the health shamans are getting better at their jobs (as hucksters, not healers)

the trick to doing a successful sun-dance is simple: check the schedule, see when sun rise is, and then do your dance an hour earlier.

if your tribe is gullible enough, you can wait until the sky is actually lightening to the east and THEN do it.

that really impresses them. it seems so instant, so obviously linked.

but it’s all just charlatanry.

and that’s what makes this graphic from gatopal™ @AWokeZombie so telling.

after years of floundering and failing to understand seasonality and gompertz curves, the public health hucksters have finally gotten a bead on it.


they keep launching new mitigations as case growth drops and goes negative.

and they will surely try to take credit.

but it’s all just cunning witchdoctors trying to take credit for that which was happening anyway.

and once you see it, it fails to fool you anymore…