I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! *stands and applauds* I don't know how you have the time to put together so much content (plus memes!) so eloquently and cohesively stated, but damn... I'm a huge admirer. Well done, I say.

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I feel the EXACT same way. As I read, I think "wow, this is so well written" and my vocabulary is improving and I can forward to people I love so they too can stay informed with such good information interjected with meme humor. I too am a huge admirer.

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This IS about right vs left.

The growing long list of recent leftists political purges victims from places where leftists have majority is really staggering:

-Boriquagato from leftist Twitter, as Project Veritas, Alex Berenson, physicist Luboš Motl, ...

-Bari Weis from the NYT

-Peter Boghossian from Washington University

-Commanding officer Matthew Lohmeier after publishing "Irresistible Revolution" denouncing leftists takeover of the Military.


Leftists always gain majority in any place by a constant political purge in hirings, workplace practices and services that filter out dissenting voices.

It is ironic that even some victims of leftists purges are unable to see it.

The totalitarian Left is the enemy.

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There is not now nor has there ever been an epidemiological or viral emergency event of any sort anywhere in the world in the year 2020. If one attempts to understand the last 18 months through the lens of a "viral event" they are forever trapped in a world of contradictions and outright lies.

Simply put, the seasonal coronavirus/flu was rebranded as Covid 19 on the back of a redefinition of what a 'pandemic' was by the WHO at the bequest of its financiers. This unlocked access to financial incentive programs that were large enough to bail out every failing economy. These bailouts do not come without costs.

Without the fear-mongering propaganda campaign no one would’ve noticed anything unusual about the last two flu seasons because there was nothing unusual, except for the criminal, murderous, and utterly unscientific lockdown policies in response to the non- existent threat. The scale of the deception is too large for even many who consider themselves "in the know" to accept or comprehend.

Covid 19 is the final heist to strip all value out of the world in an effort by the creditors to consolidate what they believe they're owed.

The manufactured perception that there was such an event is an artifact of mass media manipulation, behavioral conditioning techniques and social engineering. All of this has been made possible through institutional programming and accelerated media messaging disallowing basic cognitive processes and eliminating critical thinking possibilities.

What we are in the midst of is a planned total economic collapse- a controlled demolition of Western economies. This economic collapse was inevitable, Western governments are putting the security infrastructure into place, trying to proactively control the inevitable social disorder which will result from this collapse. To be followed by a global financial reset, after a period of hyperinflation, which destroys both the value of debt and the corresponding paper claims.

The collapse started in 2008 and attempts to salvage this corrupt economic system only delayed the inevitable. In the Fall of 2019 the crisis began to rapidly unravel again.

There was a dramatic decrease in industrial production which showed up in the banking crisis of August of 2019- the so-called Repo crisis when suddenly banks started to refuse US sovereign debt instruments as collateral of overnight loans forcing the Federal Reserve to step in and basically print money to cover this massive shortage.

The Repo market is where banks borrow money each day so that they have 10% liquid assets at the end of each day. If they do not have 10% liquid assets they are not allowed to open the next day. Around the middle of September the Fed started pumping $20 billion per day into the Repo market to keep interest rates down so banks could borrow the money to stay in business. By the end of December the Fed was pumping over $100 billion per day into the Repo market and it was not enough.

Simply everyone on Wall Street was loaded with enormous debt and was holding on to US cash to be able to service it refusing to finance purchases of foreign currencies and then US currency as Repo Market froze at 10% interest on overnight Repo loans as US treasury bonds and even US bills were rejected as collateral for Repos.

What happened in March 2020 was just the spread of the liquidity crisis from primary dealers markets (TBTF banks and Hedge funds were actually bailed out in September) toward all other stock, commodities, bonds CLOs, MBS etc, as well to Ponzi schemes called today ETF funds, not to mention structured derivative products traded on proprietary platforms nominally representing up to several thousands of $$$ trillions.

When US treasury bonds and even USTB became illiquid due to exponential growth of public (but most of all private) dollar debt while the FED was sucking up cash from financial markets by tempering QE (called QT ) between 2017 and 2019 reduced FED balance sheet from over $5 T to $3.9T by selling assets, all hell broke loose. Something drastic had to be done.

And hence the FED started to “buy all worthless sh*t for double the price”, Gates’s and Silicon Valley gang took over the media, and Orwellian shrinks and doctor Fauci-Mengeles came to the “rescue” unleashing operation COVID.

The COVID phenomenon cannot be understood without understanding the un-televised 2019-2020 unprecedented financial collapse threatening the entire global financial system. The COVID fraud timing became necessary as the world markets were faced with an emergency debt crisis that popped up in formerly mostly liquid markets: Repo markets, money markets and FX markets.

The entire House of Cards was falling for six months and could not be stopped so COVID hysteria was manufactured to cover up what amounts today to $11 trillion of FED bailout in cash, stock boost via POMO and guarantees of value of collateral used in structured derivatives.

