perhaps the worst speech in protest history

what a truly astonishing and embarrassing fail and self-own.

even for trudeau, this is a tour de force of tone-deaf entitlement.

also, he sounds like he’s about to cry.

this is truly a “leader” about to completely break.

(they just don’t make demagogues like they used to…)

he appeals to pure legalism and threat because his actions and demands have no moral basis.

he has abandoned all pretext.

he’s not even trying to justify it anymore.

instead, he issues direct threats to lives and livelihoods.

this is nothing but naked force and vapid promises.

he claims to “have heard you” while with every breath proving beyond any modicum of doubt that he has not.

instead he proves once more that he believes that your basic human rights are his to grant or withhold by fiat.

he has heard nothing.

he has nothing.

this is the empty bluster of a failing despot about to lose.

he wants you to go home.

stand strong.

won’t be long now…