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the evolution of the bourla virus

the pfizer CEO in his own words

there seem to be a number of people who are of the opinion that “the drug companies never said the covid vaccines would stop transmission.”

but ah how wonderful it is to live in the age of instant-on video receipts. we do not have to guess, we can ask the pfizer CEO himself.

this montage is a startling evolution of talking points. it shows a pharma kingpin who is simply making stuff up on the fly and adapting tactically to whatever works best as marketing right now.

i have seen porsche adjustable seats with fewer positions than this.

perhaps this is why he was unwilling to appear (when asked) before the euro parliament.

some of the MEP’s appear upset.

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Melissa Barber @mellabarb
A number of MEPs connect the ongoing scandal and inquire if that is why Bourla didn't show. (Context:…) @sara_saracerdas: "The CEO shd have been present. He was confirmed until a few weeks ago. Does the absence have to do with the @EUauditors report?" 6/

much of this hearing had to do with so called “SMS gate” the apparently total failure to follow normal ordering and procurement procedures in the EU as they bought vaccines from pfizer.

(hey, you don’t become one of if not THE most fined company in history by coloring inside the lines…)

as seems so often the case of late, aspiring supervillain doyenne ursula von doom appears to be right in the middle of it.

will this be the thread that when pulled leads to further pfraud?

only time will tell.

bad cattitude
bad cattitude
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