The end game is that the central banks (Fed) will buy all the toxic, worthless debt from the hedge funds and banks, including the 1.5 quad trillion of derivatives, and then transfer the debt to the treasury as sovereign debt. Then print money to infinity to service the fictitious debt to sink the dollar via hyperinflation and then foreclose on the US and everyone else holding debt in worthless dollars.

That’s the coup. There will be global hyperinflation to vaporize the assets of the masses and the states- as soon as the ruling class mops up the last properties. What this means is the ruling class have limitless claims on everything in the world.

These governments know full well that “Covid” is being used as cover for crashing the economies in the Western world. There is not now and never has been a “pandemic”- that is all Kabuki theater to disguise the reality of the rapid economic decline brought on by the Ponzi Schemes of financial institutions over the past few decades.

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I don't believe it. They - you're 'they', the master evil manipulators - could not have predicted this. No chance. Nobody could have foreseen this. No one did.

In hindsight it seems simple enough.

You can't have a world proceeding into the technological future at blinding speed on the backs or rather the intellects of a tiny proportion of trained, clever, highly intelligent scientists driving technology and industry while more than 90% of the population does nothing more than watch Hollywood movies and eat junk food without something going wrong.

And what goes wrong is that most of the population just don't fit in the world they are in.

They don't understand the first thing about it.

They don't have the education. They gave up learning before they even left school.

They don't even understand their basic sociological underpinning: democracy. They really don't know what their duties/responsibilities are in a democracy.

So you have a society that seems to be very advanced and very clever because it is full of advanced technology and science obviously speaking of advanced and clever people.

So you assume everyone is like that.

But they're not.

We can see it. That 'hindsight'. They are not. They understand nothing.

From bottom to top. From President to street sweeper. Via media and business.

So someone said 'emergency' and all the fools started hitting red buttons.

And it just went on from there.

A children's playground of hysterical children.

The monkey pit in the zoo.

A crowded theatre when someone cries 'fire'.

Look: more than 90% of them believe the vaccine is something. Don't they? They really think the vaccine is a thing.

They simply have no concept of the fact that a vaccine simply starts up the immune system.

Else they'd see that if you have to keep regiving vaccines there's something wrong - it is not starting it up properly. If it didn't start it properly first time why would you expect it to do it the second time? What's wrong?

And they'd start looking to fix the system that's not starting up properly.

And they'd stumble across the fact that left alone it starts up fine - the only time it doesn't start up fine is when it is started up artificially like this.

But no. They don't think like that. They don't think. One. They don't 'think', they have no concept of 'thinking' reasoning things out. And they know nothing. Their ignorance is colossal.

It's all of that which keeps this thing going.

And without all of that it can't keep going.

I don't believe for a minute anyone, any nest of 'evil masterminds' knew this was the state of things.

What's it they say - 'never attribute to evil that which can satisfactorily be explained by sheer accident and stupidity' ? Something like that?

Well that's what I see.

I never ever thought I would ever see miles of beach closed by armed policemen as a deemed to be necessary measure to avoid the transmission of flu like illness. Sunlit, windy beaches.

But I've seen it. That was horrific enough. But I say police and soldiers backing it up, too. That was deeply significant. And then I saw the total silence, the total lack of any objection to this madness and that spoke the final fifty volumes.

We've got some highly, highly intelligent people in our midst and our science, our maths, our physics, etc are truly well advanced.

But something like 99% of our population are either gibbering fearful cowards or fuckwits or both.

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"I don't believe it. They - you're 'they', the master evil manipulators - could not have predicted this. No chance. Nobody could have foreseen this"

Maybe, but it's amazing how the crisis exercises so closely model the emergency events that follow & groups involved in simulations all have windfall fortunes when it does.. heavy coincidences for something "nobody could have foreseen" and investigative journalists tracking the security state warned about.. https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/04/investigative-series/all-roads-lead-to-dark-winter/

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Yes. Well I meant the overall concept of a destruction of everything via these steps and all to be replaced by a completely new order.

Many things were of course foreseen. They'd been known or been in motion, whatever the case may be for decades some times. Even this 'novel' coronavirus had its sequence patented decades ago I believe, according to Dr Malone. That, or the vaccine. Sorry to be vague but you get what I mean and you can check.

Work on corona viruses is decades old.

Work in the Defence area is always ongoing and is always contemplating the most dire and awful things: that's their job, at least how they see it, to anticipate, to foresee, to forestall.

In the economic area the current situation is, of course, totally unprecedented and therefore no one can really tell how it is going to work out. The world is depending on the USA and the USA just prints money like it's going out of fashion. So the question has to arise: is it going out of fashion? Must it go out of fashion? Do we need something else?

You'll remember perhaps that not too long before 9/11 they ran an exercise which had a group of terrorists hijack planes and run them into the towers?

There's much 'coincidence' that turns out to be simply the normal run of events when you get down to it.

