the conspiracy is not a theory

perhaps you thought this was a joke.

it wasn’t.

for those who have not been tracking it, after gofundme froze the $9 million in cash donated to the ottowa truckers (and tried to make off with it before having to recant and return it) the donations moved to givesendgo.

canada moved to shut it down and seize the case through canadian banks.

they declared them terrorists.

the website was attacked, DDOS’d and hacked. they stole the donor lists. these were widely shared on the internet.

the canadian government has been harassing donors, threatening fines and even prison.

the canadian broadcasting company (state news) is going after the donors.


and ratcheting up the intimidation.

this is what a social credit system starts to look like. use money to fund politics we don’t like, and we’ll shut you out of the banking system.

the media helps, the banks are captured and beholden for their charters.


(hey remember that IRS edict to report all transitions over $600 that biden wanted? still seem non ominous?)

this has been the WEF all along and all their “leadership fellows” have been moving hard towards it all year. this is what this cancer looks like as it metastasizes and poisons you systemically.

let it loose and it will spread everywhere.

it’s been the goal they are using this mess to push for for some time.

and they are desperate. and they are making their move. and they are all out of fraud.

and this is the inch we cannot yield.


the conspiracy is not a theory…

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