I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! *stands and applauds* I don't know how you have the time to put together so much content (plus memes!) so eloquently and cohesively stated, but damn... I'm a huge admirer. Well done, I say.

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There is not now nor has there ever been an epidemiological or viral emergency event of any sort anywhere in the world in the year 2020. If one attempts to understand the last 18 months through the lens of a "viral event" they are forever trapped in a world of contradictions and outright lies.

Simply put, the seasonal coronavirus/flu was rebranded as Covid 19 on the back of a redefinition of what a 'pandemic' was by the WHO at the bequest of its financiers. This unlocked access to financial incentive programs that were large enough to bail out every failing economy. These bailouts do not come without costs.

Without the fear-mongering propaganda campaign no one would’ve noticed anything unusual about the last two flu seasons because there was nothing unusual, except for the criminal, murderous, and utterly unscientific lockdown policies in response to the non- existent threat. The scale of the deception is too large for even many who consider themselves "in the know" to accept or comprehend.

Covid 19 is the final heist to strip all value out of the world in an effort by the creditors to consolidate what they believe they're owed.

The manufactured perception that there was such an event is an artifact of mass media manipulation, behavioral conditioning techniques and social engineering. All of this has been made possible through institutional programming and accelerated media messaging disallowing basic cognitive processes and eliminating critical thinking possibilities.

What we are in the midst of is a planned total economic collapse- a controlled demolition of Western economies. This economic collapse was inevitable, Western governments are putting the security infrastructure into place, trying to proactively control the inevitable social disorder which will result from this collapse. To be followed by a global financial reset, after a period of hyperinflation, which destroys both the value of debt and the corresponding paper claims.

The collapse started in 2008 and attempts to salvage this corrupt economic system only delayed the inevitable. In the Fall of 2019 the crisis began to rapidly unravel again.

There was a dramatic decrease in industrial production which showed up in the banking crisis of August of 2019- the so-called Repo crisis when suddenly banks started to refuse US sovereign debt instruments as collateral of overnight loans forcing the Federal Reserve to step in and basically print money to cover this massive shortage.

The Repo market is where banks borrow money each day so that they have 10% liquid assets at the end of each day. If they do not have 10% liquid assets they are not allowed to open the next day. Around the middle of September the Fed started pumping $20 billion per day into the Repo market to keep interest rates down so banks could borrow the money to stay in business. By the end of December the Fed was pumping over $100 billion per day into the Repo market and it was not enough.

Simply everyone on Wall Street was loaded with enormous debt and was holding on to US cash to be able to service it refusing to finance purchases of foreign currencies and then US currency as Repo Market froze at 10% interest on overnight Repo loans as US treasury bonds and even US bills were rejected as collateral for Repos.

What happened in March 2020 was just the spread of the liquidity crisis from primary dealers markets (TBTF banks and Hedge funds were actually bailed out in September) toward all other stock, commodities, bonds CLOs, MBS etc, as well to Ponzi schemes called today ETF funds, not to mention structured derivative products traded on proprietary platforms nominally representing up to several thousands of $$$ trillions.

When US treasury bonds and even USTB became illiquid due to exponential growth of public (but most of all private) dollar debt while the FED was sucking up cash from financial markets by tempering QE (called QT ) between 2017 and 2019 reduced FED balance sheet from over $5 T to $3.9T by selling assets, all hell broke loose. Something drastic had to be done.

And hence the FED started to “buy all worthless sh*t for double the price”, Gates’s and Silicon Valley gang took over the media, and Orwellian shrinks and doctor Fauci-Mengeles came to the “rescue” unleashing operation COVID.

The COVID phenomenon cannot be understood without understanding the un-televised 2019-2020 unprecedented financial collapse threatening the entire global financial system. The COVID fraud timing became necessary as the world markets were faced with an emergency debt crisis that popped up in formerly mostly liquid markets: Repo markets, money markets and FX markets.

The entire House of Cards was falling for six months and could not be stopped so COVID hysteria was manufactured to cover up what amounts today to $11 trillion of FED bailout in cash, stock boost via POMO and guarantees of value of collateral used in structured derivatives.