You might remember all this started with that famous photograph of a business suited man lying apparently dead on the street in China with white hazmat covered workers about to cart him off. Telling a picture story of someone stuckdown midstride by a pestilence worse than anything every know.

Now that was ludicrous. A major joke. Who saw it as a joke? Who laughed? Who explained? Who questioned?

No. There's much that's happened that can be explained simply by ignorance, fear, panic, stupidity, incompetence.

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"You'll remember perhaps that not too long before 9/11 they ran an exercise which had a group of terrorists hijack planes and run them into the towers? There's much 'coincidence' that turns out to be simply the normal run of events when you get down to it. "

Partly agree with your lead in but not with 9-11 events. I'm an old timer who had a decent insider view of Washington from Watergate to Bush Sr, and based on years of research on top of experience it looks like a lot of something to me. The Congressional investigation an insult that stinks like week old fish. Our "leadership" is populated by psychos and idiots but out propaganda soaked media mop up the mess and bury the evidence.

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I don’t disagree except that we are a republic, not a democracy. I know, we were taught otherwise in K-12, but they were wrong. Once I went to law school and took Con Law I and Con Law II , it dawned on me. We are a republic. We recited the Pledge for years but never paid attention to the words.

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Why forsee when you can plan?


You think we're 99% sheeple, but you don't think the herd is adequately controlled? C'mon man.

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A link to Wooz! Yeah! Did you watch his Jan 6 vid? 😜

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You’re right. But there IS evil people and/or just people with agendas and power to take advantage of an opportunity.

What I’m trying to figure out is what to do about it personally. I want to keep my family safe and secure. Can’t really afford to buy a homestead. I’m trying to piece together a plan for when shit hits the fan.

Any advice or pointers to any books or other resources, anyone? How to prepare as best ad possible for what’s coming?

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Yep, there are evil people. I know. Personal experience. Still remember it. A lifetime with occasional altercations of all kinds in it but only one real confrontation with 'evil'. The altercations are forgotten. The evil incident I can never forget.

I don't think there is going to be apocalypse.

But in case there is I try to meet it now. Right now. By talking sense wherever I can.

By trying to get at the facts.

Not much help am I? Sorry. Be cool. It's not going to happen. :)

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I can't help to ask: what was the confrontation with evil ? You can hide the details

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It was a very elaborate 'sting', I think is what they call them, with myself literally a captive and in danger of total disappearance if things didn't go right.

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I'm finding your posts helpful, as well as other points of view.

Likely the situation is a hodge-podge of the long (as well as short) ranged machinations of a diverse variety of megalomaniacs.

Many perspectives, many angles, can only help me to be mentally flexible enough to better meet (and possibly survive) crises in the near future.

So, thank you for your perspective.

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You write of "evil". This is an indication that you are aware that this agenda is more than mere human greed. That is your kryptonite. It is your kryptonite because with that knowledge you know what defeats it: "good". This is the language of the spiritual realm, but that realm - the spiritual - meets the material in humanity, us. We embody both evil and good and they battle one another within each of us every day and, therefore, within society always. We want "good" to win and eclipse "bad". How?

So, personally, ramping up the "good" within your family is paramount, now and always, but especially in these days. A practical ways of doing this is praying. Pray as a family and individually. You know this already, though, right. You may not be doing it but you have considered it, maybe pushed it aside or put it on the shelf. Well, now is time to dust it off and humble yourself in prayer before God and before your children and your spouse.

A father is the authority of a household and the "evil" - demons respect authority more that we unwilling humans (dont take my word for it, listen to some of Fr. Rippenger's, an exorcist, conferences on spiritual warfare!). If your children are under 18 you have authority over them; this is the time to exercise that authority for "good"; the state needs needs your consent to mess with your kids.

Your concern for your family to be "safe and secure" is admirable and exactly your duty. But "safe" is not the highest value and when you allow it to become so you are willing to compromise on what really should be the highest value, all virtue. What are the virtues? Look them up and study them and grow in them. Go into a place of quiet and think long and hard about "safety" and "risk" and how you have trained your children to do things that are hard. Think about what you have gained in life by risking safety. So, too, with "secure".

Do what you can to "secure" your family to God. Your job is to "watch and pray". What you are doing now, by making an effort to know as much as you can in an effort to inform your actions, is watching. Now, add the element of prayer so as to open and clear the channel of God's grace for you and your family. We all need it and those that do so will be able to will have the buoyancy necessary when the waters rage.

The seed of good is within and only needs the right conditions to grow. Cultivate good.

Ask Jesus Christ to give you a docile heart (thoughts, motivation, will, and actions) and invite him to be the King of Your Family.

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This is beautiful, Amy, and it's exactly how our family operates. God bless you, sister.

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I've heard the saying: "God helps those who help themselves".

I'd rather help myself by figuring out how to secure a property away from people and provide a safe place to live, so that we would not end up in a fucking tent begging Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour for salvation...

