swerving around the squirrel

john ionnidas, who has been one of the few top epidemiologists to have been not just right but vocal on covid all along, has just published a global IFR (infection fatality rate) estimate based on the up to date data. it’s 0.15%. that’s in line with a pretty typical flu (like 2017-18) and was generally less dangerous than influenza for children and those who were not obese or possessed of cardio/pulmonary complications.

the ludicrous and ineffective response here was swerving the car to miss a squirrel and running it into an oak tree.

lockdowns, masks, and closures saved us from nothing and cost us much. protecting the vulnerable would have worked better at 2% the cost.

instead of listening to this calm man of reason and science, we went on an insane, baseless joyride because guys like fauci sleep in their suits with TV ready hair and no one believed we could ever have been taken in so badly and/or allow such total frauds to hold positions running public health agencies.

well, now you know. never again guys. never again.

read the study here:


you’ll never see john’s face on TV, so i thought i’d give him some air time.

thanks john. you stood tall though all of this idiocy. your name will be remembered as a hero.