sanity spreads and the circus slinks out of town

PPT - The Circus leaves town PowerPoint Presentation, free download -  ID:7575166

pack up the tents and wipe the grease paint off the clowns, it’s time to get the hell out of here…

it sure seems like there is an awful lot of backing off and backing down going on all of a sudden.

and an awful lot of jerseys are getting swapped so folks can pretend they were on “team reasonable” all along.

either the states and congresscritters are in outright revolt or the polling must be even more apocalyptic than it looks.

watch phony baloney tony having to back off on the pediatric patient inflation grift.

right after backing off severity as well.

even the uber karen covidian crisis cabal at WASHPO, who never met a florida scare story they didn’t like, are getting on the “these numbers don’t mean what people think!” bandwagon.

this narrative is shifting faster than a dual clutch ferrari.

i mean, i am old enough to remember the long gone days of “a few weeks ago” when an idea like this would get you a twitter warning about misinformation.

whatever this new disease is, it looks to be spreading. BOJO seems to have caught some too.

let’s up the contagion.