Well said Kitty. This information is leaking out into corporate news slowly. I think people are getting it when they see all the Democratic criminals falling ill with covid and getting rebound covid with paxlovid. Only 2% of babies are getting jabbed and the booster program is falling. So that's looking hopeful!

One needs a lot to bandwidth to keep up with our CCP and WEF enemies, a supply chain crisis, food, energy and financial problems, suicidal "green" policies and the money laundering that goes hand in glove with perpetual war.

The US has tipped into totalitarianism.

I'm in the middle of a gun safety course with my kids and getting ready to can my garden crops.

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This entire pandemic experience has been a constant fluctuation between incompetence and malice. Is it worse that our leaders and experts are incompetent and exploited everything due to greed and power, or that there could be a global collaboration of deranged billionaires that truly believe that reducing the population is the only way to 'save' the planet?

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I actually lived that meme with the Doctor asking- How are you still alive? I was at my dermatologist office 3 days ago to get screened for cancer and I asked if I had to wear a mask. And he nonchalantly said- I'm sure you've had 4-5 shots already- it's fine! When we got int he examination room, I revealed I had none. He glared at me but said nothing. Then I told him, I never caught Covid (we are in an area where literally 96% of 13 year olds are jabbed and everyone, I mean everyone has had covid). He was absolutely furious. Seething. It was jaw dropping, because I've struggled with other health conditions these last 2 years that were fully within the realm of understanding why I couldn't afford to get a jab that weakened my immune system- but no- nada.

But possibly even more jaw dropping is this new story from Arkmedic, where the Australian authorities literally lied about a young woman's vaccination to hide up that it was the actual cause for her death- absolutely sinister stuff here!


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To touch on two points, I commented somewhere else on the constant, "he would have lived if he were only vaccinated" nonsense. It's become a singular outcome possibility for those people. If you're unvaccinated and die from covid, you surely would have lived if you were vaccinated. It's all part of the "it could have been worse" unprovable "science" that took over the covid narrative. It's dogma to these people, and no facts seem to persuade them otherwise.

Anytime I mention disbanding the CDC, NIH, and FDA, I always get the standard, "but people will die". Yeah, thank God that's not happening now under the watchful eye of those scientific paragons.

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Reminder, all for a disease that PRE-"vaxxes" & Omicron had an average 99.65% survival rate, mortality heavily skewed to those >70 with at least one and typically more comorbidities...

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The video... ! 🤣 I have seen most of those before including the totally effed up prom dancing but the guy lighting his cigarette is comedy gold. Marvelous find.

Here's Barbie and Ken: Social Distancing Edition. Apart. Together. 😇 😈


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Aug 6, 2022·edited Aug 6, 2022

This might help with the problems we've seen over this last two years. In fact it could prevent it from ever happening again:

'it’s time for a fundamental change in architecture, for a move from central servers and domain registries to a real peer-to-peer distributed internet. and this move is already starting. we can move to decentralized protocols like IPFS that allow for a “geographically distributed swarm network.” this takes routing and naming and access to content out of the hands of centralized agencies. this will not only unify the internet experience through common, open source protocols, but it will break down the walled gardens in which we’ve been held like so many zoo animals, finally leaving us free to roam the wide world as we choose.'

- Bad Cat himself

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My parents in law mentioned SADS the other night. I couldn't help myself and blurted out "Oh, you've heard about that, have you?".

I then followed up with "The thought criminals I read have been warning about this for a year."

I'm tactful like that... 🙂

Even dyed in the wool boomers are starting to hear about it. I suggested they do the research on coffins for under 10 year olds... I know they won't.

They just implicitly trust institutions and it never crosses their minds that these institutions don't have their best interests at heart. So much for the generation that said don't trust anyone over 30....

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I'm gonna go ahead and let the vaxxed-up folks take their grievances to the credentialed priesthood themselves. Let them sort each other out for a few rounds. Lawsuits or guillotines. Matters not. At least for a while.

After all, the love-is-love science is real yard signs came well before the "covid" thing. As did the "hate has no home here". Climate change is real. And anti-heritage American white supremacist "racism" BLM racket. One that rages on to this day.

No, the progressive moral strivers and the people who were coasting on institutional and credentialed goodwill that somehow either failed to notice anything for years on end or were too cowardly to stand in opposition while other people like me lost their businesses, homes, savings, pensions, careers, social standing, and relationships can go ahead and sort each other out.

