I just want to be left alone.

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Bats, pangolins, monkeys, and leopards should band together in a class action lawsuit to sue the World Economic Forum, the WHO, the NIH, the NIAID, and sundry fellow travellers for defamation of character.

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>i mean, what sort of person would try to run that same play twice in a row?

Probably the same kinds of people who tried multiple false flag gas attacks in Syria to attempt to get the population sufficiently outraged for an invasion.

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Ok, the time has come.

I'm starting Cat Lives Matter™.

I'll be sharing the donation link shortly.

Please be generous and share it widely so that an adequate headquarters can be purchased up in the hills where my family can live while we tirelessly work to support the feline community.

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Endless criminalization of nature. Killer wasps, monkeypox, whatever. I'll take my chances with critters over bureaucrats any day.

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Oddly enough, if presented with a 'real' disease - something visible like a pox - I think people will behave more rationally. The Rona was the perfect mental assault because the symptoms were anything and nothing.

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You'll know it's a species extinction level event when they roll out the liger variant. I keep tater-tots in my cargo pants just in case I gotta bug out

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I just sent this email to my family.

WTH is going on: Monkey Pox Edition?


Yesterday, the NY Post reported that Biden had purchased millions of doses of the monkey pox vaccine.

Today, the NY post reports that the WHO is convening an emergency meeting on the apparent monkey pox outbreak in Europe and North America.


Fifteen minutes ago, Ed Dowd (former Blackrock executive) tweeted out this document. NTI.org did "table top exercise" in November 2021 war-gaming a monkey pox outbreak/attack that was set to start in May 2022.



A few hours ago, former FDA head (who now sits on the Pfizer board) Scott Gottlieb tweeted:

"FDA approves an IV formulation or a drug that could be effective for treating monkeypox. The oral version of the drug, developed under Bioshield, was previously approved by the agency for the treatment of smallpox, and is part of the Strategic Stockpile."


Monkey pox is endemic to West Africa. It is usually contracted through close contact with infected animals (bush meat). It rarely spreads from person to person. It is not airborne.

For those of you who are unaware, the Center for Health Security at JHU performed a similar exercise of a coronavirus outbreak in September 2019. Yes, they really did.


Seriously, what the hell is going on?


Some on Twitter are speculating that this outbreak is a consequence of vaccine-induced immune deficiency. Others think it was a deliberate release.

I hope you and Igor are correct, but the timing of another war game is troubling.

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I don't know, gato.

They messed around with bat viruses, we got a bat plague.

They created a vaccine out of monkey DNA, we got a monkeypox plague.

I don't think it is a conspiracy theory to think jackals like the NIH are trying to kill people when it is proven they have been doing it for decades.

Exhibit 1-no Bactrim for AIDS victims

Exhibit 2-experimenting on orphans

Exhibit 3-puppy torture.

It goes on and on.

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't trying to kill you.

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I absolutely loathe the USA government… our government sucks! 😡😡😡 Another 40 billion to Ukraine (money laundering to members in congress) and screw you small business owners!


Our government hates us! 🔥🔥🔥. Sorry everyone… This just gets my goat! 🕷🕷🕷

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We all have to be caught in some sick simulation.

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“To stop those monsters 1, 2, 3 … Just don’t look! Just don’t look!”


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Right, in that case I’m now going to social distance from leopards

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Apparently this current outbreak of pox is affecting a very distinct population.

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May 20, 2022·edited May 20, 2022

And Tecovirimat (TPoxx) was approved in EU for medical use earlier this year (just in time). FDA approved in 2018 and used once to treat a human with a lab acquired infection successfully. It's completely safe. Shares of Siga are trading 27% higher today compared to opening. TPoxx is a funny name. I think that was the name of Corn Pop's cousin.

And last night, John Paul's post at Things Hidden in Complexity included a link to a 2021 NTI tabletop exercise using a Monkeypox pandemic. I think it was in the comments. As well as a reminder of the truck crash in PA earlier this year where four monkeys escaped.

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It doesn't matter if monkeypox is real or not. People will hear about it 24/7, continue with their mass formation psychosis and line up for more poison death jabs as the WHO pandemic team saves the day. The mask Karens will scream for the WHO pandemic treaty, a digital ID and even more, just so they can feel "safe."

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