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If this turns out to be the private property grab that some think it will, you might do better with some basic survival gear. That's not to discount the homestead idea, but to cover your bases.

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I find your comments insightful and thought provoking. But I do think you underestimate the power and evil behind those pulling the levers on heads of government and industry. I also think those same evil people forecasted all of this plain as day in the WEF and other videos. Follow the IP and grant money awarded and you'll see this was all planned. The "why" has been unfolding before our eyes... and the 99% of our population you talk about have been subjected to psyops on a level never before seen to cripple them with fear and compliance. They are useful idiots. Until they wake up and get angry that they've been abused. That's what I'm hoping to live long enough to see...

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let's hope I'm right, eh?

But either way it has to happen that the majority of the population 'grows up' and takes control of the democratic method of government on the one hand and on the other begins to responsibly educate themselves on facts, figures, etc.

They can do it.

Sure can.

Much as I kinda pour scorn on 'them', the '99%', I'm well aware they include people in all walks of life using their intelligence, reason on a daily basis in the course of their crafts, trades, daily work.

They just in the habit, seems to me, of leaving the 'running of the country' to those who's job it supposedly is and who are supposedly capable of it.

And the medical care of the nation to those appropriate for that field.

And the legal rights of the nation....

And the general 'daily information and facts..'..

Well, to my surprise as much as theirs it turns out we cannot trust any of them.

None of them apparently are either trustworthy or capable.

We have to pay more attention.

And we can.

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Awesome! And humerous to boot. Thx.

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Cultivating humbleness, empathy, compassion would do you a lot of good. I'm certain you do not, personally, know 99% of the population so how you can make a sweeping generalization about all people is beyond me. However, I have many times come across people such as yourself making sweeping generalizations about their fellow man, and I've come to believe people such as yourself are fearful and/or dislike other people and so you lash out in anger and buy into and repeat the stupid stereotypes the media creates about the population.

I also feel certain that you are not as "enlightened" as you think you are.

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I think it was a good response to the previous post which viewed the whole of COVID as a conspiracy - it's much more plausible to explain as fear, panic, and incompetence.

But I also agree that this doesn't require 90% of the population to be non-sentient or incapable of complex thought. Fear is a powerful motivator and it's few who would take the effort to personally research something when there's an "expert" telling you what you need to do to be safe. (How many people personally become experts in malware, instead of just getting antivirus software?)

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You're quite right. My remarks were somewhat hyperbolic. I think understandably in the circumstances. Or then again you can turn around and claim 'in effect'. Fear as you say is a powerful motivator indeed and if fear 'freezes' your thought processes then for that time at least you are 'incapable of complex thought'.

The thing is: The Immune System. And how we all have a right to protect and nurture it and how this other thing is claiming its victories for itself.

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yep, well there you go. thanks for your valuable contribution to the discussion.

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You're welcome. We're all much richer for knowing your thoughts also. 🙄

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Mr. Brogard, would you clarify something please? You said this:

They - you're 'they', the master evil manipulators

Are you saying that the commenter, Allen, to whom you are replying is a "master evil manipulator"?

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No, sorry. We can't edit. My mistake, typo: I meant 'your' 'they' as in 'the 'they' that you refer to'. I'm sorry about that. I should proof read before pressing 'post'

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Thank you for the clarification.

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Parallel structures: being built as we speak in states like Florida. According to realtors nationwide, more people are relocating since COVID than ever before. The great realignment. Those who like authoritarianism are moving to OR, WA, CA and others; while freedom loving people are going to Texas, Florida, Arizona, and others.

Crazy to think we will have a cohesive nation when this all shakes out.

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My indirect but intended point.

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Excellent analysis. I would add a detail into the hyperinflation part - move to Central Bank Digital Currency. To allow for seriously negative interest rates on bank accounts and total control of citizen's money via rules and taxation. And prevent escape to cash. And to prevent purchases of items the govt considers "bad" for you such as bullets, silver, food prepping etc.

SO much more efficient to vaporize citizens' assets when the money is 100% digital.

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Yes! 100% Thank you! Speculation in this house is that they start with "third world" countries first.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Tears in my eyes from a stranger's perfect description in a nutshell. At the VERY beginning of this insanity last year, my husband told me, essentially, this very same thing. Among all the things I've read and comments I've read over the past (almost) two years, I have yet to see someone understand it and write about it. Thank you, again.

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Your theory is interesting to consider when we also think about how the initial wave of fear was driven by reports out of China then deaths in first Italy and later U.S. states who adopted a policy of sending the sick back into nursing homes. Liberal governors in NY, CA, and MI (and perhaps elsewhere) all did this despite it being nearly unjustifiably stupid. Without that action, would it have been possibly to ramp fear up to the necessary level? It would be very interesting to know where the idea to send the sick into nursing homes came from precisely.

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Sadly, I believe what you have presented is true. It fits with the research I have done as well. It's going to be a very rough ride. Western economies have been headed to disaster for a while.

