the emergency of emergency powers

it’s very simple:

if you allow dictatorial powers to be assumed upon the declaration of emergency you have, in effect, dictated that you will forever onward inhabit states of emergency.

this is too temping a prize to place before leviathan.

they will everywhere and always seek to assume and to retain that power.

and they will vilify and demonize any who try to take it back.

they will try to hide behind slippery claims of “democracy” to use appeals to the fact they are in office to justify increasing the power of their office.

but this constitutes invalid reasoning.

democracy is not freedom.

democracy is one of the more pernicious forms of tyranny ever devised: the tyranny of the majority.

even a king must fear the mob for he is one and they are many; but the mob need fear nothing when its proportions sufficiently swell.

such a mob is not moral, nor just, nor fair.

its numbers bestow no special wisdom or ethical high ground.

it is simply force, applied by the many upon the few.

it is only the protection of rights, instantiated and inalienable, that defends we the people from such depredation.


this idea that democracy is somehow the end all be all of human expression is well past naïve; it is grotesque.

if 90% vote 10% into slavery, that is democracy.

in fact, many “democracies” used to do just this.

we now (justly) revile it.

that is not a system in which you want to live.

and thus i find no small irony in the determination of the same parties that so often demand reparations for that past wrong to seek to impose new versions of it and to champion (yet again) the system that allows rather than prevents such subjugation.

watch as they brand as “insurrection” any opposition to their narratives so that they might justify the further usurpation power and the use of violence against peaceful people.

the use of military metaphor is not accidental. it’s a deliberate framing to evoke war on ones own people and make their freedom appear as a threat to this facile “democracy” fig leaf placed over their encroachments and usurpations.

what is being weaponized here is dictatorial control to circumvent rights, freedom, and human agency.

calling it popular makes it no less vicious or oppressive. it makes it more so.

truly, these are people who lack entirely either sense or morals.

neither seems a fitting reason to bestow such power upon them.

rather, it stands as graphic reminder that you get to keep only those rights for which you will fight and that those who would take them from you in furtherance of their own ends shall always be with us, seeking and probing those periods when our guard grows slack that they might tighten this ratchet once again.

this endless imposition of unending emergency to mitigate rights and agency is the predictable and inevitable outcome of the grant of authoritarian emergency powers.

they prey on your fear and demand that you sell your freedom for the safety of cages.

and we’ve all seen how that plays out.

did you find it to your liking?

if you would return to “old normal” and restore your lives and livelihoods then this attractive nuisance of “emergency powers” must be ended.

it is not a tool with which anyone can be trusted. it cannot be left lying around because “we trust these guys.” there will always be other guys. always.

if we would preserve the basis of a just society, these “emergency exceptions” must be eliminated.

if they are not, then sure as sunrise, the next emergency is right around the corner.

and you will spend the rest of your life reliving this same nightmare.

the choice is stark and the choice is ours.

some things really are binary.

either our rights stand paramount to the state even and especially when backed by the whims of the demos, or they are mere privileges to be revoked or attenuated at whim. only one can have primacy and as soon as you make “an exception” exceptions shall become the rule and life on the slippery slope to subjugation shall begin again.

this is the hill on which to make a stand.

choose well.

choose liberty.