The end game is that the central banks (Fed) will buy all the toxic, worthless debt from the hedge funds and banks, including the 1.5 quad trillion of derivatives, and then transfer the debt to the treasury as sovereign debt. Then print money to infinity to service the fictitious debt to sink the dollar via hyperinflation and then foreclose on the US and everyone else holding debt in worthless dollars.

That’s the coup. There will be global hyperinflation to vaporize the assets of the masses and the states- as soon as the ruling class mops up the last properties. What this means is the ruling class have limitless claims on everything in the world.

These governments know full well that “Covid” is being used as cover for crashing the economies in the Western world. There is not now and never has been a “pandemic”- that is all Kabuki theater to disguise the reality of the rapid economic decline brought on by the Ponzi Schemes of financial institutions over the past few decades.

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This is so true -- and why I have been supporting Christopher Rufo in his battle against CRT as well as over-reaching school boards. Here's a bit from his latest email report (article was published in City Journal) about a school board in Round Rock, Texas, of all places (they had two parents arrested): "The school board was able to do this because the Round Rock Independent School District has its own police force, with a three-layer chain of command, patrol units, school resource officers, a detective, and a K-9 unit. The department serves under the authority of the board and, through coordination with other agencies, apparently has the power to order the arrest of citizens in their homes. For many parents, the school board is sending a message: if you speak out against us, we will turn you into criminals. When reached for comment, the school district’s police department confirmed that it initiated the investigation and that “one board member requested details from the RRISD Police” prior to the criminal referral."

So, a school board hired its own police force. Have you ever heard of this before? It sounds dangerous and it sounds like it is from like a novel about the USSR and other repressive states.

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Hear, hear. It is time for any parents who oppose fascism to get their kids out of the government schools. Here is a plan for doing just that. I would love to get more people on board, especially influencers. https://townhall.com/columnists/robjenkins/2021/11/07/instead-of-retaking-k12-education-lets-remake-it-n2598685

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It was only obvious to me that we were experiencing a Marxist revolution when the George Floyd riots started. And for awhile I had resigned myself to the idea that it was “game, set, match,” that the Marxists had already won.

While I’m still discouraged, I’ve been suspecting more and more lately that “their” plans are being rushed, perhaps because the cat is completely out of the bag. Moreover, “they” may even be desperate.

I can’t quite put my finger on why I’ve been feeling like this, perha it’s a number of things. People are waking up, for sure.

On the wokeism of the military, I can’t agree more. Horrible intentions abound and it’s not for foreign adversaries. My imagination runs wild and I see a woke recruit all too willing to bomb a community of Patriots via drone. The silver lining is that, as we all know, these people are grossly incompetent. Yes they are excellent at subversion, but after that it gets dicey for them at best, especially if we retain 1A and 2A rights. America is too big a land mass and there are too many guns—the cost to the regime would be too great.

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Candce Owens has a theory...and I agree with her...that the leftists are trying to sow chaos by championing riots, looting, and arson and simultaneously calling for the defunding of local police...as a pretext to creating a federal police force.

We cannot let that happen.

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This article should be required reading. If my kids were old enough I'd have them read it. I completely agree that defund the police was an attempt to weaken local control over enforcement of laws and to create a void that would be filled by a national police force controlled directly from DC.

After spending most of my adult life trying to point out to people that centralization of power leads to authoritarianism, I suppose I might feel some sense of vindication but instead I feel a profound sense of horror. The average person seems to look at the ideological radicalization of the military and shrug. They watch the FBI act like Gestapo or Stasi and it means nothing to them. Those on the left who had some sort of self-consciousness like e.g. Greenwald have been purged and this is not seen as a warning sign.

What will it take to wake people up? I read a little book called The Theory and Practice of Hell by Eugen Kogon, a journalist who survived the entire war in Nazi concentration camps. He specifically mentions that people in the camps would try to write to their family to explain how horrific things actually were. Their letters would be censored and the families would write back, believing that their son or daughter or mother or father was being justly punished by the state for some infraction and would eventually be released back into society. So even with their own family member in a camp, people would not wake up.

Apropos to this article, Kogon also said that the prison camp guards were carefully recruited from among people who had committed some serious and often violent felony such that they would have little chance to be successful in society outside of the role being granted them by the Nazi party. Thus they were both loyal and accustomed to or even welcoming of violence. Now what groups of 'protestors' does that remind you of?

