“i love snow!” That’s the new “Let’s go, Brandon” for politicians pretending they’re not getting shellacked by the power of the people! ❄️🐯☃️

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"how did these people wind up in power? on what criteria were they elected? how did anyone mistake them for honorable, capable, or even rudimentarily sane?"

1) There was stuff on Netflix and our raid team needed us and they legalized pot.

2) The people who did vote discovered it didn't count.

3) The WEF had already decided who won. Every guest star on this post besides Brandon is a WEF Young Leader or World Scout or Fascist Cub or whatever.


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“People who lack the cognitive skills required to perform a task typically also lack the metacognitive skills required to assess their performance. Incompetent people are at a double disadvantage, since they are not only incompetent but also likely unaware of it.”- Eric Angner

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The police need to cross over. The government's power is nothing without enforcers. If 30% cross over the 70% will stand down

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They are narcissists (and many of those are so far on the spectrum to be labeled psychopaths).

Living in their own hallucination is what narcs do. They have no empathy because they are the only being in their world. Everyone else is merely a snapshot of an object that they have internalized. People don't exist to them. Only they exist.

As soon as these narcs evolve to externalize the others, ie realize that there are actually other beings out there, they then go full blown psychopath. Their fear forces them to try to get more control over others, abusing them in doing so.

This is what we are seeing. They are truly mentally ill. Ask any honest psychologist (who isn't a narc themselves) and they will have no choice to admit it is true. They don't want to, but they know it's true.

These deranged types gravitate to politics for a reason. Like months to a flame. The public, mostly, are oblivious because they don't have psychological training. Because of this, they are as safe as sheep, while the wolves run the place.

It really is a mental illness. These are defective people.

The only way to handle this is to push back HARD, because deep down inside, these narcs are gutless whimps, afraid of their own shadow. They have no true self, only the facade they have invented to inhabit their hallucination. They have no morals or integrity. Push back, and they crumble.

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How did the birthplace of the revolution elect a communist mayor? The departed turned into the retarded.

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"Decepticon variant hobo-19 is still killing fat people." I can't stop laughing.

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Relevant to why Gato has this blog, let's explore one idea here: Imaging government as the "solution." For argument, I propose the premise that to a large extent, it was government subsidy and regulatory power that both created the virus for the pandemic and perhaps more importantly, has shaped (impeded) medical interventions. It's fairly easy to make the case that Big Pharma over a period of many decades has captured those agencies who would regulate it (e.g. NIH, FDA) and even major universities, where the research is done, as well as a whole cast of support actors: major media dependent upon advertising dollars, researchers who depend upon grants, and even the professional journals. Clearly, crony capitalism plays a big role in this. Bill Gates is not a nice man, even if he hides behind "charities" claiming to promote public health. He's but one of the better known examples of many. But almost never mentioned is one crucial fact.

None of the above, or its metastasis, would have been possible if prior government regulations (such as enforced monopolies) hadn't been present. The list is long; here are but a partial listing: the funding of private research with public money; the public profiting from private investment (government held patents, etc.); deciding which drugs and other treatments must be paid by insurance, which are "standard of care," or indeed, what is even legal or illegal. Dictating from on high, decisions that should be made at the individual level (doctor and patient). Etc.

Alas, I fear the system is too far gone for us to "reform" it. Yet the cracks are becoming more evident every day. But, in the unlikely event we the people get the chance, please don't beg for more government intervention. We need much less. It's too easy to overlook that to a large extent, it was government power that got us to this juncture in the first place. I must emphasize that while less laws would be helpful, the critical thing is to cut off the government money. That is the primary lifeblood that makes the whole corrupt creature continue growing.

There is simply no institution that unscrupulous people or groups will NOT try to take advantage of. And the best defense against that is to not allow such institutions to exist in the first place, nor for such resources to exist. if they don't exist, they can't be stolen.

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unfortunately what i see when i go out is brainwashed puppets that will vote for these monsters to punish them again

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Feb 12, 2022·edited Feb 12, 2022

Gato has nailed something that's only lately started to come clear to me.

I’d never paid attention to Trudeau before the Convoy started.

But now, as I watch him and his response to the truckers, I think that he doesn’t actually know he’s lying. I think he is so far gone that he actually believes the thing’s he’s saying.

I think deep down, something about his identity can’t handle the reality of the situation. So he has to believe his own, alternate reality, and not even perceive the real one.

And I don’t think he’s the only one. I think this is how it is for lots of the vaccinazis. Their identities are so tied up in a false reality that their psyches will do anything to defend them from perceiving reality. And I mean ANYTHING.

Collectively, it’s the scariest thing I’ve seen in my lifetime.

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“It’s reaching the point at which i am legitimately baffled. how did these people wind up in power?”

They control the vote counting. See Soros’ Secretary of State efforts.

“I mean, was no one paying attention?“

Enough weren’t. Those of us who were were derided as “conspiracy theorists”.

“did they not realize that if you elect leaders who peddle nothing but hallucinations …”

Bread and circuses (beer and football). Politicians have known this for millennia. This is the outworking of the libertarian dream of everyone pursuing their own self-interest. It sounds good in theory; in practice it’s a disaster.

“stop electing platitudes and start electing actual people.”

And get realistic about your involvement. Showing up at the ballot box every once in a while is not going to cut it. People have to take a “trucker” mindset and clear the criminals from every level, starting with their school boards and town councils.

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When the pain finally comes for their owners, you can see who they truly care about and who they work for and they're happy to show you. There exist no more democracies or republics across the west.

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They are all in in together, selected, not elected

A Cesspool Of Corruption In Ottawa: AstraZeneca Maker, Emergent BioSolutions, Lobbying All Federal Parties


Canadian Immunization Research Network, Which Evaluates Vaccines, Is Funded By Big Pharma


A Pandemic of Deceit

Where Is The Pandemic? According To The BC Government Records Hospitalizations and ICU admissions in BC During the Covid-19 Pandemic Did Not Increase Compared to the Previous Years


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Problem is there are no candidates with integrity….in Canada during the federal election they were all parroting each other re mandates. Different parties, same colour stripes and elite thinking. The head of the far left party (who should be supporting the truckers) is totally siding with Trudeau. It’s a farce! We need candidates that are worthy of the position they hold….not weather vanes that change their thinking when the polls tell them it is safe to do so. And that is all levels of government. So when you ask how did we get here….we just had degrees of bad choices to vote for.

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Most of the people I know have this to say about anything more complicated than who they want to diddle with: "I'm not into politics."

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Each and every one of these people is a leftist. They got to their respective positions by appealing to the peoples' sense of moral imperative, certainly not by logic, facts, truth or reality. They've only been doing this tactic for the last sixty years. Not to put too fine an edge on it, but you really need to wake up and start noticing.

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