the latest faucian bargain

at this point, calling US public health policy a goat rodeo would be an insult to goat rodeos.

this is just more made up fraud and a set of impossible end states designed to sound reasonable to the innumerate.

tony said this:

reached for comment, those capable of basic math had the following to say:

  1. this is a completely fabricated number with no basis in science or epidemiology.

  2. it’s a 0.0000303 infection rate. 1 in 33,000. this means a city of a million would have 30 cases a day.

  3. this number is impossible to reach under current circumstances to a degree that makes it clear, obvious fraud.

the US has never, not once been that low since this all began.

but this is inherently a function of one simple thing: testing.

we’re currently running a million tests a day in the US. expect a spike back to 1.5 million as the high season kicks off.

a 1% false/non-clinical positive rate would be 10k cases at a million test rate, 15k at 1.5mm.

no test has such a low false rate. at a million tests a day, even at zero covid, you could not hit this.

we DID hit a low of 12k cases back in july, but testing was, wait for it, only 500k then.

we’d have to halve testing to likely even get close to 10k even with basically zero covid.

also note the epic gaslighting and misdirection in his comment.

easily half the country is ALREADY back to normal. how many 100,000 fan football games with no masks, distancing, or worries do you need? how many kids in school and lives led normally?

there’s no outbreak from it.

life IS already normal.

this is a way to try to convince you it’s not.

this virus is now endemic. nothing we do makes ANY difference in spread. it never did.

all the “abnormal” is pseudoscientific tyranny being imposed in spite, not because of that fact.

the only reason things are not normal right is that tony and his gang of pandemic pushers refuse to let it be.

the “brandon back badly” plan is a dumpster fire of policy disease masquerading as public health cure.

this is not being done FOR you, it’s being done TO you.

it’s time to wake up and smell what they are shoveling before they completely bury you in it.