having been where the serfs are and you have the skill to stand up to the oligarchs.

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"reluctantly, many of us went to battle because we simply could not abide what we were seeing.

but it’s not my identity and i never want it to be.

it’s what i am doing because it needs to be done i (and i suspect many others) would be glad to have it over and done with as well.

this is not a basis for sense of self that most pushing back crave. it’s a chore that needs doing, an augean stables that needs mucking out."


Amen. I didn't want to spend two years looking up official data that counteracted the official narrative, BUT NOBODY IN THE MEDIA WAS DOING IT. Now here we are, gaining trust while the mainstream media hemorrhages it. (If they had enough trust left to hemorrhage.)

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O c'mon, they're not even trying anymore!

For those of you in Toronto Canada, on page A21 of today's paper, the Star has a banner ad for itself that reads:

"It is what it is until it isn't. Truth we need for the world we want."

The optimistic part of my hopes there is a copy writer someone with a wicked subversive streak.

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Very well said. It's disturbing to see our fellow independent spirits trying to differentiate themselves by playing the middle, accusing both sides as overreacting or having an extreme position. If I break into your house and attack you and you fight back, are we equally deranged, just a couple of extremist trying to kill each other?

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Well stated articulated. Peaceful till pushed

I am right there with you defiant and clear headed to know what it used to be like.

Mask pfffft fuck you

Social distance what kind of double speak

Who you talking to?

They mock us I mock back

Don’t tread on me tyranny

Follow science is fact

Their greater good ain’t for me

Try to type pedophile


Even God

Predictive index makes you type out the whole


That’s how insane these people are

Total control

Take your mind body heart soul.

But they have awakened sleeping giants

I was happy to leave politics to them


Too big too fail


Trains off the rail

So as a kid born 1955 have seen many things

But I am definitely defiant for the normal

Before these WEF pedophiles who say drive

Electric cars own nothing it’s all for the lowering of carbon emissions you eat bugs

While we dine on steaks and fly Lear jets

Afraid that’s just not acceptable.

Why not you eat bugs wait to charge your

Electric cars while you’re in the bread lines

Waiting for another job because you did not

Get the shot you gaslit us to get.

They have crossed the line.

Time to terrorize the terrorist …

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Centrism is to politics what the closet is for gays.

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I think my current position regarding freedom, individual liberty and individual responsibility is very close to my original (pre-pandemic) position. However, my opinion of government and bureaucracy (that was never high) is now strongly negative. When they said something I used to think, “are they right or are they wrong?”. Now I think, “how are they lying to me this time?” I used to think, “a smaller government would be a better government, but it ain’t so bad.” Now I want to see the size and authority of government drastically reduced. They’ve made a complete hash of public health, healthcare, insurance, education and the economy. Time to get the G out of everything that we can.

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