"respect the science" becomes "respect, not science"

well, at least they are not even trying to hide it anymore and pretend that this is science.

pete has finally just come out and said what many of have long known:

federal mandates are not about science.

honestly, the most surprising aspect of all this is that tapper actually asked pete a real question.

imagine what we might have learned (and when) if journalists had actually acted like journalists instead of fawning propogandists and fear narrative amplifiers all along…

and pete, being a lightweight and neophyte, actually put some truth into his answer.

rookie move pete. you keep doing stuff like that and the public is going to catch on…

the CDC mask guidance has been based on some of the worst, flimsiest, and most irrelevant science in this whole debacle. much of it has been either medical malpractice or outright fraud. (see above links, esp “flimsiest”)

and even they have realized it’s time to pack up the tents and end this carnival.

guys like pete seem to be having trouble getting the message:

this is over. save what tatters of your credibility as still remain and get out of the way.

you’re not helping.

you never were.