"protecting the conversation"

it’s a source of endless mirth to me that the marketing arm of a medium that literally came to be BECAUSE of snarky irony has no sense of irony.

(now THAT’s ironic)

um, from what? the ability to evolve into an actual discussion?

but really, this is all a matter of perspective.

from here, this all looks obvious:

the problem is that this picture looks very, very different from the perspective of the tiger…

do not expect them to act like bunnies.

these “defenders and servants of the public conversation” are not on your side.

the evolution away from these walled gardens will only be hastened by this urge to curate and mitigate the conversation.

let it be the impetus to move out of the house and get our own place.

freedom resides in self reliance, not convoluted permission.

making the internet into a place where the very concept of censorship becomes anachronistic is one of the great undertakings of our time.

so smile when they make these blunders. it’s how they’ll lose their throne and the dialogue will become ours again.

they are unbuilding their own castle.

and it’s unwise to interrupt your opponent when they are making a mistake…