resisting the release of vaccine trial data

watch as pfizer steps in to “help redact documents before release” on the vaccine trial data.

this is becoming outright stalinist.

just what are you seeking to hide here?

Pfizer has asked a federal court to let it intervene in a high-profile case that has seen U.S. drug regulators try to slow-walk disclosure of data on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Pfizer says it supports disclosing the data but wants to ensure that information exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is not “disclosed inappropriately.”

astoundingly, the FDA itself is supporting this.

their lawyers are supporting this.

this is a federal agency whose ostensible job is to safeguard your health and to ensure the safety and efficacy of the drugs you use.

this is the agency that has rushed programs of unprecedented size through with outlandishly little data, incredible opacity, and allowed on an emergency basis the fastest drug rollout in human history.

when asked for the data, they requested 75 years to provide it.

The FDA later asked a judge to give it 75 years, but the judge rejected the request and ordered the regulator to produce 55,000 pages a month, which would give it about eight months to fully disclose the records.

the failure of these vaccines to generate sterilizing immunity and stop spread has been astonishing. their side effect profile is magnitudes worse than any other ever approved. the very math and definitions that underpinned their studies and underpins their public health reporting to this day was and remains a bayesian rig job that all by itself can make harm and immunosuppression look like vaccine efficacy.

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and the magnitudes here are not speculative anymore.

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and despite all this, the FDA whose job it allegedly is to protect we the people from predation by unscrupulous food and drug companies is seeking to hide the data, not to free it.

all bureaucracies ultimately evolve to become their own primary constituencies. they serve themselves and their institutional benefit first and foremost.

well, at least until they become completely captured. then the cops join the criminals. and make no mistake, the FDA has been captured. i have never seen anything remotely like the last two years. the top vaccine people quit in disgust.

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and now the FDA are siding with pfizer and inviting them in to help in the cover up.

they are protecting their own misbehavior in service of big pharma. this is not the role they were supposed to play and it looks doubly bad for them given the way that gottleib quit in mid term to join the pfizer board of directors. this is a revolving door that would make even wall street and the federal reserve blush.

the FDA have forgotten what their job is.

they have forgotten whom they are supposed to serve and they are lining up to line their pockets instead.

we need the courts to step in and stop this evidence tampering and to appoint some impartial ombudsman to oversee it.

letting pfizer control the redaction of these documents is like letting the fox commission investigate the henhouse murders.

Putting the Fox In Charge of the Hen House | Hoosier Ag Today

we’re going to get back something that looks like this:

and that is not what we need.

we need a full and frank forensic accounting from end to end of what was known, what was done, and what all the outcomes were including and especially the ones the dropped from the study due to definitional manipulation.

this is a huge issue affecting 100’s of millions of people.

and it’s time we started treating it like one.