I'm sorry your kids got sent home from school and you had to work from your kitchen counter for a while and then you got the cure because you wanted to travel and now oops its poison and turns out those trump republican anti-vaxer selfish right-wing conspiracy russian collusion idiot flyover morons that refused the cure and put your nanna on deaths door were right.

People like me with the curse of pattern recognition and natural skepticism of power structures and "expertise", will just have to hang out a little longer on conspiracy theory island until the rest are all good and ready for reality again. How quickly we all forget its always the complicit submission of ordinary men and his paycheck that makes all of this possible.

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Once again, we come to the realization that no field is solely comprehensible to the recognized experts in said field. One of the GREAT things to come out of all this is that folks finally found their motivation to turn on their brains. This stuff is not voodoo (although some of the "science" apparently is). People that play with stats (PolySci types included here), can very easily see the lying and misdirection. This is shining an anti-aircraft spotlight on the charade of government honesty and transparency. Mr. Fauci (he, thing), Ms. Walensky (her, it)...Tear Down This Wall.

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I love the Thomas Sowell quotes....one of my life goals is to get people to read even just one of his books

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The COVID 'science' debacle was an epiphany for many of us who were busy with our own lives and professions, assuming- naively- that medical sciences maintained a functional degree of truth and independence. That was forever shattered and there isn't enough Kumbaya salve in the world to heal this wound. Upon learning that my husband was unvaccinated (and surely had an Omicron variant), his doctor all but told him he was on his own. Still not sure how this aligns with 'first, do no harm'. But I'm solidly with you on disbanding entities that are neither beneficial nor even neutral. The letter orgs have outlived any utility. Now we need leaders with the conviction to do it.

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I often ponder where we might be if the hundreds of trillions of dollars and the billions of lives wasted by governments--if governments of the past two centuries had simply stayed within their proper bounds--had been left in the hands of the people.

Colonies on the moon and Mars seem the most stingy options. We literally will never know “what might have been”...

So utterly sad and tragic...

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The data here strongly supports IgG4 class switching (immune tolerance). To protect the body against autoimmunity, B-cells have a built-in safety mechanism. During somatic hypermutation (when B-cells bind antigens, they mutate themselves and begin to divide), the same way that the antigen binding site mutates so that strains of B-cells with better binding proliferate (basically retooling to bind the antigen better), the other side of the antibody (the immunoactive side) randomly progresses in class switching, from IgA to IgG, then IgG2, then IgG3, and finally IgG4.

During the mutation of three immunoactive side, the B-cells actually destroy the segment of DNA which codes for the previous class and replaces it with the new class with recombination, so it can never switch back.

IgG4 is the final outcome, and B-cells can only switch to that class if they are constantly exposed to an antigen for long periods of time and this class does not produce an immune response. It basically acts as a safety switch to turn off autoimmunity, because the majority of cases where you keep getting exposed to the same antigen for years is if it’s you!

This is caused by the gene therapies, which produce detectable blood concentrations of spike protein for 4 months at a time.

Considering that most transfected individuals only have antibodies to the spike protein (as a result of immune imprinting) and generally only 1 strain of B-cells (over time they retool to bind Omicron if they get infected, then retool to bind Alpha if they get injected), the end result is that with the 3rd and 4th injection (or continued exposure in the case of transfected medical staff), the Memory B-cell populations of these individuals are class switched to IgG4 immune tolerance and deciding that spike protein is a self-antigen. Moreover, new antibodies to spike protein cannot be made, because the populations of naive B-cells which bind spike protein have already matured.

For more information:



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I’ve posted this before but I’m going to post it again, because I’m dead serious.

We need to organize a legal and Constitutionally protected march from the headquarters of the CDC to the offices of CNN. For the vaccine injured and those of us affected by mandates. There’s millions of us, we can’t let them continue to cover this up. We must make our voices heard, make it so they’re forced to see our faces.

We owe this to the injured who need compensation.

We owe this to the children about to be forced into taking this.

We owe this to the men and women who died defending freedom.

And we owe this to these tyrants who think they can make up whims and force it on us.



We need a date, and we need to get the word out. I’m just one person. We have an obligation to do this.

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If we're going to start eliminating agencies, can we throw the Fed in too?

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