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Thank you for taking the time to write it all up.

Any advice on how to weather the storm?

Prepare and do a warp speed on becoming as self sufficient as possible?

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You work in financial sector or otherwise have access to inside info? You recommend liquidating into gold, land..?

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I would also really like to know what someone as educated and insightful as you would recommend the average folks do to hedge against this financial meltdown? Parallel economy? Homesteading? Stockpiling (land, food, medicine, water, guns, etc.)?

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I’m trying to figure this out too.

There’s a YT video from a channel Starting Strength called self sufficiency- watch it. There’s some advice you’ll find useful about medicine, etc.

What I’m trying to figure out is whether to get a cheap land with some trees on it, some old run down house in the middle of nowhere and set up a chicken coop, or get some tools or start stocking wheat or flour or something.

The urgency is what messed my head up. It’s hard to prioritize when you don’t know what you’re preparing for.

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I'm thinking that I should spend some of the money I've been saving up on hard assets (land, animals, guns, ammo, food, etc.) before the money's worthless or seized because I refuse to take mandated drugs. Appreciate the recommendation on Starting Strength. I'll take a look.

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Same here. We’re a couple with a toddler. Live in a rented apartment. Trying to figure out how to use the money that we have before it uses it’s value.

Gf just got sacked from her job due to refusing the “vaccine”.

I’m pondering a few ways for us to use the money we have:

- getting a piece of land

- getting and old house

- getting some basic tools to build a cabin somewhere…

I know it probably sounds panicky, but it’s hard to wrap our heads around a possible hyperinflation and our unpreparedness for any such event.

Any pointers or tips you can share - much appreciated.

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All those assets are "hard" and won't be impacted by inflation (if you don't take on debt to get them), so I encourage you to do it if you can. Your GF should get on the Gab.com No Jab Job Board for all the employers out there seeking non-injected workers (there are many). You can also think about small businesses you could start up from your home (i.e. crafts you can sell, services you can provide, etc.) to unplug from employer mandates. Finally, get thee to a red state with solid, anti-tyranny laws (i.e. not a state like Virginia that is only now starting to try to dig out of its blue quagmire) so that whatever you acquire you get to keep (and you will be surrounded by neighbors that will help you defend it when SHTF).

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Thank you for the suggestions.

Sadly I’m not in the USA but Europe.

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A timeline would be nice.

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It’s clear what happened in 2020 if you consider the chronology.

The key week came in late January when the Chinese went public about the ´Wuhan Virus’ & CEPI (meeting in Davos at the WEF) called for international funding for vaccines even though only 20 dead at that time.

From then on we were on the road towards lockdowns, "social distancing" and other restrictions. Vaccines became the Holy Grail. And to ensure high take up and roll out of the WEF’s Great Reset the restrictions had to continue throughout the year, even in the summer.

Also the figures had to be inflated by reclassification of deaths and ramped up use of PCR tests which gave out absurdly high number of false positives. Masks were also mandated in the summer to keep the levels of fear up. Masks also serve to impair health through increased levels of CO@ and the accompanying acidification of the blood. Not to mention fungal and bacterial colonies that form on the face.

We could and should have been back to normal many moons ago and indeed never needed lockdowns in the first place, but ending restrictions would not have helped with vaccine take-up or the implementation of the "Great Reset" so the lockdowns and restrictions (based on false data) continue.


12/30/19- Ophthalmologist Li Wenliang informed professional colleagues by WhatsApp that there are 7 cases in his hospital that are confirmed positive for SARS.

1/1/20- Christian Drosten from the Charité heard about it and immediately started the development of SARS viruses before it was even clear or could be clear whether the report from China about SARS was true and proven before the Chinese virologists published their results. He testified that as of January 1, 2020, he had developed a genetic detection method to reliably prove the presence of the new corona virus in humans.

1/21/20- 3 days before the first publication of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention the WHO recommended all nations to use the "safe" test procedure developed by Drosten.

Fact: Drosten used scientifically NOT verified data for his rapidly globalised PRC test of the 2019-nCOV, which was renamed SARS-CoV-2 on February 7, 2020 with the participation of Drosten. The claim that he had a reliable test procedure is completely impossible.

The Drosten PCR test is the foundational protocol for approximately 75% of PCR tests currently being used. In the original Drosten protocol 45 cycles were recommended.

1/23/20- Publication of the development of the test method of Drosten. On page 3 of this article, left column, 8 lines from below, he describes the first and decisive step of his approach:

"Prior to the announcement of public virus sequences from 2019-nCoV cases, we relied on reports in the social media announcing the detection of a SARS-like virus. Therefore, we assumed that a SARS-related CoV was involved in the outbreak."

1/24/20 and 3/2/20- The authoritative virologists of the Chinese disease authority published their results on 1/24/20 and 2/3/20. They reported the isolation of "many" short gene sequences, which, when strung together, could represent a genetic strand of a new type of virus.

