selecting for extreme narcissism

it’s not going to be different this time. sorry, but it’s not. you cannot elect politicians that are smart and noble and good and that want to impose a “better” vision upon society. you simply cannot. you do not need smarter guys this time. you cannot get nobler women. they will not be better because “they are one of you or one of us.” not now. not ever.

this is because when you elect any politician to impose some vision that you or they have upon society, you are ALWAYS running a sociological experiment that holds the variable of “extreme narcissism and sociopathy” constant. ALWAYS.

you may mistake it for something benign. you may mistake it for leadership. you may think they will use these powers for good or noble ends, but they won’t because you will NEVER have elected a good and noble person. you will always have elected someone sufficiently narcissistic and sociopathic that they believe that they know what is “right” for society and that they have the ability, the mission, or even the obligation to impose it by force “for society’s own good.”

this is the very definition of a monster.

forcing people do do things that they do not wish to by using the threat of force is intimidation and extortion. it’s violence, pure and simple.

taking people’s things without their consent is theft no matter what one codifies into law. slavery was once the law too. that hardly made it benign or moral or socially justified even (and especially) when a majority agreed with it.

demanding under threat of violence that society order itself to some design that you believe is best for it when society itself disagrees is an act of towering egotism and entitlement. (and if it agreed, then why must you force it?)

the sort of person who feels justified or compelled to force such designs upon you is NOT a good person. they cannot be. they do not respect your rights or liberty. they do not see your personal agency and choice as a value or intrinsic to your personhood. they see you as a thing to be changed, manipulated, coerced, and formed into a design that suits them whether you like it or not. then you turn around and expect them to be a good person? really?

it baffles me the extent to which humans keep missing this simple fact. they look at skin color or political party. they fixate on sex, gender, sexual orientation, or tribal affiliation. they try endlessly to combine these issues like some sort of children’s flip book to generate a “politician” that looks right and will be noble and good and serve society as though if maybe we just give the power and mandate to oppress us to a black lesbian buddhist poetess who grew up in philadelphia yet roots for the mets, this time, it’s going to work out because, look, she rides a skateboard!

it won’t. it can’t. because none of these variables matter if you have first selected for narcissistic sociopathy and that is EXACTLY what you have done when you sought someone to impose a vision upon society. that means force. that means conviction of knowing better and a sense of entitlement to bend others to your will because your plans for them supersede their own plans for themselves. it means you have not elected a good or nice or tolerant person. it means you voted “monster.”

the most profound and fundamental of human rights is the right to say “no,” the right to non-interference. when you elect officials whose primary goal is to abrogate this, pardon my french, but what the hell did you expect?

it makes zero difference if they look like andrew cuomo or gavin newsom or lori lightfoot or london breed. it can be nancy pelosi, maxine waters, or billy deblasio. it does not matter because the variables you’re shifting are not the ones that drive the outcome that matters. sure, you might get to select some of the aspects of HOW they will oppress you, take your stuff, and take your rights. maybe you get to pick which personal agency you lose and what new restrictions shall be imposed upon your actions, but you still put someone who wanted to do those things in charge of the apparatus of state violence and turned them loose.

if you finally want to live and breathe free, if you finally want to stop this stultifying one way ratchet toward serfdom, you need to realize that “desire to coerce” is the variable upon which you need to vote, the end to which you must conscientiously object, and the interference against which you must ingrain resistance into your daily lives.

stop thinking in terms of right vs left and start thinking in terms of coercion vs liberty. find politicians that do not want to tell you what to do or take or redistribute your stuff. find leaders who seek to neither compel your association nor forbid it. seek reduction in regulation and the promotion of personal choice, not “just one more set of rules to make us safe.” refuse to comply and encourage others to join you. start saying no. every time you do, it will get easier. be peaceful, but be firm and be implacable. rise.

you cannot coerce your way to freedom and equality nor find some proxy to do it for you.

wise up and stop trying.

the civilization and freedom you save may be your own.