"To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he's doing is good."

~ Alexandr I. Solzhenitsyn

I have come to the conclusion that very little of what is being done to us has anything to do with "public health" in general and Covid-19 in particular.

The abrupt abandonment of decades of recommendations against lockdowns and masks, the unprecedented and formerly eschewed mass false-positive prone PCR testing of the healthy to create the illusion of widespread "cases" to create mass hysteria, the plethora of arbitrary, nonsensical, and obviously absurd edicts, the unremitting and universal censorship and suppression of contrarian felines and other mammals, and above all, the full court press to force the entire population to submit to an experimental, emergency use "vaccine" or be treated as a pariah and second-class citizen unless one submits to carrying a personal tracking device, the contents of which control what one can do and where one can do, all subject to centralized control by some centralized commissariat or another.

I suspect that most of us here have heard the terms "Build Back Better" and "The Great Reset", promoted by globo-bolsheviks like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates et. al., with the former slogan prominently displayed behind various podiums where Comrade Biden delivers his largely incoherent and incomprehensible pontifications.

These people want a centralized, global command economy with tight controls on behavior, speech, energy, food and resource consumption, and pretty much every economic and social activity imaginable.

One need not search too long or too deep to find that they themselves have admitted as much on many occasions.

And these people are leftists, which means they do not recognize natural human rights such as self-ownership and self-determination. They are true believers, with a fervent, pseudo-theological faith in the omnipotent and omniscient State they intend to control. They are thoroughly machiavellian, and no principle or moral compunction will stop them from doing whatever they deem necessary to subjugate us all.

We know this to be true from the fact that their collectivist brethren have slaughtered well over 100 million innocent souls just in the last century or so to completely destroy and then remake entire societies.

And in the depth of their sociopathic depravity, they are convinced, as Solzhenitsyn observed, that the great evils they are doing now, and the greater evils they will do should the opportunity arise, are in fact good.

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I've been bloody minded about this since about April 2020 as soon as these governors abused their authority to expand their emergency powers the first time. Granted, I wasn't supportive of lockdowns in the first place.

I'm also tired of hearing people think this abuse of power will be solved by voting.

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Never participated in a protest before. Never interested in politics before. Happy to mind my business and putter around in my little life. This week, I will officaly become a "protestor". Sept. 1.

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What I think you're witnessing is global feudalism trying to come into its own vs the now rather quaint idea that people actually are all equal and should have self-determination. We'll see who wins. The chances decrease radically, however, for personal autonomy and worth to win out when you have a bunch of sausage heads who consistently don't understand that people like Fauci don't have their best interests at heart and this is all a gigantic strategy to subjugate them to wealthy global powers.

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ote the German protests were prohibited many times under the guise of pandemic law (it is a violation of the Grundgesetz to not allow Demos). People went anyways. A few weeks ago the police went hardcore on the protestors, pushing abs hitting old women and young children. Shocking imagery.

Protests are going strong in France too. None of this is mentioned in American mainstream media of course…

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We just did some voter research for a ballot proposition and were disheartened by the number of people frightened witless by the media, who are basically ok with what Newsom has done. And this is in one of the most draconian lockdown states in the US.

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A bit off topic, but, el gato malo have you heard about one of the largest unions for the NYPD is vehemently protesting the vaxx mandates and threatening legal action? I read the story on Epoch Times but I think they aggregated the story originally from Reuters.

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In good French: " La Science, c'est moi " (Science is me)

For the parody of Louis XIV's quote "L'Etat c'est moi"

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with the intent to defraud the governed

in CA on Monday 30 Aug 21

CA State Assembly will have a reading of a transportation bill

that has been waylaid and gutted and stuffed with

a vaccine-passport law that is


immobilizing for the unjabbed

listen to this lady for 10 minutes


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The difference between now and revolutionary France is that the peasants nowadays crave the safety they imagine is being provided by the nanny state. There is no way out of our march to serfdom. I just hope there's more cake than bread along the way.

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The world rulers and global elites have read the writing on the wall ever since the 2008 economic crash, knowing the whole central banking Ponzi scheme is a house of cards which was going to collapse sooner or later. Covid has accelerated the schedule, so they have sworn their allegiance to the Davos/WEF scheme to Build Back Better, which means convincing the rest of us that we don't really need jobs, we just have to resign ourselves to being powerless, dependent vassals of the authoritarian state, needing only enough debased, worthless dollars to keep us barely afloat and owning nothing while they claim their reserved spots aboard the great survival Ark for the ultra-privileged.

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Here is the solution in an easy to read form: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1430967286244970502.html

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