The authors explicitly pointed out (as well as many other virologists involved to date) that the absolutely necessary experiments have not yet been carried out which would make it possible to claim that this is indeed a genetic strand of a pathogenic virus.

Keep in mind that the PCR protocol developed by Drosten is the head of the snake. Once the PCR tests are invalidated the entire swindle dissipates and withers away. Until this happens the "casedemic" can remain in perpetuity.

Keep in mind that Drosten was directly involved in virtually the same manner in the swine flu hoax of 2009- he is the German analog to the UK's modelling madman Neil Ferguson who, like Drosten, has a long track record of being wrong on EVERY SINGLE ONE of his well-funded (Cui Bono?) computer generated "predictions" which have caused incalculable damage to the general public.

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Controlling the PCR test has always been the key to maintaining the panic.

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Also funny how the Princess Cruise analysis was roundly trashed even though it was the single best "simulation" of what happens in close quarters and basically predicted what was likely to happen.

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The CDC is set to end the (emergency?) use of the PCR on 12/31/21. I’m betting they’ll cancel that.

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Likely lateral flow testing will be the replacement and the shift is going to evolve into another Ponzi scheme that will benefit Gates/Soros and the investor class.

Too much money to be found in those tests and a great rationale for transferring wealth- they're saving us from terrorists, uh I mean virii.

Psychopaths have a favorite business model. They don’t create a product to solve an existing problem, they create a problem to sell an existing product.

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I think the timeline requested refers to overt collapse.

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Nonsense. You started with a kernel of truth, and spun it into an unsupported horror film. If things were as you say, than in 2021 we'd be in a far worse state than we are.

"That’s the coup. There will be global hyperinflation to vaporize the assets of the masses and the states- as soon as the ruling class mops up the last properties. What this means is the ruling class have limitless claims on everything in the world."

But, under your scenario, how on earth could they _enforce_ their claims...when they destroyed the institutions (physically, operationally, ideologically) which they would need to rely on to have a hope of enforcing their "claims". They'd just be worthless paper at that point. Squatter's rights, of a sort, would rule the land. "They" lose.

I get the tone of this, and in some vague sense sympathize. But the details given here just don't make any sense. Calm down.

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Yes! Kim Iverson covered what was going on in the repo market in, if I recall correctly, October 2019. I did vividly remember her saying that *something* was on the horizon. What is was, she didn't know, but that this activity was extraordinarily alarming. And then, well, the rest is history.

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This is so true -- and why I have been supporting Christopher Rufo in his battle against CRT as well as over-reaching school boards. Here's a bit from his latest email report (article was published in City Journal) about a school board in Round Rock, Texas, of all places (they had two parents arrested): "The school board was able to do this because the Round Rock Independent School District has its own police force, with a three-layer chain of command, patrol units, school resource officers, a detective, and a K-9 unit. The department serves under the authority of the board and, through coordination with other agencies, apparently has the power to order the arrest of citizens in their homes. For many parents, the school board is sending a message: if you speak out against us, we will turn you into criminals. When reached for comment, the school district’s police department confirmed that it initiated the investigation and that “one board member requested details from the RRISD Police” prior to the criminal referral."

So, a school board hired its own police force. Have you ever heard of this before? It sounds dangerous and it sounds like it is from like a novel about the USSR and other repressive states.

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holy shit.....and the police are buying into this crap...arrest parents....and in Texas no less. We will have Civil War if this shit does not stop. Can't allow the woke to spew their poison. I can't help but wonder if chemicals are being put in our food and water supply that lend to some people coming unglued and woke. I just wonder. Remember, Gates wants to control our food supply and what we eat. People are literally turning mad, like rabid animals ...

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I think it’s more of a mass hysteria caused by media manipulation. But I’m beginning to believe that media is becoming less and less effective. Rittenhouse acquittal advances some proof of that.

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You never know what "they" are capable of and what they are doing without our knowledge..just saying.

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Many universities have their own police force.

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Hear, hear. It is time for any parents who oppose fascism to get their kids out of the government schools. Here is a plan for doing just that. I would love to get more people on board, especially influencers. https://townhall.com/columnists/robjenkins/2021/11/07/instead-of-retaking-k12-education-lets-remake-it-n2598685

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Yes! Everyone should pull their kids out now. The public school system would collapse.

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And not a moment too soon.

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It was only obvious to me that we were experiencing a Marxist revolution when the George Floyd riots started. And for awhile I had resigned myself to the idea that it was “game, set, match,” that the Marxists had already won.

While I’m still discouraged, I’ve been suspecting more and more lately that “their” plans are being rushed, perhaps because the cat is completely out of the bag. Moreover, “they” may even be desperate.

I can’t quite put my finger on why I’ve been feeling like this, perha it’s a number of things. People are waking up, for sure.

