When they get (forced?) past step 1 of The Narcissist’s Creed?

1. It didn’t happen.

2. And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.

3. And if it was, it’s not a big deal.

4. And if it is, it’s not my fault.

5. And if it was, I didn’t mean it.

6. And if I did, you deserved it.

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Waiting for the downside to this.

If you spend all your life promoting abortion/homosexuality/sex ed & fighting climate change, why would you consider infertility to be a "bad" thing you're supposed to prevent? HINT: you wouldn't.

Since none of our "leaders" actually care to prevent our infertility or death, why would you think they're preventing our infertility or death? HINT: you shouldn't.

People respond to incentives; no one in our system is incentivized to protect us, so they don't. That fact doesn't necessarily prove these vaccines are deadly, but it does prove that nobody cared if they were - if these things work, it's just a happy coincidence.

Look, if TSA stopped screening, the actual rate of hijackings might remain the same - our screeners might be worthless, but just understand when you take a vaccine you're boarding a plane w/ unscreened passengers. As long as you understand that nobody's checking anybody or their luggage, fine - enjoy your jab! But don't think there's somebody looking out for you; everybody knows what the bosses care about, and it's not protecting the public.

Notice I'm not offering you a conspiracy theory. I'm just telling you the economics: nobody in the system cares whether or not these things are safe. They're in the system precisely because they care more about their power/position than safety (because in any competitive system, the people who prioritize power out compete the ones who prioritize safety, yours or their own). That ruthlessness, callousness is an enormous competitive advantage that ensures bad people dominate any system, so don't count on morality or anything else to save you - nice guys finish last.

All I can say to the jabbers is I hope you're right, people do get lucky & you might have gotten lucky on these jabs, but I doubt it - I really doubt it.

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Don't take health advice from people who think the earth is overpopulated.

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And once again the data is glaringly obvious…..

I hope “the baddest cat in town “ is spending the holidays with loved ones (both 2 and 4-legged….) and “disconnecting” for a bit! Merry Merry Christmas 💝

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I go on a UK site called mumsnet from time to time (or I did, until they banned me for warning about the vaccines).

Anyway, there are women on there whose menstrual periods have not returned over 1 year post last dose of the vaccine.

And yet, there is this bogus claim that there is less than 1 day average increase in menstrual cycle length. That seems to me to be statistically impossible, given the sheer number of women reporting issues.

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Dr.Zev Zelenko (RIP) sat down with New York Hasidic Jewish elders way back and advised them to avoid the mRNA experimental biologicals, due to fertility concerns.

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The other thing is that you're not always going to welcome pregnancy, so if you get fertility-impaired for the "minor and transitory" time period of ages 28 through 30, or whenever your romantic status and job ststus lined up right to make kids seem like a good move, you might be effectively nullified, reproductively speaking. I'm not making a judgment--just saying that in the real world, a couple of years of infertility might mean you never have kids.

Reading *The Children of Men* right now and quite struck by the parallels.

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Fwiw it's not 27% of all women who have effects >= 3 months, but 27% of those who have any effects. The rate of long-lasting effects among all women seems to be about 12%

N total = *673*

N any effects (not sure exactly how this is derived) = *303*

N effects lasting 3 months or more = *82* -> 12% of 673

The 27% figure is 82/303

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Hey, fellow Gato-fans -- let’s all make the Bad Cat smile this Christmas by donating to his favorite charity, Nuzzles!

Then all the kitties and doggies at this shelter can get extra help finding loving homes, thanks to the fans of their Uncle Gato Malo: go to Nuzzlesandco.org!

Yeah, we’re all tapped out, but I just donated essentially the last $25 in my checking account to Nuzzles. Give whatever you can! And Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to all!

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I am one of those women affected by it. I had pf1zer--dose 1 on 1/18/21 and dose 2 on 2/8/21. My both doses occurred within one cycle, which should have ended about a week after my first dose but did not end until 2/12/21--a 48 day cycle. (My normal is 27-29 days). Since then, my cycles have ranged from 25-48 days. Every time I think they've regulated after a couple normal length cycles, a long cycle pops up. I've NEVER been this irregular, even as a teenager I was incredibly regular. I'm only 34, so pre-menopause is highly unlikely.

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My son’s girlfriend complained over a year ago, after being required to get the vaccine due to being in healthcare (and not reading el gato), about heavy bleeding, so now I know why. I will ask if if is still ongoing.

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In addition to direct impacts on sperm and menstruation, is it possible other kinds of vaccine injuries are playing a role? Spouses confined to wheelchairs (as seen in the NZ film “Silent No More”) will not get pregnant in the first place much less carry a baby to term.

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Pursuant to Conforama (Kingfisher) in the previous e-mail offering to rent me a television going forward, in the brave new world where we own nothing and are happy, can I rent out my unmodified and demonstrably efficacious sperm?

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Thank your for you tireless efforts to identify the truth and call attention to it, gato!

Besides the 1% "essential psychopaths" at the top of this pathocratic regime, we have another 5-15% ("experts") who've thrown their lot in with the poisoning regime for spoils and status. As the more and more truth leaks out, I see some of those who notice (like Drs. Campbell and Malhotra) break ranks with the lie formation. I pray my extended family breaks ranks with the phalanx of lies before all our fertility is destroyed. Articles like this help.

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At some point we will be clamoring for an anti-vaccine certificate to prove we never got the fucking thing.

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Fantastic, but devastating, analysis.

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