Lying with numbers, courtesy of the CDC. I will never trust this organization ever again.

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They will normalize child heart attacks and strokes cuz climate change

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I have never comprehended how parents could let their children have those wretched jabs. It is utterly beyond me.

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All Big Pharma does is what I call 'Statin Math' which is to sell the doc and customer on 'relative risk reduction' rather than 'actual risk reduction'. Say you reduced two infections per year down to one in a population of one million people, the 'relative' reduction would be 50% but the 'actual' reduction would be too small to register. Weapons Grade Bullsh!t, all of it. Always read the fine print.

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Thank you, el gato! Now, will you please annihilate this one? 😁


They’re using it to push the injection on pregnant women. Oregon Health Authority just published a post (https://covidblog.oregon.gov/covid-19-vaccination-during-pregnancy-reduces-hospitalizations-in-infants/) about it claiming that “Infants are 61% less likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 during their first six months of life when their mother had been vaccinated with an mRNA primary vaccine series during pregnancy, according to a study conducted in pediatric hospitals across the country.* [*The study included data on 379 infants at 20 pediatric hospitals in 17 states between July and January, including 176 who had COVID-19.]”

All you need to do is look at the conflicts of interest statement to know it’s a cooked study. I fear this will also be deployed in their attempts to get the FDA to approve Pfizer for 0–5.

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the CDC have always been compromised by the fact that they own vaccine and related tech patents

the fact it is not illegal shows you how fucked up the Gov is

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“To have a director of the CDC who questions natural immunity…is sort of like having a director of NASA who questions whether the earth is flat or round”

Dr. Martin Kulldorff

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The really big problem isn't with the CDC (FDA, and all other agencies), big as the problem of them lying to us.

No, the BIG PROBLEM is the fact that so few Americans even have the ability to look beyond the headlines and see for themselves what the real numbers are. They aren't just lazy, though most are. Worse, they literally don't have the reasoning ability that a decently educated junior high pupil would have had until about 1985.

I can't tell you how many times these past two years when I would engage some fearful mother or some other terrified sheep about masks, the low risks to children, natural immunity, etc. they would respond with something on the order of "well, are you a doctor?"

To which my rejoinder would be "No, but I can read, and count and reason and do basic math".

Their invariable response? Usually a blank stare. They DIDN'T F***ING UNDERSTAND what I was saying.

Sad, scary and depressing.

Hey, everyone, have a great weekend, K?

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Childhood obesity will help “cushion” the fall for kids who skydive without a parachute. We should therefore mandate all kids become obese.

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Criminals all...

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URGHH!!! this makes me so mad! When can we just cancel the damn CDC once and for all. These stupid garbage studies must be to help get this piece of shit shot on the required childhood vaccine list, which makes me even more mad.

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Somebody deputize me and I'll head out and round em up

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CDC's position is wrong if motivation is "improving public health". If, instead, the motivation is "inject as many arms as possible" then CDC's position is correct.

For example, if CDC knows that the jabs cause permanent infertility, then CDC's position makes perfect sense. Assuming the motive is population reduction, which it probably is. Same is true if the shots are lethal in ~3 years. Same logic applies.

We've established that the system is not interested in public health. Injecting children is not about public health. There's clearly another motive.

It's a bit silly to assume that public health is the motive then repeatedly prove that is not the motive. We know that's not the motive. Let's quit evaluating their moves as if we believe their cover story.

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We are also aware that there have been SARS-Cov-2 reverse zoonotic jumps to your pets but don’t worry.

At Murderna, we’re proud of our guinea pigs - we have you covered for the next viral assault (1 minute video):


At Schizer, we care about your kids and your pets (1 minute video):


Please renew your quarterly booster subscriptions to protect yourself, your pets and your family from the upcoming iDelta variant (We apologize for running out of the alphabet letters for the new variants - vaccines are breeding more variants than originally thought).

CDC= Center for DEATH and Corruption

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CDC - Credibility Decreases Continually

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(Kids get heart attacks too - one of the biggest "findings" of 2021!)

As to risk/benefit, I like Dr Zelenko's take: every medical intervention - 3 questions: "is it safe?" "is it (can it be expected to be) effective?" - "is it necessary?"

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