In line with corporate culture embracing fascism, companies are hiring consultants to indoctrinate their workforce in the genuflections and denunciations demanded by woke ideology. Watch for the exact same groups to be deployed to train the military. The mandatory vaccinations are a first culling and wokeness tests will soon follow. They hardly need worry about the officer corps as a university education is already required and the military academies are apparently implementing woke programs. Plus you can implement a parallel chain of command with political officers at every level. The enlisted will require the most effort. Imagine explaining to a volunteer army sworn to uphold the Constitution how nationalism is bad and how the freedoms they volunteered to defend are racist.

One other important avenue related to oppression by military force will be autonomous AI robots. Once those are perfected, human freedom on the entire planet will cease. Efforts to create military robots should be opposed as a matter of life and death.

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Freaking right on. I, too, have predicted that the wokification of the military and every other sector of public life is about fomenting ingroup/outgroup biases that will enable TPTB to steer the obeyers in whichever direction they choose—ultimately targeting the dissenters, who are now being purged for refusing to submit to injection.

Michael Shellenberger and Peter Boghossian devised a brilliant taxonomy of the Woke religion (https://boghossian.substack.com/p/woke-religion-a-taxonomy) that I am tempted to adapt for Covidianism if I can ever find the time.

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It Begins:

FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections


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So many truths, as usual, from El Gato.

Of course nothing is casual. There is a huge deal of malevolent intelligence and hard work behind what is going on today. The process of paving the way has been going on since the arrival of the internet. Every door that has been open since the beginning of the XXIst century lead to the same direction.

For example, there is one skill that elites fear. It is not intelligence in broad terms, but a particular kind of intelligence, the one that ties knots. The one that can handle different variables and get to a proper conclusion unifying them. Do you know what are the names for this kind of intelligence that has been tatooed in people´s subconsious mind? Conspiracy nut, truther. With this subtle disdain, one of the tools of the all-time great intelligences has gone from being something to admire to a element of mockery. Of course, all the school testing around the world is directed to the aim of killing this kind of wide curiosity, and turn the educational system into a machine that creates ultraspecialists.

If you read words from Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Tesla, etc., any great scientist from the past, what you see is this kind of polymatyh ability, this interest in understanding the big picture, of separating themselves from the problems to understand them properly. Try to do the same with new health scientists, physics, physicians, etc. What you get is exactly the contrary: people with little or none interest in the complexities of the world, of spirit, of life. They are superspecialists. That is: workers for the elites.

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You're one genius cat.l, you know that. But I'm not sure if you understand this is your best article ever. (Okay, at least from September, that's how long I'm reading you.)

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I don't know anyone who have described the endgame any better.

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Sadly, trusting the flaccid and limp Republicans to even recognize this, much less rectify it, is a fool’s errand. They’re mostly all owned by the same big money that owns the comically paradoxically named “Democrats”. Now I’m not saying that there’s a better alternative, but we need to be realistic and recognize the dreaminess of expecting a solution at the federal level.

Secession (or a convention of the states as proposed by Mark Levin, promptly convened by Republican governors, should they suddenly sprout huevos, shortly after what’s looking to be a good election cycle for them) may be the only workable solution.

I think it’s no exaggeration to say we voted our way into this mess but we’re going to have to shoot (metaphorically, of course; I would never, ever, advocate violence) our way out. The point being that going to the ballot box and hoping for the best really isn’t going to cut it. All that’s going to do is elect more monoparty apparatchiki who will then pretend they have a “mandate” for more of the same.

I’d love to be wrong, of course, but the accumulated evidence of the last 30 years, with the exception of 4 brief years of something resembling respite, makes that seem only a remote possibility.

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Absolutely. It’s Mao’s cultural Revolution all over again. All aspects of society is being weaponized against the individual in favor of ‘the collective’ authoritarian beast.

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Yes, yes, and yes. Any Republican who is not 100% in favor of 100% of public education funds following the students to ANY school of their parents' choosing needs to be run out of office more quickly than the Democrats. Not to be hyperbolic because there are other major issues as well, but this should be the highest banner uniting the Republican Party, win this one battle, and our republic will have an immeasurably greater chance of survival. And yes, the next time a Republican wins the Presidency, the upper echelons of all federal agencies need to be taken down to the studs and rebuilt entirely.

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For fuck's sake, cat, please take my money.

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