pfizer CEO on vaccine hesitancy

“vaccine hesitancy is NEVER based on facts and data.”

well, i’m glad we cleared THAT up…

(video playable)

if must be fear. it’s always fear. if you won’t get the jab, it’s because you’re chicken.

so we must threaten them with the health of their loved ones if they do not comply.

the whole set of talking points is kind of masterful if you unplug the part of your brain than handles morality. it’s one of those little chocolate cakes some french chef must have made in a uranium centrifuge: it’s the size of a matchbox and weighs more than a manhole cover.

if the fallacy density of his seemingly simple statements got any higher, it would risk tearing a hole in the universe. you need like 12 years at evil marketing school to craft a statement like that.

this would be a grotesque enough set of false framing, no true scotsman, gaslighting, straw manning, and outright emotional manipulation even if the vaccines stopped the spread of covid.

but clearly, they do not. at all.

so in the face of that “data” the “facts” become plain: this is pure emotional manipulation.

he’s teaching you how to use dishonest psyop tactics as a form of big pharma MLM and framing the literal abandonment of rationality as “facts and data.” it enables and validates the complaint and weaponizes them as a self-aggrandized guilt trip marketing vector against the rest.

“if you loved me, you’d get vaxxed!”

you just got hired as an unpaid sales intern.

at least they learned from getting busted last time and having to pay out big!

unfortunately, what they learned was “let’s not get caught next time.”

alas, despite this “expansive corporate integrity agreement” they seem to be the same old pfizer only now they were smart enough to be sure they banned doctors from speaking against them, sold them straight to governments, and got full, blanket lability waivers for these products that no one could possibly be hesitant about if they knew the facts.

because that’s what you always do when the data and facts are on your side, right?

i know a lot of folks in biotech and most are fine people. lots of small companies work on lots of really important science. it’s where all the actual innovation is taking place. big pharma is another beast altogether. these are marketing and manipulation experts. they lie, bribe, cheat, and rig markets. they capture regulators in a revolving door of sinecure and employment opportunities.

they play dirty enough to make a congolese cobalt miner break down and weep.

they are not your friends.

and they do not have you best interests at heart.