On the wokeism of the military, I can’t agree more. Horrible intentions abound and it’s not for foreign adversaries. My imagination runs wild and I see a woke recruit all too willing to bomb a community of Patriots via drone. The silver lining is that, as we all know, these people are grossly incompetent. Yes they are excellent at subversion, but after that it gets dicey for them at best, especially if we retain 1A and 2A rights. America is too big a land mass and there are too many guns—the cost to the regime would be too great.

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It all depends on how much each side is willing to lose. The side that is willing to risk everything wins, in my opinion.

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As long as that side has enough resources and people to support the will to risk everything, of course.

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It almost sounds like one thing you're saying is that their primary, strongest skill is betrayal of those who put trust in them.

So we should stop trusting them, I agree!

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Candce Owens has a theory...and I agree with her...that the leftists are trying to sow chaos by championing riots, looting, and arson and simultaneously calling for the defunding of local police...as a pretext to creating a federal police force.

We cannot let that happen.

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There's a term for it: anarcho-tyranny. Anarchy for the violent left, tyranny for the rest.

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This article should be required reading. If my kids were old enough I'd have them read it. I completely agree that defund the police was an attempt to weaken local control over enforcement of laws and to create a void that would be filled by a national police force controlled directly from DC.

After spending most of my adult life trying to point out to people that centralization of power leads to authoritarianism, I suppose I might feel some sense of vindication but instead I feel a profound sense of horror. The average person seems to look at the ideological radicalization of the military and shrug. They watch the FBI act like Gestapo or Stasi and it means nothing to them. Those on the left who had some sort of self-consciousness like e.g. Greenwald have been purged and this is not seen as a warning sign.

What will it take to wake people up? I read a little book called The Theory and Practice of Hell by Eugen Kogon, a journalist who survived the entire war in Nazi concentration camps. He specifically mentions that people in the camps would try to write to their family to explain how horrific things actually were. Their letters would be censored and the families would write back, believing that their son or daughter or mother or father was being justly punished by the state for some infraction and would eventually be released back into society. So even with their own family member in a camp, people would not wake up.

Apropos to this article, Kogon also said that the prison camp guards were carefully recruited from among people who had committed some serious and often violent felony such that they would have little chance to be successful in society outside of the role being granted them by the Nazi party. Thus they were both loyal and accustomed to or even welcoming of violence. Now what groups of 'protestors' does that remind you of?

In line with corporate culture embracing fascism, companies are hiring consultants to indoctrinate their workforce in the genuflections and denunciations demanded by woke ideology. Watch for the exact same groups to be deployed to train the military. The mandatory vaccinations are a first culling and wokeness tests will soon follow. They hardly need worry about the officer corps as a university education is already required and the military academies are apparently implementing woke programs. Plus you can implement a parallel chain of command with political officers at every level. The enlisted will require the most effort. Imagine explaining to a volunteer army sworn to uphold the Constitution how nationalism is bad and how the freedoms they volunteered to defend are racist.

One other important avenue related to oppression by military force will be autonomous AI robots. Once those are perfected, human freedom on the entire planet will cease. Efforts to create military robots should be opposed as a matter of life and death.

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Freaking right on. I, too, have predicted that the wokification of the military and every other sector of public life is about fomenting ingroup/outgroup biases that will enable TPTB to steer the obeyers in whichever direction they choose—ultimately targeting the dissenters, who are now being purged for refusing to submit to injection.

Michael Shellenberger and Peter Boghossian devised a brilliant taxonomy of the Woke religion (https://boghossian.substack.com/p/woke-religion-a-taxonomy) that I am tempted to adapt for Covidianism if I can ever find the time.

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woke is literally a post modernist parlor game for academics weaponized into a jihadi religion by the insertion of non-interrogatable salients.

it takes dada and elevates it to the underpinnings of dogmatic authoritarianism.


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“it takes dada and elevates it to the underpinnings of dogmatic authoritarianism.”

You are the king of one-liners, el gato!

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You mean things like this definition of racism: "I would define it as a collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity that are substantiated by racist ideas" by Ibram X. Kendi?

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As an addendum to my first comment, I do think They have made an enormous fumble in that the wokified soldiers who remain can be blown over with the breath of an unsafe word and will instantly collapse into a thumb-sucking fetal position at the gentlest threat to their ideology.

Meanwhile, those they have purged are ready to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

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It Begins:

FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections


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The major point of this is not to harm the people who protested but instead to make sure everyone else knows that if they don't obey they will likely be punished. First they came for... and I said nothing for I was not... then the came for me and there was no one left to defend me.

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So many truths, as usual, from El Gato.

Of course nothing is casual. There is a huge deal of malevolent intelligence and hard work behind what is going on today. The process of paving the way has been going on since the arrival of the internet. Every door that has been open since the beginning of the XXIst century lead to the same direction.

