the evidence on pfizer pfunnybusiness continues to mount

and the time to proclaim pfraud throw the vaxx companies under the bus approaches


you gotta hand it to the project veritas gang, their investigative journos get the goods.

back in 2021 they managed this interview.

meet chris croce, pfizer “senior associate scientist” and doubtless “recipient of some serious stink eye around the watercooler” blabbermouth.

according to señor chris:

  • myocarditis is a concern from the vaxx, especially for younger people

  • and they “are looking into” why

  • they just sent 3000 patients’ samples for testing for elevated troponin levels (a marker associated with heart attacks)

  • has no idea “what it looks like” as they do not have data back yet

  • hopefully, it’s good because if it’s bad, that might “pull something from the market”


has anyone ever seen this data?

because i certainly have not.


but then

of course, none of this will come as a shock to readers of discerning cattitudes.

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and the signs were there right from the beginning


and no, it’s not “covid doing this” and it never was.

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we have seen all manner of data on these sorts of issues from many different measures.

and with the FDA safety data starting to leak out around the edges and some awkward facts coming to light


perhaps it’s time to get worried in the house of bourla.

because the house ladapo would seem to have some questions to ask.

perhaps the science was not so settled after all?

inquiries abound not just on safety but efficacy, honesty, and trial integrity.

failure to disclose data is still a no-no. even in america.



and, of course:

i sense that the tipping point is coming and just as all the folks once lauding lockdown and ramming it down your throat as civic duty all flipped, changed jerseys, and can no longer be found, even the more midwitted rats are starting to see that the USS pfizer-modernicus is looking worryingly unseaworthy and that perhaps it’s time to familiarize oneself with the location of the lifeboats.

it will not be long before it’s time to declare pfraud and throw these pharma cos under the bus while loudly proclaiming “we wuz lied to!” and “how could we have known!?!” amidst much tearing of hair and rending of garments.

it’s just simple self interest. the politicians are not going down with this ship. but someone is. so they will happily pivot to “we’re the victims here!” and lead the righteous indignation pitchfork parade to save their own hides.

it’s what they do and there is no fixing it nor likely any winning against it. that’s just the nature of the swamp and let’s face it, it’s not as though these congress-critters had any domain expertise or even basic statistical or scientific grounding. they were easy to fool.

but the regulators at FDA, CDC, NIH, etc were supposed to and apart from those who quit in disgust, they have a great deal to answer for. they let this happen. they cheer led it. and they are going to have to own that.

they ran a slipshod process devoid of safety controls and rushed to market vaccines of dubious design using appalling trial structure. then they refused to do their jobs and track the safety signals.

they and those who deliberately and unconstitutionally silenced dissent and debate are culpable here. they were either fools or willing accomplices. neither seems a sound basis to allow their agencies to continue to wield this sort of power.

but the truth has a way of outing in the end, and when you bring woo-woo to a data fight, well you better read to the end of the pitchbook before you get too excited.

to every “amateur” and expert alike who came together in emergent resistance to this medical malfeasance: these “authorities” had no idea who they were taking on and i am proud to have stood with you. interdisciplinary excellence trounces cloistered credentialism.

keep it up.

if this data shows “safe and effective” then produce it. but if these companies and “leaders” lied, it’s time to push this over the line into accountability.

this is how change is made.