For example, there is one skill that elites fear. It is not intelligence in broad terms, but a particular kind of intelligence, the one that ties knots. The one that can handle different variables and get to a proper conclusion unifying them. Do you know what are the names for this kind of intelligence that has been tatooed in people´s subconsious mind? Conspiracy nut, truther. With this subtle disdain, one of the tools of the all-time great intelligences has gone from being something to admire to a element of mockery. Of course, all the school testing around the world is directed to the aim of killing this kind of wide curiosity, and turn the educational system into a machine that creates ultraspecialists.

If you read words from Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Tesla, etc., any great scientist from the past, what you see is this kind of polymatyh ability, this interest in understanding the big picture, of separating themselves from the problems to understand them properly. Try to do the same with new health scientists, physics, physicians, etc. What you get is exactly the contrary: people with little or none interest in the complexities of the world, of spirit, of life. They are superspecialists. That is: workers for the elites.

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There is a non-fiction book called Range by David Epstein that provides sources and makes the case that specialization results in worse outcomes compared to broad based skills/experiences. Skills, insights, and knowledge is transferable from field to field. Nobel price winners in science are more likely to be people who did less specialization and had a wider range of subjects under study. Sports professionals are more likely to be people who did other sports in their youth.

The book talks about a trait labeled "scientific curiosity" which can be loosely defined as "open minded." The scientifically curious will seek out opposing viewpoints and evidence. They don't reject opposing evidence and arguments but instead throw them on the pile. I think this term is a decent fit for what you say those with power (the elite) fear.

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Totally. Thank you for the reference and the reasoning.

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Churchill once said his first act as world dictator would be to murder all the scientists.

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he lacked imagination.

it's FAR more effective to simply co opt them by getting them addicted to grant money.

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True, but he is a good example of the elite always keeping their eye on the ball.

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Hello, Hansen.

I didn´t know that about Churchill. It is obvious that the kind of science the media and elites highlight has become the cane that gives prestige to their absurdity and tyranny. And it is not "science" per se the one that has found that there is a warm spot for them if they cooperate. Many individual scientists are clearly delighted with the process of becoming admired and having their opinions, incredibly mediocre many times, heard with reverence.

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You're one genius cat.l, you know that. But I'm not sure if you understand this is your best article ever. (Okay, at least from September, that's how long I'm reading you.)

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I don't know anyone who have described the endgame any better.

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This is not really helpful. What would be helpful is a game-plan for individuals on how to manage a hyperinflation or whatever is coming down the line.

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Sadly, trusting the flaccid and limp Republicans to even recognize this, much less rectify it, is a fool’s errand. They’re mostly all owned by the same big money that owns the comically paradoxically named “Democrats”. Now I’m not saying that there’s a better alternative, but we need to be realistic and recognize the dreaminess of expecting a solution at the federal level.

Secession (or a convention of the states as proposed by Mark Levin, promptly convened by Republican governors, should they suddenly sprout huevos, shortly after what’s looking to be a good election cycle for them) may be the only workable solution.

I think it’s no exaggeration to say we voted our way into this mess but we’re going to have to shoot (metaphorically, of course; I would never, ever, advocate violence) our way out. The point being that going to the ballot box and hoping for the best really isn’t going to cut it. All that’s going to do is elect more monoparty apparatchiki who will then pretend they have a “mandate” for more of the same.

I’d love to be wrong, of course, but the accumulated evidence of the last 30 years, with the exception of 4 brief years of something resembling respite, makes that seem only a remote possibility.

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I agree with you about trusting the Republicans to recognize and then do something about this, with the exception of only a handful. I do believe Ron DeSantis has his eyes wide open, probably as much as the readers of this blog, and he’s practically saving the country right now. I think Trump possibly had his eyes opened towards the very end of his term, but it was too late and I wouldn’t put my voting faith in him again.

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Convention of States is worth happening, if people could only understand. Congress has become so insular it can't fix itself. Constitutional loopholes created by the courts need to get patched allowing a return to Federalism. People voting with their feet now reflects the divide that federalism cures.

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I don't hold out a lot of hope that any state will actually secede as the Republican leadership is just as much grifters as any other politicians; however, I do believe that would be the best route forward. Without a functioning system of governance, any committed opposition to the current authoritarian regime would have nothing to offer but defiance. To bring over the masses of moderate and frankly ignorant people, a positive example of an alternative, free government must be visible and successful. It is quite possible to convert an existing state to freedom and can be done quickly.

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Absolutely. It’s Mao’s cultural Revolution all over again. All aspects of society is being weaponized against the individual in favor of ‘the collective’ authoritarian beast.

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Yes, yes, and yes. Any Republican who is not 100% in favor of 100% of public education funds following the students to ANY school of their parents' choosing needs to be run out of office more quickly than the Democrats. Not to be hyperbolic because there are other major issues as well, but this should be the highest banner uniting the Republican Party, win this one battle, and our republic will have an immeasurably greater chance of survival. And yes, the next time a Republican wins the Presidency, the upper echelons of all federal agencies need to be taken down to the studs and rebuilt entirely.

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For fuck's sake, cat, please take my money.

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😄 so eloquently put (and I agree)

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